Shen Tiantian became a man, she probably wouldn’t be as handsome as that person. 

Overwhelmed with sadness and mourning a love that never had a chance to blossom, Shen Tiantian lost all interest in shopping and headed straight to the checkout.

Shan Yi gave her brother, who was a little taller than her, a cold look.
“Was it fun?”

“What’s fun?” Shan Xu pretended not to understand. 

Shan Xu had just graduated and had returned from overseas today.
Shan Yi had gone to pick him up from the airport.
On the way, she received a call from their mother asking them to buy some steak before going home.

She hadn’t expected to meet Shen Tiantian here.
She had originally wanted to use this opportunity to establish a good relationship with her, but it had all been ruined by Shan Xu.

Judging by Shen Tiantian’s expression, she must have misunderstood.

Shan Yi ignored Shan Xu and glanced at the steak lying in the shopping cart.
“Let’s go home, Mom is waiting.”

In Shan Xu’s memory, his sister rarely took the initiative to talk to others outside of work.
That woman was certainly attractive, but she didn’t stand out in a crowd.
Shan Yi, on the other hand, was remarkably striking, so it was hard to imagine why she would be attracted to someone like her, right?

“Sis, what kind of person do you like?”

“An alien.” Shan Yi, who knew exactly what her younger brother was thinking, replied somewhat impatiently.

Shan Xu laughed and said, “Then I like the woman just now, can you introduce me?”

Shan Yi glanced at him and uttered two words in a low voice, “You dare?!”

Shan Xu couldn’t help but smirk, sensing that there must be more to the situation.

Anyway, he was going to enter the company in a few days, and he would observe carefully then.

Shan Yi seemed to know what he was thinking and suddenly said, “When the time comes, you go to Shenhua to help dad, I’ll take care of Yuefeng.”

Shan Xu: ………

He was slightly disappointed as his plan had failed. 

Shan Yi lightly bit her lip, feeling a bit of a headache when she thought of the shocked expression of Shen Tiantian.

Their relationship had not made any progress yet, and there was already a misunderstanding.

Shan Yi glared fiercely at Shan Xu.

Feeling no remorse, Shan Xu proudly touched his nose, grabbed their belongings, and hurried to catch up with Shan Yi, wrapping his arm around Shan Yi’s shoulder once again.

Shan Yi was too lazy to shake him off and tossed the car keys to him, saying, “Drive.”

Shan Xu clicked his tongue and couldn’t help but laugh, “I just added a little spice to your relationship, but it looks like my sister hasn’t won her over yet, tsk…”

Shan Yi gave him a slap on the back of his head with her hand, “Stop talking nonsense.”

“Are you trying to murder me? Can’t you be a little gentler?” Shan Xu complained as he started the car.

Meanwhile, Shan Yi paid no attention to him, his voice growing increasingly distant within the car.
Instead, she leaned her head against the window, her thoughts fixated on the shocked expression on Shen Tiantian’s face, and she felt a twinge of heartbreak.

Shen Tiantian went back home after shopping with the intention of cooking steak to compensate for her terrible day, but unexpectedly learned the “fact” that Shan Yi likes men.

Today was really a terrible day.

Finally, Shen Tiantian cooked herself a bowl of scallion and egg noodles and quickly finished her dinner.
After that, she went on WeChat and told her friends about what happened with Shan Yi today.

Kang Jiaya: …So, she likes men?

Shen Tiantian: …Yeah.

The person she likes is interested in the opposite gender.
How hopeless is that?!

What if Shan Yi was actually attracted to women and had a girlfriend, if they suddenly broke up, maybe Shen TianTian would have a tiny chance…

Suddenly overwhelmed with guilt, Shen Tiantian covered her face, feeling like her thoughts were unkind.

Liu Wanjun: Tiantian, tell me honestly, who is the person you like, do you know her well?

Seeing Liu Wanjun’s message, Shen Tiantian finally stopped her wild thoughts and thought seriously for a moment, quickly typing out a line of text with her fingertips.

Shen Tiantian: She’s the new CEO of the company, I’ve only met her three times so far.

Liu Wanjun: …

Kang Jiaya: …

Kang Jiaya: @Liu Wanjun, what is she thinking?

Liu Wanjun: I don’t know.

Kang Jiaya: If she likes women, that’s one thing, but liking her boss? What are you thinking? Do you really think someone so outstanding would be interested in you? If it wasn’t for today’s discovery, would you continue to sink deeper into this?

Liu Wanjun: Isn’t that a bit harsh? Tiantian is also outstanding.

Kang Jiaya: I’m not saying she’s not outstanding, but isn’t the person she likes even more outstanding? Plus, she’s already in a relationship, and we don’t even know if it’s a husband or a boyfriend.

Kang Jiaya: Maybe what I’m saying will hurt Tiantian, but since we know about it, isn’t it better to face the truth and move on quickly?

Shen Tiantian was indeed struck by what Kang Jiaya said, but she had to admit that what she said made sense.

‘Why would someone as outstanding as Shan Yi be interested in her?’

Looking at it from a different angle, it seemed that Shen Tiantian had an epiphany.

As Kang Jiaya said, it would be better to give herself closure now that she knows the truth.

Before she developed strong feelings for Shan Yi. 

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