Chapter 5

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Lincoln looks through the arcades window seeing eight shadows silhouettes in vanzilla and lets out a sigh here is never a moment where their never meddling with my social life he says in his thoughts and decides to go back to the table that he shares with Jordan.

Jordan sees Lincoln headed back towards her with an irritated look ”So who was calling? ” she asks, Lincoln doesn respond and still looks out the window ”umm Lincoln? ” she asks again, still no response ”earth to Lincoln?! ” she asks with a slightly raised tone ”Huh? What? ” he responds ”you were spacing out there with a look that says I have a bad feeling about this ” she says ”sorry about that, just a little annoyed ” he responds ”Is it because of who was calling you earlier? ” she asks ”No it wasn that ” he responds ”Okay, then who was calling? ” she asks again ”It was my sister Luna. She told me that the rest of our sisters have been following us and their outside ” he says ”You mean that messed up looking van outside ” she says while pointing out towards the van outside in the parking lot ”Yeah thats them ” he says with an annoyed look ”So why are they spying on us? ” she asks Lincoln ”they think were going on a date ” he responds ”Why would they think that? ” she asks ”whenever they see me with a girl they would always think that Im dating someone and then they start overreacting and ask me if shes my girlfriend and then they start arguing on whose going to be the bridesmaid! ” he responds with a slightly angered tone ”Wow paranoid much ” she says while eating a slice of pizza, then Lincoln grabs a slice ”I know right and thats why I try to avoid hanging out with most girls ” he says then realizes what he just said ”but no you you
e pretty cool! ” he nervously responds causing Jordan to giggle ”No worries ” she responds then starts to think ”You said you have a sister whose a genius right ” she asks ”Yeah thats Lisa whose probably in the van with the others hearing our conversation with some kind of radar thingy ” he responds in an irritated tone while eating his slice of pizza ”Thats what I thought, coz Ive gotta plan on how to stop her from listening in ” she says with a devious smile ”Really? ” he asks and notices Jordan pulling out some kind of whistle from her pocket ”My parents told me to only use it for emergencies, like if I get attacked by a stray dog or if my dog starts to misbehave but technically this does seem to be an emergency ” she says while holding out a dog whistle and then looks back to Lincoln ”you ready? ” she asks ”Heck yeah ” he responds as Jordan takes in a deep breath and blows on the dog whistle.

(Meanwhile in vanzilla)

The girls stare on as they see Lincoln going back to his seat ”whats he saying Lisa? ” asks Lynn ”Patience fifth eldest sibling let me recalibrate my device ” Lisa responds ”Aha weve got something ” and suddenly a high pitch screech is heard throughout vanzilla causing all the girls to cover their ears and freak out ”What is that? ” ”My ears! ” ”Make it stop ” ”I think Im going deaf ” ”That Ringing! ” ”Lucy making a vampire screech ” ”Lisa turn it off ” then Lynn garbs her bat and smashes it on the device ”Ow my ears ” ”I can still hear the ringing but I thinks its gone ” ”My ears are never gonna stop ringing ” ”what was that sound? ” asks Luan ”Hmm, judging by the way I adjusted to picking up low volume conversations and she was pulling out some kind of cylinder shaped object which created a high pitch ringing sound I could only confirm that the ringing sound was made by a Dog whistle ” Lisa responds ”Dogs can whistle? ” asks Leni ”No Leni, she means it was a whistle that only dogs can hear ” Lori says to her air dim witted sister ”I don want to bark up an argument, but that was Ruff! Hahahaha! Get it?! ” Luan jokes causing everyone to groan in annoyance, Lisa picks up the remains of her device ”Sorry Lisa ” says Lynn ”No worries, if you hadn destroyed this then we all wouldve been truly deaf ” says Lisa ”Why would she have a dog whistle? ” asks Lola angrily ”Maybe she has a dog at home ” says Leni ”or maybe she uses it in case of emergencies ” says Lucy ”Like causing ears to bleed ” says an annoyed Lynn ”I think its wrong to carry that kind of thing ” says Lana ”never mind that how are we gonna know whats going on in there? ” asks Luan as they all start thinking of ideas, then Lori starts to speak up ”Ive got it! ”

(Inside Guss)

Both kids looked out the window while finishing their lunch and see vanilla shaking ”Oh man they must be freaking out in there ” says Lincoln ”I just thought since they
e listening in through a device that can pick up whispers, it can probably pick up the sound of a whistle that can only be heard by canines and therefore through the device turns it into a high pitched sound ” Jordan says trying to mimic a genius ”Hahaha! Nice imitation of Lisa! ” Lincoln laughs ”really? Thats what she sounds like? ” she asks as both kids end up laughing and soon finish their lunch ”So what do you wanna do now? ” Lincoln asks ”well we are in an arcade, you wanna go a few rounds on any games? ” she asks ”Sure race you to dance revolution? ” he asks with a competitive tone ”Oh its on! ” she responds as both kids race towards the dancing game.

