Tang Xu went abroad for two years, and on the seventh day after he returned, he was already standing on that three-foot podium, dedicated to watering the flowers of the motherland1

There are whispers below from restive, post-adolescent2 girls who can be aroused by handsome guys.

The major of automation has ten boys and one girl.
There were sixty students in two classes sitting below, however only the faces of seven girls could be seen.
Even so, the girl’s comment came one after another, scrambling into Tang Xu’s ears.

He coughed lightly, ” Alright students, be quiet.
We’re in class.”

The voice was magnetic, and it’s the kind of magnetic voice that is suitable for listening to in the middle of the night and with his abstinence black shirt and the shape of faintly outlined pectoral muscles, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to describe it as a dressed up beast3.

Although Tang Xu is a teacher, he does not have a gentle and bookish image.
He grew up in an army compound, and his solid body and bronzed skin tone make him look manly, which is unique in this engineering college where most teachers are slovenly.

Naturally, this sound caused the following girls to pinch each other’s thighs for a moment.
Even if they can’t speak, they have to shout with their eyes— it’s too handsome!

Tang Xu said unhurriedly, “First of all, let me introduce myself.
I am Tang Xu.” After that, he turned around and wrote his name on the blackboard, and the two big characters were powerful just like the person himself.

He casually threw chalk on the desk and said, “I will study the course on automatic control principles with you all this semester.
Automatic control principle is a very important professional course for automation majors, so for us to get along more happily before class, Let me talk about a few things that need attention in my class.
Firstly, when I am teaching, you can ask questions at any time without raising your hand; just sit on your seat and say.
I like vivid classes.
But no whispering; if you sleep, you don’t have to come.
You all are already juniors, and everyone should know what to do and what not to do in class.
Furthermore, if you have any questions before the final exam, you can always come to me.
Don’t contact me after the final exam, and don’t ask me for grades.
Does anyone have any questions?”

A short-haired girl immediately accepted his class habits, she sat on her seat and said with a smile, “Teacher, you have to give us the contact information.”

Tang Xu smiled, picked up a piece of chalk, and wrote an ema

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