On a spring morning, the temperature was still a bit low.
The gentle rays of light filtered through the window, casting a soft glow on the disheveled bed.
Despite the warmth of the sunlight, the person lying there scrunched their face, shifted positions, and dozed off again.

But the soreness that was all over her body forced her to open her eyes.

Her head hurt, and her waist and legs were sore.

‘Did she just fight a battle?!‘

Shen Tiantian furrowed her brows and slowly scanned the room she was in.
The first thing she saw was a snow-white back.
With a hand on the waist, the shape of the butterfly bone could be vaguely seen.
Light brown long curly hair hung on the pillow, and a few strands of hair were scattered on the round shoulders.

‘What was going on?!’

Shen Tiantian covered her mouth and took a deep breath, unable to react for a long time.
She stared at the charming back in front of her with wide eyes.

She remembered that one of her best friends got married yesterday, and she accidentally drank too much.
She vaguely remembered her friend escorting her back to her room, but the friend seemed to have answered a call and left in a hurry.
After that, she couldn’t recall anything.

‘Did she walk into the wrong room?!’

But that shouldn’t be the case, she was certain she checked the room number.

Shen Tiantian struggled to recall what happened last night, but only a few fragments of her being entangled with someone were all that came to mind.
The memories were hazy, but they felt real.

It seemed like she had initiated the intimacy.

Shen Tiantian agonized as she covered her face.
All she could think of was to run away.

As the thought materialized, she gently lifted the covers and got out of bed, but her feet almost slipped due to the soreness.
Luckily, she managed to hold onto the bed in time and avoid falling.


Looking at her current state, how terrible was her experience last night?!

She couldn’t have imagined that she would lose her virginity like this, and to a woman of all people!

Shen Tiantian cursed in her heart as she put on the clothes lying on the floor one by one.
Before leaving, she couldn’t help but take a glance at the person on the bed.
However, half of the person’s face was covered, and she could only vaguely see the mole at the end of the brow and the high nose bridge.
As for what was under the covers, Shen Tiantian dared not look again and quickly left the room.

She quietly closed the door and checked the room number again, only to confirm that it was indeed her room.

‘But what was the woman doing there?!’

Shen Tiantian glared at the closed door, feeling wronged.
The person walked into the wrong room and took advantage of her.

Shen Tiantian grew angrier the more she thought about it, but she didn’t have the courage to wake the person up and confront them.
If it wasn’t in a hotel, she would have kicked the door in frustration.

After taking a taxi home, Shen Tiantian went straight to the bathroom without hesitation.
Looking at herself in the mirror, she saw that her collarbone, chest, stomach, and even the inside of her thighs were covered in love marks.
No wonder the taxi driver looked at her strangely.

‘Who was that person?!’

Shen Tiantian was stunned as she looked at the love marks on her body, unable to imagine how the other person had done it.

‘What a beast!’

Shen Tiantian cursed in her heart, turned on the shower, and tried to wash away the marks on her body.

After taking a shower and returning to her bed, she picked up her phone and found that it had already been turned off.
She pursed her lips and suddenly felt a sense of grievance, so she charged her phone and turned it back on.

Shen Tiantian logged onto her WeChat account and wanted to seek comfort from her friends, but she remembered that one of them was about to go on a honeymoon and dismissed the idea.

The group chat showed 56 unread messages, with her two friends sharing photos they took yesterday.

Yawning, Shen Tiantian opened the chat page and scrolled through the messages with her slender fingertips, reading them from beginning to the end.
She learned that her friend had left for their honeymoon and had sent photos from the airport.

Looking at her friend’s happy face, Shen Tiantian couldn’t help but smile.
Marriage is wonderful.

Shen Tiantian grew up in an orphanage and her only family were the headmaster and two friends she grew up with.
Now that she saw each of them find their own happiness, she was genuinely happy for them.

She had planned to get together with them after the wedding, but she ended up getting drunk, and Kang Jiaya had to take the earliest flight out for work.
The gathering fell apart, and naturally no one knew what had happened to Shen Tiantian last night.
She didn’t plan on telling them either.
She would rather bear it alone than make them worry.

Shen Tiantian sighed and put down her phone, then went back to her room to sleep some more.

Perhaps she was too exhausted, but Shen Tiantian slept heavily and didn’t dream until she was woken up by hunger.

She lazily reached out and fumbled around in the low cabinet until she found her slightly warm phone, which was charging.
She checked the time and saw that it was already past four in the morning.

She had slept for over ten hours.

