A Forger’s Harem

Dumber than expected

Time passed slowly, and Talyors body began to change lightly.

The new set of clothes he wore didn burn to ashes. Instead, the flames that shrouded his body seemed to mantle Taylors body without touching his new shirt or pants.

Eris looked at the situation with interest and licked her lips in anticipation. She looked to her right and saw something that made her halt for a moment, but she ignored it afterward.

The flames that mantled his body, retracted, revealing his well-trained body. His short black hair was disheveled but that made him only look better because it didn cover his big crimson eyes. He was good-looking and even some women were jealous of his flawless looks.

This was also one of the reasons, why he had been bullied. Being handsome but without an awakened Ancient Power was a combination that was actually much worse than one might imagine.

Taylor overcame it without too many issues and he mostly held back when he retaliated against his bullies because he didn feel like beating them into a pulp. This attracted too much attention, after all!

Now things had changed, and Taylor didn bother about acting with a low profile anymore. As for the awakening he was undergoing, it was a reward Taylor hadn expected to get.

Some time passed and the academy turned into the pits of hell as everything was burning brightly. Taylor opened his brightly burning eyes once the burning heat within him had dispersed after it had accumulated in the center of his chest.

There was something deep inside his chest but he couldn really feel it. There were only a few things Taylor understood clearly when the flames around and within his eyes had dispersed.

”So you want to tell me that you don feel a new type of energy that entered his body… you
e just able to control and create flames within your palms…just like that? ” Eris asked a bit dissatisfied when she heard what Taylor had to tell her. ”And the books knowledge is in your head, but you can only read one page…Thats it?? ”

Taylor nodded his head, visualizing the first page of his mothers book in his mind.

An old parchment appeared in the spiritual space that was in his mind. Taylor never knew that he possessed something like this, let alone that he could enter it but that seemed to be the case.

It was a small space where nothing but a single ancient-looking parchment levitated in the air. Instinctively, Taylor knew that it belonged to his mothers book, which was why he read the title of the page quite clearly.

[Crowns Crows]

The moment he read the title, an image formed in his spiritual space. It was a set of two pitch-black daggers that formed in his mind, accompanied by various information that flooded him.

Taylor was pushed out of the spiritual space when the information entered his mind. He couldn recall everything but that was not important. Blood trickled out of his nose but a bright smile emerged on his face.

”Eris, that is much more than I could wish for, there is no need to be dissatisfied, ” Taylor spoke with confidence as he cleaned his nose which stopped bleeding just a moment later.

He willed the fire that was sealed deep within him and manifested a tiny flame in his palm. It swirled around Taylors hand and listened to his commands without delay.

”Its still weird that you don possess any energy. Considering that you can manifest and control flames, you should have awoken a Sorcerers Mana Sea or a Fire-attributed Knight aura… ” Eris retorted while sizing up the tiny flame in his hand. It looked perfectly normal, but Eris could sense that it was not a normal flame.

There was something weird but it didn seem all that special.

”Even if I could awaken the Holy Gods Blessing or Summoning powers, I wouldn want to change them with what I have right now. I never felt that close to mom since she left me… ” Taylor blurted out, ”Its hard to describe. ”

Taylor could hardly explain what he felt and that the forging process of a dagger-set had appeared in his head. The shreds of information he still remembered about the Crowns Crows were a clear indicator that his mothers book was related to forging. However, Taylor felt that this was not the entire truth.

There were too many things he couldn understand yet and he wanted to unveil a few more information about his mothers book first before sharing them with someone else.

Eris looked deep into Taylors eyes. They seemed to be screaming that he was exhilarated and happy but also confused and uncertain. Subconsciously, she approached him and ruffled through his already disheveled hair.

”You look much better when you
e happy. Much better~ ” She said slowly as if each word had a deeper meaning.

Taylor noticed only then that Eris gaze had changed a bit. It didn feel like she looked at a small boy…it was different now.

Even though he noticed the change in her eyes, Taylor didn have the time to think about it too much. His attention was drawn outside the dormitory, where unearthly screams filled the air.

The group of Shedim demons had encountered the first group of students and teachers, who dared to fight them head-on.

Trained Knights and Sorcerers would come soon but neither Taylor nor Eris believed that this was necessary.

The Redwood Academy was a place with few awakened Students. They didn have many instructors for awakened students, and there was only one One-star Bronze-badged Knight in the entire academy.

However, this was already more than enough to handle the Lesser Demons of the Shedim group. Well-trained Knight Squires was strong enough to kill them, and so were Sorcerer Apprentices!

A bunch of awakened students had gathered to launch a counteroffensive. Demons were the nemesis of humans, especially foul groups like the Shedim.

When Demons infiltrated the realm of the human race for numerous reasons, they killed numerous humans, but humans were not entirely innocent either.

They hunted all kinds of Demons for the high bounty they would receive from the Guild, and many wouldn hesitate to kill innocent children, unarmed women, and Demons, who were against violence.

There was no right or wrong in the war between the Demons and humans that held on for hundreds of years and the real reason that started the war had long since been forgotten.

Almost everyone, who witnessed the beginning had found eternal rest in the death that reaped everything, and those, who started the war retreated.

They left the aftermath to untangle themselves with the passage of time.

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