A Forger’s Harem

Dumber than expected

others were not in a better condition. Their bodies had begun to shake like thin branches that were shaken through by a simple draft.

Taylor looked to his right and he shook his head lightly, while lightly grasping Eris shoulder. Her skin was smooth and extremely cold, which caused Taylor to halt for a moment.

”How can you still be so cold? ” He mumbled while looking at Eris, who was just regaining her senses before she pulled back her killing intent.

Eris turned her head in his direction but Taylor had already averted his attention. He looked at the four Knight Squires, who looked miserable and as if they had nearly escaped death.

”H-how did you do that? ” the Knight Squire with the Darkness Aura asked, his eyes filled with nothing but terror. He nearly pissed himself and his legs felt like jelly.

”I didn do anything, ” Taylor burst into laughter, revealing the bitter truth. He pointed to his right but that was not really helpful.

The four Knight Squires couldn see anything except a wall of fire. Taylor was aware that Eris was invisible to them and he turned serious all of a sudden.

His laughter died down and a wisp of fire manifested in Taylors right hand that moved to his right.

The blazing flames from behind him surged forward. They were suctioned to the flame Taylor had manifested and he made use of this by luring the flames toward his direction until he could control them faintly.

”After taking a piss, you should dry yourself, kids. How about I help a bit? ” Taylor asked, smirking widely as he threw the flames toward the four Knight Squires.

A flood of flames gushed forward. It covered Taylor, whose bright smile was the last thing the young Knight Squires saw as the entire hallway turned into a domain of blazing flames.

The four Knight Squires reacted instinctively and covered their body with the Aura Membrane. They stepped backward as quickly as possible in the attempt to reach the stairway that lead to the first floor.

Even the student with the Fire-attributed Knight aura was not immune to flames. He had some resistance against the fire element but that was of no value because his Knight aura was still untrained.

The four Knight Squires turned around when the flood of flames nearly reached them. They could already feel the surge in temperature that made them feel as if they were inside a sauna.

All four students reached the stairway just before the flames reached them. They jumped down the wooden stairs, ignoring everything else as long as they could prevent burning to death.

When they reached the first floor, the students Knight auras had dimmed gradually. If it was not for their Knight auras protecting them, they would have burned to death or sustained several injuries. That was something the four

”He is probably dead, right? ”

”Of course he is dead! Nobody can survive an inferno like this!! ” The broad-shouldered student declared. He shuddered when he recalled Taylors expression and felt weirded out

”He was crazy, definitely crazy… ” the student repeated to himself, just to freeze when he heard the creaking sound of wood as someone stepped down the wooden stairs.

A young man with bright crimson eyes and burning clothes was calmly walking down the wooden stairway that was about to be engulfed in the flames that brought death and destruction.

”Surprise! ”

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