It wasn’t my first kiss, but…

I felt myself blushing, too.


I knew I wasn’t mistaken.

Rei-san likes me.


Then, Rei got up.


She lightly brushed off her silver hair, which was wet from the rain.

Her figure was so beautiful that I almost couldn’t help but admire it.


“I don’t need a reply to my confession.
I will give you time to think about it.”


“Thank you.
Also, does that mean you’re staying…?”


Rei nodded.

I was relieved.


Finally, Rei seemed to have changed her mind.

There was no need for Rei-san to do as she was told because of the threats coming from afar.


Rei-san looked into my eyes anxiously.


“Haruto-kun, won’t you regret it? Because of my presence, you might suffer a terrible fate.”


“I don’t regret anything.
What about you, Rei-san?”


“I will never regret it.”


Saying this, she smiled softly.


Such a cute and nice girl said that she likes me.

My head was getting dizzy.


Maybe I was exposed to the rain too much.

Both Rei-san and I have to get home soon or we’ll catch a cold.


Rei-san said quietly.


“I’ll wait for your answer to my confession, but I’ll keep pretending to be your girlfriend.”




“Because it won’t change the fact that we live in the same home and everyone at school is talking about it.
Besides, I want to pretend to be your girlfriend, Haruto-kun.
Can’t I?”


“It’s not a no.
We could not go to the aquarium this time, but we will definitely go there next time.”


“Thank you.
I’m so glad you said that, Haruto-kun.




“Haruto-kun, you pretended to be my boyfriend, but you kissed another girl.”


Rei-san puffed out her cheeks and mumbled, “Cheater.” 

Hurriedly, I choose my words.


“That was from Kaho’s end…”


“I won’t forgive you for any excuses.
So kiss me, too.”




“I won’t let you kiss me on the cheek.
Twice on the lips.”




“Because, Haruto-kun, you ‘might’ like me, right? Then, don’t you want to kiss me?”


“That’s true, but…”


“We are lovers, so it is not strange for us to kiss.”


After saying this, Rei-san gently closed her eyes.

She wanted me to kiss her.


I was ready for it.

I held Rei’s shoulders.


Then, I gently approached her face.

Mikoto-san trembled immediately before I could get close to her face.


My lips touched hers.

They were very soft and warm.

When I gently moved away from her, she opened her eyes and smiled shyly.


“Thank you.
This was my first kiss.
I don’t think it’s the same for you, Haruto-kun, but the one you just had with Sasaki-san was initiated by her, wasn’t it?”


“That’s right.”


“Then, Haruto-kun kissed me from his side.
I’m the first one, not Sasaki-san.”


Her voice was bouncy.
And then she moved her face closer to mine.

She was asking me to do it again.


“This time, I’m going to kiss you first.”


I closed my eyes in a panic.


Rei-san’s lips touched mine, and I could smell a faint sweet scent. 

Rei-san, perhaps embarrassed, quickly pulled away from me.


Then she smiled.


“Sasaki-san kissed Haruto-kun once, and I kissed him twice.
I won!”


“Umm… well… I actually kissed Kaho twice…”




Rei-san looked surprised, then stared at me.


You did it twice.”




“Then I’ll do it three times! Now it’s your turn, Haruto-kun!”




“I’m not going to forgive you if you don’t do that.
Spoil me … Haruto-kun.”


After saying that, Rei closed her eyes.

Even if it was the third time, the embarrassment is still the same.


I approached Rei-san with my head dizzy.

Our lips touched, and I intended to immediately move away from her.


However, Rei held me with both hands.

I tried to run away, but she would not let me go, nor would she let go of my lips.


Both of us stared at each other in a state of lethargy.


After a while, Rei-san pulled her lips apart and laughed.


“I beat you, Sasaki-san.”


“How can I say it…it was embarrassing.”


“But you were happy too, weren’t you, Haruto-kun?”


I nodded, and Rei-san’s eyes lit up with a mischievous glint.
I nodded, and Rei-san’s eyes lit up with a mischievous glint.


“I also got a little bit happy.”


“Um… I’d appreciate it if you’d let me go.”


Rei-san was still holding me.

But Rei-san giggled and whispered, “No.”



“I won’t let you go.
From now on and forever.”




“Because… I have lived until now and this is the most enjoyable time of my life.
I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life, living in a home with Haruto-kun, being your girlfriend, and having a place to stay.
That’s why I will never let go of Haruto-kun.”


Rei-chan said and hugged me tightly with her beautiful white hands.


Gradually, my embarrassment disappeared and only Rei-san’s warmth began to occupy my heart.







Northeastern United States.

A college dormitory in Pennsylvania.


There I was.


My name is Akihara Amane.


I like the name “Amane” a lot.

It has a nice sound, and it is a good combination with my cousin’s name, Haruto.


I am “Rainy” and my cousin is “Sunny”.

Everyone looked at the bright me and the quiet Haruto and laughed and said that the opposite would be more suitable for us.

But I don’t think so.


Haruto always illuminated my heart like the sun on a sunny day.

When I was a high school girl, I was on the verge of breaking down.
If it weren’t for Haruto, I would have been lost.


It is thanks to Haruto that I am able to study abroad at an American university.


I read the e-mail from Haruto while reminiscing about the old days.

There it was written.


I heard that Haruto and his childhood friend Kaho Sasaki are actually half-siblings.

I would like to know if this is true or not.


I sighed.


Haruto’s father, Kazuya, is a kind man.

There was no way that Kazuya could be Kaho’s father, and even if he was, there was no way that he would keep it a secret.


Once Kaho came to me for love advice, saying that she liked Haruto.

At that time, Kaho had dyed cheeks and was very cute.


Someone told her a cruel lie.


The university is about to start its Christmas vacation.

It’s time for a temporary return.


I also have to solve the Tomi problem.


Right now, I am sure that I am the only one who can save Haruto, Kaho, and Mikoto-san.

I have to save Haruto and the others.


“Because I’m Haruto’s older sister.”


I muttered to myself and smiled as I looked at ta picture of Haruto.

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