A Disturbing Premonition

Mikoto-san likes me.

I’m not sure, but it’s probably true.


If so, what should I do?


I like Kaho.

And Mikoto-san has not officially confessed to me.


But if Mikoto-san thinks I’m special, that makes me very happy.

I was still swaying on the train, unable to think straight.


I suddenly froze, and Mikoto-san looked at me worriedly.


“Haruto-kun? What’s wrong?”


I was startled to see Mikoto-san’s beautiful face so close to mine.

I can feel myself blushing.


It’s because I’m aware of Mikoto-san.

I shake my head.


We’re at the station.”


With that, I got up from the train seat and went down to the platform.


The neighboring town is quite a big city.

When we got out of the ticket gate, there were a lot of people walking around the station.


To get to the aquarium from here, it was necessary to take the city subway.

I had used the subway when I came to this city in the past, and I had done my research beforehand, but I still felt a little lost.


When I looked back at Mikoto-san and tried to explain the way, she turned red and fidgeted.


What’s wrong?


“Oh, you know.
I want you to hold my hand, Haruto-kun…”


“Do you want me to hold your hand?”


When I asked her, she nodded her head.

I thought it was because she wanted to pretend to be my girlfriend, but that was not quite the case.


“I’m afraid we’ll lose each other.”


I chuckled.

Mikoto-san looked at me a little discontentedly.


“Why are you laughing?”


“No, I think Mikoto-san is cute.”


When I said that, Mikoto-san’s expression of dissatisfaction instantly disappeared and her face turned red.

I think it’s really cute how her expression changes from one moment to the next.


Until recently, I had only known Mikoto-san in the classroom and had always thought of her as a calm, unemotional person who never showed her feelings.


But the real Mikoto-san is so expressive.


I held out my hand to her.


“Let’s hold hands.”




Mikoto-san intertwined her own fingers with the fingers of my hand.

…This is called a lover’s connection.


I’m a little embarrassed.

I pulled on Mikoto-san’s hand and she followed closely behind me.


As I headed toward the subway entrance, I asked.


“Is there anything you want to see at the aquarium?”


I thought it might be penguins or something like that, but she answered differently.


“You know, this aquarium has a lot of sardines.”


“Sardines? The kind you eat dried?”


“There are 35,000 sardines swimming all together, and they are very beautiful.
It was on TV.”


Tens of thousands of sardines swimming in a tank.

That is beautiful.


It doesn’t really ring a bell.

But since Mikoto-san is looking forward to seeing it, maybe it really is beautiful when seen.


It’s a little quirky, but it sounds interesting.


“You’re excited.”




She nodded and said in a shy whisper.


“Can I go to the bathroom for a minute?”


“Okay, but can you go by yourself?”


“I can!”


Mikoto-san’s face turned bright red.

I think I treated her too much like a child.


I smiled at her and she blushed and went to look for the bathroom.

She would be back soon.


I thought so, but I was wrong.

She didn’t come back for a long time.


Ten minutes passed.


I began to feel uneasy.

Was she lost?


No, it could have been something worse.

Mikoto-san was once almost attacked by boys from another school on her way home.


I don’t know what the circumstances were, but it would be bad if something like that happened again.


I couldn’t stand by and called Mikoto-san, but the phone was disconnected.

What should I do?


I looked around.

I wanted to go looking for her, but if I left this place, I would surely get lost.


But my worries soon became meaningless.

A tap on my shoulder came from behind.


When I turned around, I saw Mikoto-san smiling at me.


“I was sorry to keep you waiting.”


“I was worried.
You didn’t come back for a long time.”


“Well, I’m not lost, so I’m fine.”


“Did you almost get lost?”


Mikoto-san’s face turned red.

I think I must have hit the bull’s-eye.


“But that’s not why I’m late.”


“Then, for what reason…”


“There are many things I can’t say about girls.”


Mikoto-san chuckled when she said that.

I don’t know, but I probably shouldn’t ask any more questions.


Anyway, nothing had happened that I was worried about.

I sighed in relief.


I noticed strange eyes on us.


A female student in a green school uniform was staring at us from a few meters away behind a pillar in the station.


I believe those were the uniforms of a junior high school in our town.


I think it was a junior high school in the school district across the river.


She approached us.

Mikoto-san didn’t seem to notice her, but turned around and her face suddenly turned pale.


The junior high school girl was a very innocent-looking beauty.


Her black hair was straight and long, and her large, dark eyes shone with an intelligent look.


She was not very tall, but her style was not bad.

Her every move was somehow elegant, giving her a ladylike impression.


Her frighteningly well-defined face looked cold and a little like Mikoto-san’s.


When the girl stood in front of me, she smiled mysteriously.


“You must be Haruto Akihara-senpai.
This is my first time meeting you.
My sister is always indebted to you.”




My name is Kotone Tomi.
I am the daughter of the Tomi main family and the younger sister of Rei Mikoto.
Henceforth, I ask for your kind attention.”


The girl who introduced herself as Tomi Kotone put her hand on her chest and greeted me with an air of elegance.

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