Chapter 4

I got bored and decided to make chapter 4 early enjoy

”How the heck did they know about this ” Lincoln ponders in his mind as he sees the family vehicle outside the arcade.

(Flashback five minutes after Lincoln leaves the house at the same time

Luna puts on her headphones and starts jamming on her drums)

”Girlish Squeals are heard from Lori/Lenis room ”

”I can believe it! ” says Leni

”He hung out with a girl yesterday! ” says Lori

”I wonder if shes into sports?! ” says Lynn

”I hope shes nice! ” Lana squeals

”I just hope shes pretty, well not as pretty as me ” says Lola

”Throughout our time in school I have never noticed nor have heard of a person named Jordan ” says Lisa

”Lincoln said hes meeting up with her at Ketchum Park ” Lucy speaks

”Well what are we waiting for lets go and follow him so we can make sure he doesn screw it up ” Lola demands

”Yeah ” all the girls agree

Then Lucy yells out ”Wait ” they all stop and look at her ”what about Luna? ” she asks

All the girls start thinking ”maybe we should have her come with us ” says Leni ”I don know remember what Lucy heard, she doesn wanna meddle with his date and if we do tell her shell call Lincoln ” says Lola causing all the sisters to agree ”lets not tell her ” says Lori as all sisters begin to walk out together Lucy realizes ”Wait, what about Lily? Shes still asleep! ” ”Well Mom and dad are already out and Lunas here so she can watch over her ” says Lynn ”I guess ” Lucy says as they all head straight for Vanzilla, as Lori starts the engine she notices Luan has just returned looking like a mess and Lori immediately opens the vanzillas door ”Luan! ” ”Oh hey guys, just got back from another birthday gig and boy was it messy, guess this is what happens when the birthday girl is five ” says Luan ”Never mind that just get in here! ” Luan does as shes told and gets in vanzilla then it starts to leave the driveway ”So where are we going

”asks Luna, then Lucy appears out of nowhere scaring her ”Ill tell you ”

They arrive near Ketchum Park all the while Lucy explains to Luan about Lincolns recent encounter from yesterday ”Holy Moly ” says Luan ”I know right ” says Lola ”Look there they are ” Lynn points out and soon they all spot the girl who Lincoln is hanging out with causing the loud sisters to look in awe ”Wow ” ”look at her ” ”shes pretty, but not that pretty compared to me ” ”Thats blue bow on her head is totes cute on her ” ”Don they look sweet together ” they all speak in unison ”look there leaving ” Lynn points out ”I suggest we take a precautionary action as to not be spotted by our male sibling, its more tactical that way ” they all look at Lisa confused ”Lets follow them slowly so we won get his attention ” Lisa clarifies ”Okay then stealthy it is ” Lori says as vanzilla slowly follows the two kids.

Minutes of slowly following they see the two kids talking to each other ”What are they saying? ” Lori asks ”Maybe I can help ” says Lisa as she pulls out a radar looking object and then attaches it wires to a speaker ”This way we can hear their conversation ” ”This sounds wrong ” Lucy suggest ”So says the girl who hides in the vents ” says Lola ”Sigh, you have a point ” Lucy responds as Lisa tries to pick up a signal ”Aha got it, now we can listen in on their conversation in which they hear what Lincoln says about them, shocking the sisters as they listen in, making the original five sisters upset ”Am I really a nightmare on April fools ” ”I am not that Pushy ” ”I am not that demanding! ” ”These words do not tempt me to this argument, but to be specific I do not always see any of you as Test Subjects! ” Lori just stares at the road stunned at Lincolns words, while the rest aren upset at all ”Aww thats so nice of Lincoln to say that ” says Leni ”Where are they going ” Lola asks irritated ”Look, their headed to Burpin Burger ” Lynn points out ”Wow thats romantic ” Lori says sarcastically ”Why would she bring her there, why not Jean Juans French Mex? ” asks ”Maybe I should tone down when it comes to bringing home wild animals ” says Lana ”It does make sense that Lincoln and Luna have a Special Sibling Relationship ” says Lucy ”I still don think I deserve to be one of Lincolns favorites ” she says through her mind remembering the

Pony book incident ”Hes got a lot of nerves saying these words ” says Lola ”Wait look, they stopped ” Lynn speaks out ”What is that sign on the door say? ” asks Lucy Lori pulls out a pair of binoculars and reads what the sign says ”Looks like his luck has ran out, the Burpin Burgers closed due to a cockroach infestation ” ”Cool Cockroaches ” Eew Cockroaches ” Says Lana/Lola ”Aww man I was supposed to bring my whole team there for lunch tomorrow! ” says Lynn annoyed ”Well thats one way to change a reservation! hahahaha! Get it ” Luan jokes causing everyone to groan in annoyance ”Pipe down siblings! Look their on the move! ” Lisa points out ”Where are they off to now? ” Lucy asks ”After them Lori ” Lynn yells.

The Girls then spot them headed straight to Gus Games n Grub ”Wow hes more romantic than I thought ” Lynn says annoyed ”Wait look! They look like they
e laughing ” Lana points out as the two kids enter the arcade ”I guess they do have something in common ” Lucy says ”Yeah bad tastes in scenery ” Lola says ”Hush up Im trying to get a reading on what they
e saying! ” says Lisa ”Yes got a Signal ” as they hear their awkward conversation on deciding the toppings and sees both kids blushing ”Aww they look so cute together ” Leni happily speaks ”and he said that she was a friend ” says Lynn ”At least they
e not Zoned in the Friend Zone hahahaha! Get it?! ” Luan says jokingly, then they see them with their lunch ”Wow now Im hungry ” says Lana and Lynn in unison ”Wait whats he doing ” Lucy points out as they see Lincoln looking at his phone then walking away towards an empty booth talking to someone with a worried look ”Who is he talking to? ” ”Could it be Clyde? ” ”Maybe its Mom? ” then Lisa triangulates her device and is shocked to hear who is on the phone ”Its Luna! ” she says shocked ”What?! ” all the sisters yell and then see Lincoln looking at them with an irritated look ”Busted ” Luan says.

I made this one on the weekends due to boredom so I hope you enjoy this early chapter.

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