Towards a Better Place

Yuki looked at Mikoto-san with shaky eyes.


“Aki-kun would be best suited to be with Kaho, you know?”


“Is that what Sakurai-san really wants? That instead of Sakurai-san, Sasaki-san would fall in love with Akihara-kun as his childhood friend?”


“Yes… That’s what I want.”


Mikoto-san gently replied.


“I am sure that is not what Sakurai-san really wants.
It is not Sasaki-san who likes Akihara-kun.
It is you yourself who likes Akihara-kun, isn’t it?”


“I don’t mean Akihara-kun, but the relationship between Akihara-kun and Kaho…”


Yuki’s words stopped there.


“You are the only one who can give you what you want.”


After saying this, Mikoto-san turned to me.


Let’s practice.”


“Practice? What?”


“We’re pretending to be lovers, aren’t we?”


“Ah, yes.
If Mikoto-san wants to do that.”


“Then, try telling me that you love me.”




“Since you’re my lover, you can say that, right?”


When she said that, Mikoto-san’s face turned red and she looked straight at me.

Why did Mikoto-san suddenly start talking like that?

In this situation with Yuki.


I felt weak.

I’m a little embarrassed about that.


“Um, I love you.”


“… I don’t feel like you … are putting your feelings into it.”


“I love Mikoto-san.”


I said it one more time.

I think it was another awkward performance the second time, but Mikoto-san’s eyes narrowed a bit happily.

Yuki, on the other hand, looked shocked.

To Yuki, Mikoto-san quietly said,


“If Sakurai-san doesn’t like Akihara-kun, then why do you look so hurt?”


“… Tsu.


Yuki held her chest in pain.

Then, Yuki lowered her eyes and muttered.


“I know that I’m weird.
Even so, I… want Aki and Kaho to be together.”


Perhaps Yuki doesn’t even know what she’s talking about or how she feels.

That’s what I felt.

Yuki turned around to face the door of the room.


“I have to go to class.”


Yuki then disappeared from the room.

Mikoto-san sighed in relief and looked at me with mischievous, blue eyes.


Then she grabbed my hand.

Mikoto-san’s white fingers intertwined with my fingers.


I was startled by the glamorous touch of her fingers.

When I looked at her, I saw that she also had a slight blush on her cheeks.


Well, um, we have to go to class soon…


“Akihara-kun, you said you would listen to my selfishness, didn’t you?”


“That’s right?”


“I want to keep doing this.
Why don’t we skip first class?”




“If we don’t come back, the class will misunderstand us more.”


“Don’t you want to be misunderstood?”


“We’re going to pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend, aren’t we? If that’s the case, I think it would be better for everyone to think that we skipped class, went on a date, and made out.”


“I told everyone that if we were going to go on a date, I would choose a place with more atmosphere, not a dimly lit room like this.”


I blurted out.

Where were Mikoto-san and I? In the dark and cramped biology preparation room, it might be mistaken for something inappropriate.


Mikoto-san giggled.

Her silver hair swayed softly.


“If that’s the case, Akihara-kun, pick a place that has a certain atmosphere.
Why don’t we go there right now?”


“It’s hard to say in a school, but I”ll think about it.”


I am sure that Akihara-kun will take me to a more comfortable place than here.”

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