In the meantime, their hands were full of food from all sides.

Iris said, looking down at the food.

“You should have told me, if you were worried.”


“It’s difficult to escort because it’s a dangerous place.”


Hayer laughed.

“How can you stop me from having such interesting sightseeing? It’s a very different view from when I only saw monsters every day.”

“It’s good to be positive.”

Hayer said with a smile as Iris chuckled.

“If there’s a place you want to go, go wherever.
I’ll follow you.”

He said that and turned his head to the performance again.

The words that he just said did not seem to mean much, but Iris paused for a moment as she heard them.

“If there’s a place you want to go, go wherever.
I’ll follow you.”

Follow you anywhere.

Iris knew Hayer well.
He was a man with a lot of work to do to keep himself bound.
She remembered the sacred trees, the monsters, and the Knights waiting for him.


Iris looked down at the potato on her lap, her head in a state of confusion.
She liked the feeling of holding a round potato that had just been steamed.

Iris, who had turned her attention elsewhere, looked at Hayer again.

Hayer asked, leaning toward Iris with his eyes trained straight ahead.

“Do you have something to say?”

She had a lot to say, but there was nothing she could say.
After thinking for a while, Iris opened her mouth.

“That’s good.
I need someone to go with me wherever I want to go.”

Hayer nodded slightly, as if telling her to continue.
Iris continued while looking at Hayer’s orange eyes.

“If you think marriage doesn’t need love, why don’t you marry me?”


Iris’s tone was extremely businesslike.

It was because she hoped that Hayer would listen to her to the point that even if she made a business proposal, he would think that it would be more thrilling than that.

Iris continued.

“After going to Everhart, I thought that we can match what we both want.”

“How so?”

“If you marry me, you will be recognized as a royal that’s no longer controversial.
And I want a strong escort.
Just like you today.”

Hayer rearranged her words.

“So my lineage will be purified, and you’ll be able to go wherever you want.”

He was smiling, but he didn’t look so happy.

Iris said with a smile at once, because she didn’t mean to offend him.

“If you don’t like it, you can say no.
I won’t be upset.”

She said that first, as if she had no intention of spoiling the mood, and Hayer immediately followed her with a soft smile.

Then he said in a serious tone soon after.

“Marriage is something I should be grateful for.
You’re not supposed to say that.
No matter what, I should propose.”

“It’s a marriage that we do because we need each other, but is this also called a proposal?”

“What if it’s not a proposal?”

“I think it’s close to an offer.”

Hayer laughed a little heartily this time at Iris’s answer.
Then he told her.

“Let’s finish watching the circus for now.
Whether it’s a marriage proposal or a business proposal, I’ll do it again.”

“What’s the point of that…”

“It’s important to me.”

Hayer answered quite emphatically, then looked back toward the stage.

Iris no longer saw the circus.
A bitter smile came out.

He would propose again.

That was just an Asherian approach to rejection, she was convinced.

When the entertainer made people laugh with jokes, Iris tried to laugh as well.
But the laughter didn’t come out so easily.

When the two came out of the circus tent after the performance, Hayer was holding a basket of food only from the people of the Hall territory.

The farmers of the territory sent the two people of the capital off with expressions of concern because they were unable to feed them.

Returning to the Hall mansion, the two got out of the carriage and found Sandra pacing restlessly in front of the mansion door.

Sandra said urgently.

“Do you think this makes sense? A guest arrives and they starve? It’s not enough to repay your kindness! This is a disgrace to the Hall family.”

At Sandra’s anticipated words, Iris hastened to say.

“Don’t be ashamed.
The farmers have already given us so much food?”

“The farmers do what the lord has to do…”

Hayer said as Sandra was dizzy with shock.

“Then let’s have a drink from now on.”

“…Now? That’s a bit…”

Sandra withdrew, perhaps thinking it shouldn’t be the case.
It was a pity that she couldn’t take care of the meal, but it seemed a waste to spend less time with Ruben to drink with guests.

Iris said with a smile.

“We received a lot of food today, so it’s okay.
I’d rather have breakfast tomorrow.”

“That’s it, I’ll prepare for a surprise.”

“Normal is enough…”

You have to show it properly.
What kind of family is our Hall family?”

Sandra nodded determinedly and assured.
The two nodded reluctantly.

It was late, so the two went to Ruben in the garden to say good night.
He was sitting in an armchair most of the day because it was still difficult to walk for long periods of time.

Hayer said to Ruben.

“Do you want me to move you?”

Ruben sighed deeply for a moment as if he was ashamed, but he nodded helplessly.

“Yes, please.”

Hayer picked up Ruben and asked Sandra.

“Where is the head’s bedroom?”

“Why are you putting Ruben in m-my bedroom?”

When Sandra shouted in embarrassment, Hayer replied lightly.

“I’m asking you two to talk about something else you haven’t talked about yet.”

“…The third room on the right on the third floor.”

As soon as Sandra finished speaking, Hayer strode up the stairs.
Then he went into Sandra’s bedroom and threw Ruben on her bed.

When Hayer waved his hand and left, Sandra grabbed Iris, who was about to leave.

“Let—let’s talk together! The three of us!”

“The three of us?”

They were anxious to be together, but it seemed embarrassing to be alone in the bedroom.

Sandra dragged Iris along and placed another chair between Ruben on the bed and her chair.
As she forced Iris to sit down, she looked at them with a puzzled expression.

In the awkward silence, Ruben hit the bed as if he had remembered.

“Ah, games! How about playing a game?”

“Ah, a game is good.
What should we do?”

“How about chess?”

“Chess is good.”

The three of them were playing chess.

Iris was bewildered and wondering how to get out of this uncomfortable place, but Hayer reappeared through the open door.

Hayer strode in, grabbed Iris’s hand, and wordlessly dragged her out of the bedroom.

Sandra followed and said something she didn’t mean.

“Why did you take her? We’re having a good time.”

Hayer said without looking back.

“You two have fun.
I’ll take someone to play with me.”

“Ah, really…”

Sandra pretended to be regretful until the end and went back to her bedroom.

She locked the door as soon as she entered the bedroom.

Ruben, lying in bed, flinched as Sandra locked the door.
He asked, blinking his eyes.

“Sa-Sandra? The door… why did you lock it?”


“Ah… sounds good.”

Ruben cleared his throat and said bravely.

“Well, Sandra.”


“I heard that you… didn’t meet anyone.
If there were… I would not have escaped from prison and would have prayed for you to be happy.”


“That’s why I’m asking, is what I heard correct?”

Sandra sat in front of Ruben before he could speak again.
Then she grabbed him by the collar and shouted.

“I would have waited for you even if you came out of prison 50 years later!”

Ruben’s ears turned red at her words.

He asked back cautiously.

“…51 years?”

“I would wait!”

“That’s a relief.”

Ruben replied and laughed.
Then he tapped his thigh to come toward him.

Sandra said cautiously.

“Your legs aren’t moving very well yet.”

“It’s not moving, it doesn’t mean that it’s weak.”

When Sandra examined Ruben’s thighs, it was clear that he was having trouble walking because he was stiff, and not weak at all.

“As soon as you get up, you’ll be a good farmer.”

“Are you sure?”

“Well, it’s not bad if it’s not a good harvest.”

Satisfied, Sandra felt and measured various parts of Ruben’s body, then nodded.
It was a pass.


sandra fr groped her man to see if he had farmer potential LMAO anyway iris and hayer have me giggling so bad (pls read the chapters in order guys idk how accurate the viewership thing is but but c62 had so much for no reason LOL)

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