A Forger’s Harem

Stalking Demoness

”Youve been abandoned, kiddo. Just accept reality! ” A young teenager shouted through the hallways.

Taylors lips twitched but he kept walking, ignoring the voice behind him. Harassment and bullying were something that was almost normal for him but he either ignored them or retaliated. Today, Taylor didn feel like acting up, so he stayed quiet and continued to walk.

”Hey, Im talking to you, normie! ” A hand reached out for him and before Taylor could move, his left shoulder was grasped with an iron-tight grip.

Taylors head flicked back in an instant, which allowed him to barely see a fist that approached him rapidly. He turned his shoulder in the direction of the teenager, whose ugly grimace entered Taylors view.

A dim blue light mantled the boys entire body and he didn hesitate while punching out.

Taylor frowned and before he could even think about what to do, his body had already initiated a response to the attack.

He opened his left hand and moved it below the teenagers arm in a smooth motion before he used his entire strength to push upward. The young man was forced to let go of his shoulder through the throbbing pain that spread through his elbow.

Simultaneously, Taylors left hand shot out to encounter the teenagers fist. His arm moved like a serpent as he slithered his arm to the inside of the teenagers arm to push it outward.

The teenagers fist missed Taylors face by a centimeter or two and a crimson flash perked closer to the teenager, who realized too late that Taylors expression was emotionless.

His crimson eyes appeared centimeters in front of the teenager, who instinctively closed his eyes. It was like a hammer smashed on hot iron as Taylor headbutted the teenager with all his might.

The blue mantle around the teenagers head absorbed some of the pain but he still screamed out in pain as his hands moved reflexively to his head.

Taylor used this opportunity to make a step back before he made a pivot on the heel of his left foot. He exerted the momentum to deliver a high kick against the young teenagers head.

The corners of Taylors lip tilted upward when his right foot impacted on the teenagers head, whose blue mantle trembled as he was flung against the wall on Taylors left.

The young man issued a pained groan as he collapsed on the ground, while the blue mantle disappeared.

Taylor took a deep breath afterward, only to realize that nobody in his surrounding was talking anymore. With a faked smile he looked through the hallway, which allowed him to see that one of his former classmates was running in the room right next to them.

”I never understood why you guys thought so highly of yourself. Just because you awoke a Knight Aura doesn mean that you can do whatever you want! ” Taylor sneered as he looked at the young man on the ground.

This was one of his many bullies, someone whom he had never fought against before. Taylor was known for retaliating against his bullies but he had never resorted to violence.

This was expected because someone, who awoke their Knight Aura tended to be much stronger than a normal human.

If they bullied you, you either accept it and hope that they will stop, or you snitch on the teacher, who wouldn do anything serious against the bullies.

They were future Knights, bound to hold a higher status than a teacher from an ordinary high school. Offending them meant that they would make their own life harder than necessary.

That was how it would usually end, but Taylor was different. He retaliated with words and accepted their punches and kicks. He was a good sandbag since his endurance was much higher than other normies.

However, this time Taylor used violence to retaliate, and he humiliated one of his bullies, which meant that more of his former bullies would arrive soon.

Well it was time that someone punches sense in their head, Taylor thought before he rushed through the hallway past the room one of his former classmates had entered.

A single glance was more than enough for him to see, who was inside the class. Taylor grinned lightly at the sight of the other former bullies and he speed up.

”Get him! ” A young man with a hoarse voice said and Taylors grin turned only brighter as he disappeared into the next intersection.

He left the school building, rushed to the dorm, and appeared inside his room just a moment later. His gaze was drawn out of the large window that was located right next to his shabby bunk-bed.

e coming for me, as expected, ” Taylor mumbled to himself. He was alone in the room, and he picked up a few things with quick movements.

”Good that I packed my stuff already, ” He chuckled lightly as he swung the backpack containing nearly everything he owed on his back.

Today had been his last day in the Academy. He was thrown out because he couldn afford to pay the increased tuition price.

However, that didn really matter to Taylor. Getting thrown out was something that allowed him to take revenge on the bullies, instead of holding back for another two years. One could even say that he was a bit thankful for the Academys unreasonable increase in the tuition fee!

When Taylor had picked up everything that belonged to him, he grasped an ordinary-looking leatherbound book.

”You would probably freak out if you were to know what is going on in my life, wouldn you, mom? ” Taylor thought out loud as he looked at the brown leather book with a weak smile.

He sighed deeply and was about to leave, rush out of the academy to escape getting beaten up when his gaze was involuntarily drawn to the large window as he noticed that his sight turned crimson.

Its too early to get dark…

The cloudless sky had turned crimson and fiery flames erupted out of the ground all over the Academy when the hurried and overly familiar voice of a woman flashed through his mind.

”Duck down, Demons are attacking!! ”

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