Shen Tiantian didn’t want to pry into her boss’s private life too much.
“I don’t know,” she replied.

Lu Xiaochun thought for a moment and said, “How about I introduce my younger brother to her, so that she won’t bother me anymore?”

Shen Tiantian: …

She didn’t know if Lu Xiaochun’s younger brother had a grudge against her or Tian Jing.
She remembered that he was only in his early twenties and had just graduated from college.
He was introduced to someone twice in one day.

Lu Xiaochun suddenly became excited and asked, “What do you think?” However, Shen Tiantian only forced a smile in response, and as soon as the elevator reached the seventh floor, they walked out and the conversation came to an end.

It had been more than half an hour past the end of work, so there weren’t many people in the cafeteria, only a few scattered tables.
Shen Tiantian ordered a vegetable salad and a thick-cut steak with a side of milk tea, while Lu Xiaochun was lucky to get the last serving of sweet and sour spare ribs.
They found a relatively quiet spot to sit down.

Lu Xiaochun didn’t talk much while eating, so they finished quickly, and it was not even 1:30 yet.

 After washing their hands, Lu Xiaochun naturally circled her arm around Shen Tiantian’s, although Shen Tiantian wasn’t used to it, she didn’t pull her arm back.

The elevator opened on the seventh floor, with two women standing one in front of the other.
When Shen TianTian saw the face of the person in front of her, she was momentarily stunned.

‘Wasn’t this the woman who walked in on me doing something embarrassing in the bathroom earlier?’

Due to her embarrassment and haste to leave in the morning, she had only managed to steal a few glances.
However, upon seeing her up close now, she couldn’t help but notice that the woman was practically flawless – it was difficult to pinpoint any flaws in her features.

She was stunning.

A hint of surprise flashed in Shan Yi’s eyes, and she once again marveled at how small the company was.
But her gaze fell on their intertwined hands, her expression shifted and her eyes narrowed slightly.

Shen Tiantian followed her gaze to her own hand and suddenly had an impulse to pull it back, but she didn’t.

Meanwhile, Lu Xiaochun was also stunned and couldn’t move her feet.

The elevator closed at the scheduled time, and they only reacted after a while.
But before they could press the button again, the door reopened.

“Aren’t you coming in?”

As a sweet voice interrupted their thoughts, Shen Tiantian and her colleague snapped out of their daze.
They exchanged a grateful nod and thanked the person before stepping into the elevator together.

Shan Yi took a step back and lowered her eyes, glancing at the intertwined hands of the two women, feeling a mix of emotions.
Her gaze was slightly ambiguous as she observed them.

As if sensing the woman’s gaze, Shen Tiantian blinked awkwardly, her heart beating faster.

No one spoke in the elevator, and they could only hear the faint sound of the elevator’s operation.
Shen Tiantian was afraid that her heartbeat would be heard, and nervously watched the numbers change, hoping that the elevator would reach the office floor soon.

For some reason, she was inexplicably nervous, especially knowing that the woman was looking at her.

“Ding!” The elevator stopped on the 17th floor, and Lu XiaoChun pulled her and hurried out.

Watching the two women flee, Shan Yi was speechless…

‘Was she that scary?’

The elevator closed, and soon stopped on the 18th floor.
Shan Yi walked out expressionlessly and said to her assistant behind her, “Help me sort out all the employee information in the marketing and research departments.”

Yang Li followed Shan Yi from the head office and has been with her since she joined the company, so she was well-prepared.
She quickly swiped a few times on the tablet as she walked and said, “The information has already been sent to your email.”

Shan Yi nodded and as she pushed the door open, she turned around and said, “We just arrived at Yuefeng, and there are a lot of things to do.
Take some time to rest.”

An empathetic boss is what many employees want, including Yang Li.
She smiled and nodded to her, “Thank you, CEO Shan.”

As soon as she closed the office door, Shan Yi immediately opened her laptop, and an email from Yang Li popped up.

She propped her chin up with one hand and slowly scrolled with the other hand.
In less than two minutes, her fingertips stopped, and a faint smile appeared at the corner of her eyes.

‘Shen Tiantian?’

She really was quite sweet.

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