Rejected by a Childhood Friend

Human beings are often unable to do many things as they wish, including petty things.

However, that does not mean we should give up.

It is essential not to expect too much, but to try to do something about it.


These are the words my father left me.

Just to be clear, my father is not dead.

He taught me this very lesson before he left for Kushiro City, Hokkaido, far away from home.


That is why, as a high school student, I live alone in a small apartment in a suburban city, with my name written on the mailbox.


As my father said, even when I was in trouble, I always tried to do something about it.


I forced myself to enter a prestigious preparatory school and fell behind, but I managed to avoid getting red marks.


When I confessed my love to my childhood friend, whom I thought I was in love with, and was rejected, I was very discouraged.
However, I somehow succeeded in getting back to being good friends with that childhood friend.


So, I should be able to deal with my ongoing troubles in an appropriate manner.


Even if it means I have to live with a girl with a few unusual quirks.



The high school I attend is located about a 10-minute bus ride from a JR (Japan Railway) station.

Behind the school building, there is a large riverbed, giving it the atmosphere of a famous school drama filming location.


It was a public high school with no outstanding features, but it was a reasonably advanced school with a high standard score, so I had a hard time in the entrance examination.


As to why I chose this high school, my motive was com

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