I put my arm down and started to wonder something else. ”How did, a human even survive our attack long enough to make it into the trials anyway? ” She gave me a confused look. ”Trials? ” I looked away nervously. ”Yeah… The place I saved you from was, technically a form of entertainment lord Artvel gives to all Ailimytes every once and awhile. Where, he kidnaps and kills the survivors of our massacres to show how powerful his empire is. ”

An uneasy look crossed her face. ”Oh. I, I don know… I just did. Everyone around me ran, and I was the only one who hid. ” I moved my gaze to hers. ”That was a smart thing to do. You wouldve made it if Artvel didn have his scepter. ”

She looked up to me curiously now. ”Why? ” I then leaned back on the wall behind me relaxing my position a bit as I answered her. ”Ailimytes love killing, but they love it best when theres a chase involved. Its instinct I guess. We like to hunt things down and are more responsive to movement. If you ran, an Ailimyte wouldve killed you instantly. We don really like focusing on anything that isn easily seen, like someone who has hidden. ” She nodded tilting her head down in thought. ”Ill try and remember that. ”

I folded my arms in front of me and sighed. ”Its not as easy as it sounds though. Ive found that other lifeforms find it more difficult to hide, because the thought of being stuck in a cramped space, not able to move or breathe just waiting for a disgusting monster to look over you and happen to not find your scent is more horrifying than just trying to get away. ”

She looked at me with a little surprise behind her eyes, and I raised an eyebrow. ”What? ” She shrugged. ”I just, never thought an Ailimyte would call his kind disgusting monsters. ” I looked down a little annoyed. ”We are. No one can deny it. ” She looked at me silently until I changed the subject. Hours had passed and we found out quickly that we had a lot to talk about.

It turned out that we could talk to each other forever about anything. It was weird how easily I could tell her things and she felt the same. We talked about our interests and funny moments that have happened to us, along with get-to-know-you questions I casually slipped into our conversation so I could get closer to her. Tonight was probably the first night I smiled since I discovered my love for heat, but I couldn help it. She was too amazing.

She loved the color green and silent walks in nature. She also liked making art and the sound of rain. I found it ironic that none of those things could be found in this world. I also told her things too, like how I like the color red, lava, and being alone and warm and all things hot. I told her that I didn hate back scratches and belly rubs either. She laughed but I was completely serious.

When our conversation calmed down I noticed that it was day outside. I was shocked that we talked the whole night and still had more we wanted to say to each other. I just couldn help but want to talk to her all day too. Ive never really had someone I could tell things to or be friends with so I understood why, other than the raging fact that she is a goddess in human form.

I could tell that she was a little freaked out at how easily we could talk too from her occasional expressions of confusion to herself. I ignored the sunsrise and continued to talk to her, at least until she put a hand over her stomach nervously. ”Man, it feels like I haven eaten for days. I would do anything for some sliced peaches right now. ” I froze and my expression went blank. Shit! I don think humans can eat anything in this world. No! That means Im going to have to return her to Earth somehow. But, she just got here! I thought.

I then shrugged laughing a little. ”You wouldn happen to eat rocks or lava would you? ” Her expression became surprise and she raised an eyebrow. ”Um… No. ” I looked off to the side. ”Heh, I didn think so. ” She got my attention again and tilted her head. ”Is that what Ailimytes eat? ” I turned back to her and shrugged again. ”Yeah, we can eat pretty much anything. Although most Ailimytes would prefer to eat flesh, and can eat lava like I can. I have a higher tolerance to heat than others do. ”

She became interested all of a sudden. ”Really? Can you touch it? ” I was surprised that she wanted to know more about me. I nodded. ”Yes. For long amounts of time too. See that lava pool over there? Thats what I call a bed. ” I gestured to the pool beside us a few feet away, and she smiled. ”Thats cool… Ironically. ” We laughed a little until I suddenly heard something outside. I looked to the entrance to the cave and heard it again. ”Oh no. ”

She looked up at me worried now. ”Whats wrong? ” I then wrapped my tail around her and moved to carry her behind my back. ”Stay quiet and don move. ” Just then I saw Gaben walk into the cave. He looked to me and raised an eyebrow. ”Did I hear laughing in here? ” I shook my head starting to feel the annoyance I usually had come back to me. ”You
e hearing things. ” He tilted his head as he got closer.

”What happened to you yesterday? I hope that human was delicious because Im going to kick your ass for ditching me Valor. ” He was smiling so I could tell he didn really care and rolled my eyes. ”Yeah right. I would destroy you. ” He laughed. ”Well see about that. ” I raised an eyebrow. Great. Looks like he wants to start a fight. Now is not a good time for this. Its common for male Ailimytes to ingage in pointless aggression out of instinct and I honestly enjoyed doing it once and awhile with Gaben, but this was a really bad time. If he sees her hell kill both of us.

I adjusted my position to sit more comfortably and looked away from him. ”Im really not feeling it today man. ” Gabens smile became confusion. ”What? Why? You
e always in the mood to kick my ass. ” I looked back at him who had started to lift his hands off the ground and shake them from the heat of the floor. I said nothing and he continued. ”It seems like youve been more depressed than usual lately. Come on! We can-! ”

He cut off his sentence suddenly and his expression became surprise. ”Whats that smell? ” I froze and stopped breathing. ”What smell? ” He came closer and I became more tense the closer he got.

His expression turned into suspicion and he stopped in front of me. ”You… Did eat that human, didn you? ” I glared at him but said nothing. I couldn find my words I was so worried. Fuck. He smells her. I need to find a way out of this.

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