Please, may I know more about you!

Hummm……..I stared at him with so much curiosity with my two eyes fixed on him as I was with the thought of his reasons to get to know me more. Al…..right! I sighed ready to tell him all about me.

Im Rosemary like I have said earlier. I am the fourth born of my mother of seven children and from a polygamous home. We are four boys and three girls of which I am at the Middle. I have three elderly ones and three younger ones of my siblings. My dad has two wives and my mum is the …second as I said forcefully,

Rosie! the way the word second sounded, is like there is something that you are not saying….

oh! you
e right Jerry! my dad has some concubines that gave him children as well even with the fact that my mum was my dads best, we still couldn get the best because of the polygamous home. Is that all Rosie!?….Yes! and what do you mean by saying ”is that all ” Jerry! is that not enough to be sad about? huh!

oh! Rosie….Never feel sad about that …. my dad case was worse than yours at least, your mum was your dad best and he kept her but my dad was different! so let me not even go there right now but I promised you Rosie!, the youth of this present generation won want to delve into it except for some seldom cases. we are making a great progress far different from our fathers.

but a lot is happening too Jerry!….in this present generation. They are never satisfied with what they have and the fault is mostly from the male sex…No! you are wrong now Rosie! don take sides now because you would be shocked if I tell you latest trends.

Tsk! do you know what the women are doing lately…? lets not even dig deep and besides thats more reason why I said earlier that the present generation won want to delve into such, expect in some cases and those cases are rare such as in the cases of life threatening, broken homes becomes inevitable.

So …Rosie! what are your other names?

I am traditionally called Okeoghene , excuse me!. Sorry for my manners of caughting you short, Your middle name is Okeoghene? He asked anxiously! Yes I am Okeoghene meaning Gods gift

waooo …. !He sighed happily we bore the same name. My birth name is Okeoghene.

What! Please let me explain Rosie!. The name Jerry is my baptismal name . I wasn given an English name from birth, but during my baptism at the Catholic church at my preteens age, was when I was given an English Catholic name Jeremiah that is where the name Jerry came from.

oh! really….. I exclaimed!.

Where are you from Rosie? He was still anxious indeed!

I hailed from Delta State…..

where in Delta state precisely Rosie? because anyone can claim Delta state as theres and thats the more reason why we have different local government areas for us to be specific with our origin.

Do you mean that Im not telling the truth?

I didn mean that Rosie! all Im saying is that, you have to be specific.

Its ok Jerry! Im from Ekakpamre, Ughelli south local government but never mind anyway though we are called the minorities!

Excuse me! Never mind what? huh! Rosie.. that you are called the minority!

I don even know why we are called that Jerry!, but that is where I came from.

oooooooh! and to top it all, You don even know why! Now let me tell you the reason for the word Minority the state comprises of five different ethnic groups which are the Igbos(Anioma people) from Delta North, then the Urhobo, Isoko–, Ijaw and Itsekiri that made up the southern and central parts of the state that is not highly populated especially, the Delta South and Central but the northern, western and eastern parts of the country are highly populated thereby making their dialect uniform.

how do you know all this information Jerry!

wao! let me ask you this? where do you think I came from? ….huh….Rosie!

As I was speechless right now….. I don even have any idea of his identity…and a lot was running through my mind right now.

its ok Rosie. I am from Delta state as well! and even though i wasn brought up here in Delta…


sorry to caught you short! where is your residence? as I want to know him as well.

I based in Lagos State and I still regard here as my home town and besides, the name Okeoghene can only be owned by the Deltanas.

Do you mean that we are from the same local government area? I was anxious to know…. No Rosie!

I know where you are heading to right now. we are not related in any ways besides, Delta state has twenty-five local government areas. I am from Olomoru from Isoko– south and even though its closer to yours geographically, we are not the same and to top it all, we speak different dialect.

by the way! why were you so anxious! oh! its nothing and I don even know why as I thought within.

Tell me about your likes he asked curiously.

Oh..! You still want to know more?

Yes! of course, I want to get to know you.

But you can get to know me in just one day I said flatly and besides, Rome wasn built in one day remember!

Jerry and I started a conversations

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