Two Requests

We came back to the front of the apartment soaking wet.

Our hair and bodies were soaked in the rain, and both our uniforms were soggy and heavy like wet rags.


We chuckled at the sight of each other.

But if we don’t do something soon, we’ll catch a cold.


I opened the front door.

Kaho should be waiting for us.


However, Kaho was not there.

What’s happened to her?


She had said she would be waiting.

I looked on the dining table and saw a scribble: “I’m sorry.
I’ll go home first.”


It was a very cute handwriting, typical of Kaho, but I had a bad feeling about it.

Just as I started to think about the reason why Kaho decided to leave, Rei-san tugged at my sleeve.


When I looked, Rei-san was staring at me with her cheeks puffed out.


“Haruto-kun,… you are thinking about Sasaki-san, aren’t you?”


“I am, but…”


“I don’t want you to think about other girls in front of me.”




I regretted my decision after reflexively asking.

The reason is obvious.


Rei-san’s face turned red.


“Haruto-kun’s mean … Of course it’s because I’m jealous.”


“I’m sorry.”


“Besides, Haruto-kun let other girls into this house besides me.”


“No… was it?”


“Because this is my and Haruto-kun’s home.
But in this very room, Haruto-kun embraced and kissed Sasaki-san, didn’t you?”


“Um, Rei-san.
First, we need to change clothes and take a bath, or we’ll catch a cold.”


“I won’t forgive you if you try to deflect the conversation.”


Rei-san grabbed me as I tried to escape and smiled a bit happily.

No, I really think we should first do something about our clothes or something, and do something about this soaking wet situation.


When I said this, Mikoto-san looked at me in dissatisfaction, but then, as if she had a good idea, she clapped her hands together.


“I see.
I should do the same thing as Sasaki-san and have Haruto-kun do it for me, too.”


“What do you mean…?”


Rei-san chuckled without answering and started to take off her school uniform.

I was startled.


What was going on?


“Rei-san, … please don’t take off your clothes in front of me.”


“But you did the same thing with Sasaki-san, didn’t you?”


“That’s because if you wear wet clothes you catch a cold.”


“I am the same way.
Haruto-kun told me to take off my clothes because I would catch a cold if I kept on like this, right?”


No, that’s true, but…

That’s not what I meant.


In the meantime, Rei-san really took off the upper part of her school uniform.

The pretty pink underwear hid Rei-san’s upper chest area.


Rei-san shyly removed her gaze.


“Haruto-kun’s ecchi … I hope you don’t stare at me too much.”


“Rei-san took it off herself, didn’t you…?”


“Yes, but that’s different from this!”


After saying that, Rei quickly approached me.

I tried to back away in a hurry and bumped into the wall.


It was the same position I had been in earlier when Kaho was coming at me.

Rei-san leaned forward, entrusting her weight to me.


The same thing as with Kaho, in other words.


“Hey, Haruto-kun.
Can I kiss you?”


“Do you want to do it again?”


We just did outside.


“Because Sasaki-san kissed Haruto-kun in this room.
I want to kiss Haruto-kun in this room too.
Because this is…”


“Because it’s my and Rei-san’s home?”


Rei-san nodded her head and moved her face closer to mine.

Our lips lightly touched each other.


It felt much more natural than before.

Maybe it was because this was the fourth time.


Eventually, Rei-san pulled away from me.

Then, she giggled.


“Thank you for listening to my whims, Haruto-kun.”


“You’re welcome.”


“Can you do me two more favors?”


Rei whispered sweetly.

I blushed as Rei’s breath hit my ear.


As usual, Rei remained in close contact with me.


“I don’t want any other girl in this home except for me.
We are pretending to be lovers.”




“If you can’t, I can go to…”


“No, I will.
I won’t let any other girls in the apartment except for Kaho.”


“After all, you’re giving Sasaki-san special treatment, aren’t you?”


“I’m going to do that until we can resolve the issue of Kaho possibly being my sister.”


Even if Rei-san doesn’t like it, there is no choice there.

The reason is because there is no way to know when Kaho will need to come here.

I promised her that I would check with her to see if she was my sister.
At that time, we might need to work here.


Rei mumbled and nodded, “I guess I don’t have a choice.”

The only other girl who would come to this particular residence would be Yuki.

But considering what happened the other day, she would not be coming to the house for the time being because of the awkwardness of the situation.


“So, what’s the other request?”


“That … we’ll catch a cold if we don’t take a bath right away.”


“I guess so.”


If we were this soaking wet, there would be no doubt about it.

Rei-san looked like she wanted to say something, but she seemed very hesitant, opening and closing her mouth several times.


It must have been something very difficult for her to ask for.

I should make it easier for her to ask me.


I smiled.


“Anything you want, Rei-san, that I can do to assist you, I will do.”


Rei-san’s face lit up, and then, after a moment, she looked me up and down.


“Will you really do anything for me?”


“Of course.”


“You know,… alternating baths would take too much time, so…”




“So, why don’t me and Haruto-kun take a bath together?”


Rei-san was red up to her ears and suggested that.

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