elementary school, you kept changing schools, didn’t you?”


I’m not in love with Aki-kun, I’m in love with the relationship between Aki-kun and Kaho.”


Yuki said in a quiet voice.

I didn’t know if that was Yuki’s true intention or not.


We remained silent for a while.

I think the first period class had already started a long time ago.


It was Mikoto-san who broke the silence.


“Unlike you, Sakurai-san, I don’t lie about my feelings.”




“Akihara-kun told me that I could do whatever I wanted with my relationship with him.
So … I want to be … Akihara-kun’s lover.”


Then, Mikoto-san made a startled face.

I and Yuki also looked at Mikoto-san with astonished expressions on our faces. 

What did Mikoto-san just say?


If I heard her correctly, she said she wanted to be my girlfriend.


Mikoto-san looked shocked, and then her cheeks turned bright red.

She must have been very embarrassed.


But Mikoto-san did not look away from Yuki and me, and continued.


“No, that was a misstatement.
I’m pretending to be Akihara-kun’s girlfriend because I want to.
It is not to give Akihara-kun to Sasaki-san, that’s for sure.”

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