Tian Jing was insistent, and so in the end, Shen Tiantian got into the car and quietly gave her home address.

“My house is also nearby,” said Tian Jing softly, after hearing Shen Tiantian’s address.

Shen Tiantian raised an eyebrow and turned her head to look at Tian Jing’s profile.
She had never realized that Tian Jing was so easy to talk to, and had always felt a certain distance between them.

Sensing Shen Tiantian’s gaze, Tian Jing didn’t say anything, and the atmosphere became awkwardly silent.

Shen Tiantian felt a bit embarrassed and took out her phone, hoping to ease the tension.
She opened WeChat and saw that the group chat with Kang Jiaya and Liu Wanjun had over 99+ unread messages, with someone having mentioned her.

After casually scrolling through the chat history and seeing what they were talking about, Shen Tiantian sent a message to the group.

As soon as Shen Tiantian appeared, Kang Jiaya joined the chat and began to vent about her boss.
Shen Tiantian briefly mentioned what had happened on her end, leaving out the strange and tense feeling she had when she saw Shan Yi.

During rush hour, the road was jammed, and the journey that should have taken just over ten minutes ended up taking more than half an hour.

The car came to a stop at the entrance of the community, and Tian Jing’s voice was heard saying, “You’ve arrived at your house.”

Shen Tiantian was engrossed in her conversation with her friend, but she immediately snapped back to reality when she heard Tian Jing’s words.
“Thank you, Manager Tian,” she said.

Tian Jing glanced at her, nodded, and then drove away.

As she watched the car disappear into the night, Shen Tiantian breathed a sigh of relief and turned to enter the community.

In the following days, there was a subtle change in Tian Jing’s attitude towards Shen Tiantian.
Although it was very subtle, the news of this incident quickly spread throughout the office.

Lu Xiaochun held back for a few days before quietly asking Shen Tiantian about the matter.
Shen Tiantian only then realized the seriousness of the situation and explained it to her, putting an end to her further speculations.

After work, Shen Tiantian hesitantly brought up the matter in the group chat.


Kang Jiaya: Could it be that she likes you?!

Liu Wanjun: LOL, is this what they call a “sanitary pad love”??

Shen Tiantian: ………

‘These two are really annoying.’

Kang Jiaya: But on another note, do you like women?!

Shen Tiantian’s hand paused as she was about to type, and Shan Yi’s face came to her mind.

She was startled by her own thoughts and suddenly felt a strange sense of guilt.
When she finally came to her senses, she realized that she had been feeling strange lately.

Since that incident, she seemed to have stronger feelings towards girls.
When her friend asked her, she realized that she had no aversion to the idea of having romantic feelings towards women.

Kang Jiaya: Did I hit the mark?!

Liu Wanjun: This eerie silence, LOL.

Shen Tiantian: I don’t know…

Kang Jiaya: I think we need to analyze this.

Liu Wanjun: Let’s do it.

Kang Jiaya: Since Tiantian has already discovered that she likes girls, she must have someone in mind.

Shen Tiantian subconsciously thought of Shan Yi again and couldn’t help muttering to herself, “Why do you have to be so good-looking for no reason?”

However, she hadn’t seen Shan Yi again in the past few days, probably because she had just arrived and was busy with handover matters.

For some reason, Shen Tiantian felt a little sad.

‘Wait a minute, why was she feeling sad?!!’

Shen Tiantian rubbed her face.
It was all Kang Jiaya’s fault for bringing up this topic, making her think that she liked Shan Yi.

When she looked back at the screen, Kang Jiaya had already sent two messages.

Kang Jiaya: Do you feel your heart racing when you look at her? Do you want to know more about her?

Shen Tiantian thought for a moment and replied that besides her heart racing, she did want to know more about her.

Kang Jiaya: Do you have the urge to kiss her or sleep with her?

Shen Tiantian: ………

Liu Wanjun: Hahahahahaha!

Kang Jiaya: Yes or no?!

Shen Tiantian: Not at the moment.

Kang Jiaya: Then it means you don’t like her enough.

Shen Tiantian thought to herself, ‘We’ve only met twice, even if she’s really good-looking, it’s impossible to reach that kind of level, right?!’


Mini excerpt:

CEO Shan pushed someone onto the bed, “Don’t you want to sleep with me?”

Shen Tiantian nervously replied, “We’ve only met twice…”

Shan Yi kissed her, “Don’t you want to kiss me?”

Shen Tiantian smiled and kissed her back.


1Idiom that means to scold someone severely2Car brand

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