My name is Valor. And I am a monster. Or what was called an Ailimyte by our victims. I am one of many of my kind, from millions of unholy creatures all in one dimension of firey death and chilling chaos. Our planet is covered by red skies and dark rock that was left there by volcanic destruction. There are no other lifeforms here other than the Ailimytes, who are adapted to this worlds harsh conditions. It is constantly a melting temperature, from the thousands of volcanoes and lack of weather. We are accustomed to it and even live in the caves that the volcanic rock formed.

My kind are monsters in infinite and uncountable ways, but we all are individually terrifying and differently designed. You could say that my species anatomy is based off of a humans, but grossly exaggerated. Many features are larger and sharper.

My species is eight feet tall on average, that is, when we
e fully standing on two feet. Our arms are long enough so that we can comfortably walk on all fours, along with our hind legs being bent in resemblance to a dragons. We also have long claws and fangs, and unnatural eye colors and shapes. From there, individuality takes place. We can have long or short tails, spikes on any part of our body along with horns and more than one mouth or eyes. Some may also have armored skin or scales, and skin colors ranging from peach to red to pitch black.

I am somewhere in between red and black. A deep very dark red skin color, like blood, and violet eyes with slits for pupils. I don have any horns, but I have black spikes going down my spine that get smaller as they go down to the end of my freakishly long tail. My tail isn forked or pointed like a devils, although many call our species demons. I also have long black claws and black hair that can cover my face but wouldn be considered long. I don have any scales or armored plates on my skin, but black veins are sometimes visible through my very muscular body, showing the monstrous black blood that flows constantly inside and reminding me of the soulless creature I am.

Every Ailimyte has an ability that is different and individual by themselves. Mine I would say is the most terrifying and grotesque. My ability, is that I can create teeth anywhere on my body and stretch my mouth ungodly wide enough in any shape so I can fully devour anything in my path, while changing the size or placement of my teeth all throughout. An ability as powerful as mine doesn go unnoticed in my world. Especially since I know how to use it extremely well.

I am often called upon and expected to kill hundreds of more beings than the others because of that. And it doesn help that I am a rather large male, that is superior in strength and muscular in build. Im at least ten feet when standing on my hind legs, yet my body type isn skinny in the slightest from how strong I am.

In a way, my dimension is like a container for Ailimytes. A place where we can remain until the time comes for our leader to open a portal so he can unleash our chaos on other worlds, leaving him the highest being in the universe.

He is emortal so I wasn alive when he came into power. An Ailimytes lifespan is about a hundred and thirty years, so I was never informed how something other than an Ailimyte became in control of us. No one knows what species our leader actually is, because he only ever shows himself covered from head to toe in dark armor, and wearing a large horned metal mask with red eyes. All we know is that he is smaller than us and walks on two legs.

He treats us like the monsters we are, and uses us to kill as pawns in his game of attaining more power. An Ailimyte is most likely stronger than him, but my species doesn care that hes in control of us because they really are nothing more than monsters who like that he allows them to leave this world and kill. That is our only instinct. To spread chaos wherever we go, and spill blood all over the trail. Whenever a portal opens, everyone I see has only one expression of bloodthirst and have nothing but satisfaction once they tear open another living thing.

It is revolting. I never understood how someone could receive so much pleasure from taking a life. I never said this thought out loud and never plan to. Its obvious that I am different from the rest of my species, and I can help thinking that something is seriously wrong with me every time I see someone else enjoy the feeling of causing death.

Ive tried to fit in, but nothing inside me finds killing enjoyable. Not even a spark. I wish that I could at least feel nothing while I did it so my life wouldn be as hard. Like I said before, I am a very powerful Ailimyte. Our leader has even acknowledged me for my strength. But, that makes it even more difficult for me since I am expected to be twice as monstrous as the others.

I am at least good at holding an emotionless expression while Im forced to kill, but inside I am breaking down, especially when its a female or child that is the victim. Despite the differences between me and my species, I do have a strong desire like the rest of my kind, although it isn the same as theirs.

I don know why Im like this, and why I can be like everyone else, but Im not. I would never say what I desperately want out loud, not even to myself, for it is too insane for even I to grasp. The thing I want more than anything else in the world, is love. As crazy as it sounds for a terrifying monster to want, I constantly think about holding someone else in my arms, having a bond with them and feeling the want of being with them forever.

But being part of such a distant and detached species, relationships are non-existent in my world. Not even friendships are possible here. All the females of our kind are only interested in mating for reproductive purposes and nothing more. In every encounter Ive had with one, they would leave as soon as I was done. Ive thought about if there was another species that I could show interest in, but there was no point. Everything that has ever seen me has either screamed in fear or ran away frantically terrified.

It was hopeless. I tried to get used to the fact that nothing would ever love me, but that still didn change my desire. I hated myself for how hideous I was, and I hated myself for being different. I wished that I could just be like everyone else in my species, and not care about anything but what my instincts told me to do.

After so many years, the hole in my heart only keeps getting bigger. And the emptiness inside me from not being able to love is starting to get impossibly hard to ignore. Despite that, I still keep an emotionless face and force myself to not feel. If I allow myself to feel for one more moment, I might not be able to hold back any longer.

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