(After thirty minutes of Dancing)

”Man I didn expect you to catch up with me? ” Lincoln says exhausted ”I guess this is what get from learning how to be good in dodge ball ” she says also panting ”Im kind of getting thirsty, you want something to drink? Im paying ” he asks ”Sure, but you don have to pay for me ” she says ”Its okay just let me do something in return to the girl who can dance as good as me ” he says as he heads straight for the counter is there ever a moment where he doesn have to act all gentleman like she says in her thoughts as she watches Lincoln walk away, meanwhile at the counter ”Two sodas please ” he asks the cashier and is soon shocked to see who it is ”Sure thing Bro ” says Lori with a smirk as she leaves to get the drinks leaving Lincoln horrified and then sees Lori coming back ”Here you go two sodas and their on me ” Lori says ”What are you doing here? ” Lincoln asks Lori annoyingly ”I work here Duh! ” Lori says ”No what I mean is, what are doing here during- you know what never mind ” he says irritated then takes the two sodas and is about to walk away until he is grabbed by his sister ”Hold it right there little man, first things first, that girl you
e with, are you two dating? And be honest with me! ” Lori demands ”No! For goodness sakes Lori we go through this every time Im hanging out with a girl ” he says irritated ”Why can you and the others just leave me be?! ” Lori then lightens up her mood ”Look Lincoln, Im sorry for spying on you and Jordan Ill just take my leave then ” she says nervously as she decides to leave through the back leaving a confused Lincoln ”Lori Wait! ” he calls out to her causing her to look back ”Why are you apologizing? ” he asks causing Lori to look at him nervously ”Well while you were walking towards the Burpin Burger, we overheard you
e conversation together ” causing Lincoln to realize of the words he said during that time ”Oh you heard that? ” he asks seeing Lori nod in response making Lincoln look down knowing the trouble he just caused ”Im really sorry that you all had to hear that ” he says looking down with sadness causing Lori to jump over the counter and kneel down in front of her brother using her hand to lift his face up to meet hers ”Lincoln you don have to apologize, you had every right to say those words, we were the ones doing wrong! I just never knew you felt that way about some of us ” she reassures him ”and Im really sorry for being that cold to you, maybe I can try to tone down my temper a little bit ” she says to Lincoln ”really?! ” he asks as Lori nods in response and soon surprised by Lincoln hugging her in which she responds by hugging back ”Thanks Lori! And Ill knock first before I go in your room ” ”No Problem Linc! Well I better get going then you have fun with your friend and don worry Ill deal with the others ” she says to him with a warm caring tone as she takes her leave.

Lincoln soon returns to Jordan with their drinks ”Sorry for taking long ” he apologizes ”No need to worry and also I heard everything ” she responds ”that was really sweet of Lori like that ” ”Yeah I guess she can be nice at some times, at least shes trying ” he says as both kids take a sip at their sodas ”So you wanna go for another round at racing? ” she asks ”Game on! ” he responds.

(Meanwhile in vanzilla)

”Look its Lori ” says Lynn as they spot Lori exiting through the back and is headed straight to vanzilla, she then opens the door and sits on the drivers seat with a stern look ”So what happened? ” ”Are they dating? ” ”Did they kiss? ” ”Oh I bet they did! ” ”Were they smooching up a storm in there? ” ”Was he displeased with our actions? ” ”Did she get rid of the dog whistle? ” as all girls start barraging Lori with questions causing Lori to pull out an Air Horn and silencing all passengers in vanzilla ”Knock it off all of you! ” she yells then looks back at the arcade and sighs ”We
e going home ” says Lori as she starts up the engine and starts back up out of the parking lot shocking all the sisters ”What! ” they all yell in unison ”But what about Lincoln! ” asks Lola ”No Buts! No sit down and buckle up or so help me you are all turning into human pretze-I mean ” she then stops vanzilla in place and looks at the road in front of her realizing what she just said towards them and takes a deep breath ”Just stay quiet back there okay guys? ” she says towards them as they drive off making all the sisters silent not knowing what they might be facing when they get home.

Well that took a while! I decided to make this chapter about Lori realizing her mistakes towards Lincoln and the rest of her sisters since shes literally the oldest and she has to make up for all her actions, well I hope you like this please review!

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