Taking a deep breath, the phone slipped out of her hand, and she decided not to get up.
She suppressed her hunger and rolled over to continue sleeping.

As the day grew brighter, the alarm clock rang loudly throughout the room, and Shen Tiantian finally got up in a daze.
Her stomach was protesting fiercely, and her legs and waist were still sore, although not as much as before.

She didn’t know if she had slept too much, but Shen Tiantian felt a little dizzy.
She didn’t feel like making breakfast, so after freshening up, she grabbed her bag and left.

She bought two mushroom vegetable buns and soy milk on the roadside, and caught the bus while carrying them.

She heard that the head office will send someone over to help today, she didn’t know who it could be.
With new officials, new policies will come in, so she had to be careful.

As soon as she entered the office, Shen Tiantian felt that something was off.
A few people were huddled together and she didn’t know what they were talking about.
Just before she could ask, Lu Xiaochun, who was sitting beside her, leaned in close with an air of secrecy.

“I heard that the new CEO is a woman.”

Shen Tiantian raised her eyebrows, feeling curious about what kind of woman would be so powerful.
Would she be like Kang Jiaya, strong and capable?

Lu Xiaochun continued, “And I heard that this CEO is also the daughter of the chairman of the board.”

Upon hearing those words, Shen Tiantian suddenly had a realization and nodded in agreement.
Without uttering a word, she proceeded to finish her breakfast while Lu Xiaochun continued to chatter on.

Noticing that Shen Tiantian wasn’t interested, Lu Xiaochun stopped and finally noticed her complexion.
“Hey, your face looks bad, did you not sleep well?”

Shen Tiantian touched her face.
She had slept for at least twenty hours, so her face shouldn’t look too bad.

“Tiantian, do you have a boyfriend?” Lu Xiaochun suddenly asked.

Shen Tiantian was startled and turned to look at her.
“No, why do you ask?”

Lu Xiaochun pointed to her own neck and gave a lewd smile.
“A hickey.”

Lu Xiaochun was an older employee who had been in the company longer than her and was three years older, but she lived like a child.
She didn’t scheme and always wore her heart on her sleeve.
She had a boyfriend of over four years, so when she saw the red mark on Shen Tiantian’s neck, she knew something was up.

Besides, Shen Tiantian was already pretty, so it was normal for her to have a boyfriend.

Shen Tiantian instinctively covered her neck and her bright, pretty eyes shifted nervously.
She didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Lu Xiaochun pouted, showing a disappointed expression.
“I was going to introduce my younger brother to you.”

Shen Tiantian: …

“No need.” Shen Tiantian decided not to deny having a boyfriend, she wasn’t good at handling these kinds of things.

Lu Xiaochun was about to say something else, but saw the manager come in and immediately went back to her own seat.

Shen Tiantian opened the program and, while waiting for it to load, she went to the bathroom.

After yesterday’s lesson, she wore a high-necked shirt when she went out in the morning, but she still got caught.
She unbuttoned her shirt and looked in the mirror, seeing the two dark red marks below her earlobe, as well as the marks on her collarbone and chest.
Her face turned red and white again.

Shen Tiantian was too focused and didn’t notice someone coming in.

Shan Yi stood with her arms crossed, observing Shen Tiantian’s expression like a palette.
The corner of her mouth lifted slightly.

Shen Tiantian rubbed the spot where her skin was still red and hadn’t even stood up straight yet when she noticed a woman standing at the door.
She was stunned for a moment.

‘This person is really good-looking!’

It was her first time seeing such a beautiful woman.

Her hair was styled in 30-70 proportioned light brown goddess curls that hung effortlessly on her shoulders.
Her almost perfect face had been adorned with light, refreshing makeup.
On her right ear, a long needle and thread earring drew attention, making her face appear smaller.
She wore a dark green suit on her upper body, paired with black cropped pants and a stunning pair of black high heels.
Standing at a height of at least 1.75 meters, she was more eye-catching than a supermodel, yet the seriousness on her face made people feel oppressed without reason.

Shen Tiantian suddenly regained her senses, awkwardly smiled at her, and quickly walked out.

Shan Yi stopped her and said, “Wait.”

‘Not only is she good-looking, but her voice is also so nice!’

Shen Tiantian turned stiffly and asked, “Is there something wrong?”

Shan Yi pointed to her chest.

Shen Tiantian looked down and blushed, quickly buttoning up her shirt and thanking her before running back to the office like she was escaping.

Shan Yi laughed as she watched the woman run away in embarrassment.

It seems that she was so drunk that she didn’t recognize her.

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