Chapter 9: Martial Arts Competition

Absolute and Maria were engaged in a mock battle of sword skills only.

Maria was better in terms of reach and defensive strength, but Absolute was many steps ahead of Maria in other areas.

The swords clashed several times, and in the end, Maria’s sword was sent flying by Absolute to settle the match.

“That’s 10 consecutive losses.
Even if we look at swordsmanship alone, is there anyone who can beat you, Master?”

In fact, the average level of soldiers in this country is 20, which is quite low compared to Absolute, who is currently at level 70.
Maria is also a strong enough person with a level of over 30, but the difference between the two is still huge.

“You know… but my father could easily surpass me.
He’s a monster.”

Once, when Absolute and his father faced off, Villain won.
Absolute remembers being horrified.
It was his first defeat since being reborn in this world.

(…In the original story, my father never came out.
By the time I graduated from the academy, Absolute was the head of the family… and as long as I saw my father maturely following the royal family, I couldn’t say he was completely on my side.
I don’t know what my father was doing when the Ark family was condemned in the original story, but I should be prepared for the possibility of hostility.)

Maria looked worriedly at Absolute, who was thinking about it.
Noticing this, Absolute left his thinking behind.

“I’m sorry, I’ve been thinking a little… let’s continue.”

Maria put down her sword as Absolute readied himself.

“No, master.
You seem to be tired.
Why don’t you take a rest on one of the benches over there? I’ve prepared some refreshments.”

Seeing Maria’s refreshments, he felt hungry, so he agreed and took a snack… The feeling of fullness made Absolute feel sleepy.

“Master, you seem to be tired.
Please use my lap if you like.”

With his head resting on Maria’s soft thigh, Absolute tries to fall asleep.

(Oh, I have seen this in the original training event!)

He thinks so, but Absolute’s consciousness slowly sinks into the soft early afternoon.

““It’s been a while, Absolute-sama.””

Chris and Cruel-san came to the Ark family residence.

The two of them have been helping to mediate between the nobles under the Ark family.
Thanks to them, the relationship between them has improved a lot.

“Oh, so? How was your day?”

He is as brusque as ever, but they don’t mind.
They know this is just the way he is.

“There’s a martial arts tournament in the capital.
Would you like to participate, Absolute-sama? You will be the winner for sure!”

Cruel-san is speaking enthusiastically.

(Her face is close, too close.
Don’t put your beautiful face so close to me…I’m so nervous…)

“The under 15 division is a good opportunity to see what others in the same age group are capable of doing, don’t you think? Besides, I heard that the descendant of the hero will be there this year.”

Chris adds.

(What? It’s certainly not a bad idea to see what the current strength of the hero is at the moment.
Unlike the original, Maria is attached to the Ark family.
It’s not a bad idea to see how that affects him.)

“I understand what you’re saying.
Let’s go.”

“Really? Absolute-sama will be the winner for sure, ♡!”

“No, I won’t be participating.”

The lady’s shoulders slumped.

(I’m sorry, I don’t want to show the hero too many moves.)

“I’ll enter Ur instead.”

I’ll nominate my wolf-race maid behind me.
Ur herself was amused by the abrupt nomination.

“Eh? Master, I’m going to participate? I’m weaker than you…and I’m going to smear Master’s reputation with mud…”

(Don’t worry, you are much stronger than you think.
After all, I have personally remodeled you.”

If you were the main character before the story started, I think you’d do quite well.

“It’s an unnecessary worry.
You’ll be fighting in hand-hand combat.
You’re not going to be defeated by some random guy.
If you can beat the descendant of the hero, I will treat you to the most popular sweets in King’s Landing on the way home.”


Ur’s eyes widened.
The first time Ur ate something sweet after coming to the Ark family, she was moved to tears by the deliciousness of it.
Ur has had a sweet tooth ever since.

It was because she was immersed in it that Absolute was able to tame her.
In other words, it was baiting.

“If you win, I’ll buy you anything you want.
How’s that sound?”

“I’ll win! I want a new weapon and some pretty clothes!”

She seems to think she has already won.
But now we can use Ur to assess the strength of the hero.

“I understand.
Ur, win the hero and get what you want.”

“Yes! I will definitely win!”

This is a man who has the skill of a hero and defeated the superior Absolute in the original story, although he had an overwhelming numerical advantage.

Absolute never lets his guard down.
The battle has already begun.

[The side of the hero]

The Marquis Mirai is currently taking care of Alto, a descendant of a hero, as his guardian.

The hero was now skipping class and resting on a tree.

“I found you, damn it! Alto, you skipped class again! Alto-kun, you don’t take things serious and I’m always the one who gets upset with you!”

She is the eldest daughter of the Mirai family, the fiancee and childhood friend of the hero Alto, and one of the heroines of the original story.

Alicia Mirai.

“I don’t feel like doing anything… Besides, I’m a hero.
My job is to fight, and I’ll leave the studying to Alicia and the others.” 

Unlike in the original story, the hero is guided by a different person than Maria.
Maria used to hold the reins of the hero Alto with a good use of the cane and the whip, but the current leader is at the mercy of the hero.

“No matter how strong the skills of a hero are, they are useless if a fool is the wielder! Well, okay, a message from my father “Go to the martial arts tournament in King’s Landing and win it.”

 “Well, that’s great.
Who’s the best? Alicia, do you know any?”

“I don’t know.
Oh, by the way, I heard that the Ark family is going to participate in the tournament.””

“The Ark family, I think they’re connected to dark organization and do whatever they want behind the scenes, right? I’m on fire.
I’m a hero, I’m going to destroy evil.
I’ll kill all the bad guys.”

It doesn’t sound like the words of a hero, but whatever motivates you is good enough.

Alicia was exuding hardship as she said, “Oh dear”

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