With determined focus, she tapped away at her keyboard quickly, watching as the task at hand was about to be completed. 

As time passed, the sky gradually darkened, only Shen Tiantian was left in the entire office, and the sound of the clacking keyboard echoed especially clear in the silent office.
She took a sip of the now-cold black tea, saved the organized documents into a file, and logged off.
She planned to print them out tomorrow at work.

She exited the system and shut down.

She tidied up her things, turned off the lights, and with a click, the office fell into darkness.

It was almost nine o’clock, and at this time there were hardly any people left.
The elevator ride on the 17th floor felt a bit long to Shen Tiantian, she felt a bit uneasy, wishing to arrive at the first floor as soon as possible. 

Shen Tiantian took out her phone and logged onto WeChat, hoping to distract herself.

Suddenly, her phone shook and the ringtone abruptly rang.

Shen Tiantian was startled and saw that it was Liu Wanjun calling.
She answered the call with a mix of annoyance and helplessness.

Liu Wanjun had returned from her honeymoon and had one more day off, and she wanted to invite Shen Tiantian out for a meal.

After not seeing each other for almost half a month since the wedding day, Shen Tiantian agreed without much thought and asked, “Where should we meet?”

“At this time, you should be at home, right? I’ll come pick you up,” Liu Wanjun’s voice came over the phone.

“I just got off work.
Where do you want to eat? Let’s meet there,” Shen Tiantian quickly replied.

“How about we meet at the main entrance of the Oriental Times Plaza?”

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“Okay, sounds good.”

After confirming the meeting place, they ended the call, and Shen Tiantian booked a ride through her phone app, leaning against the roadside sign waiting.

The driver said it would take about three minutes to arrive, so she opened WeChat and boredly scrolled through her friends’ moments.

A white Mercedes-Benz slowly stopped in front of her and Shen Tiantian thought it was her ride.
She put away her phone and without looking at the license plate, opened the door and got into the back seat. 

The car was playing classical piano music, which was very soothing to listen to.
Shen Tiantian fastened her seat belt and sighed.
When she noticed that the car was not moving, she looked up and asked, “Are we not leaving yet, driver?”

“Where do you want to go?”

‘This voice!!!’

Shen Tian Tian’s eyes widened suddenly, and she realized that the “driver” was none other than Shan Yi?!

But before her brain could even process it, her phone started ringing from inside her shoulder bag.
She quickly took it out and looked at it, realizing with embarrassment that she had gotten into the wrong car. 

“Sorry, sorry, CEO Shan, I…” Shen Tiantian felt so ashamed that she wanted to find a hole to crawl into.

Shan Yi pointed to her phone, which was still vibrating, and said, “You should answer your call first.”

Trembling, Shen Tiantian answered the phone, feeling like she was about to cry. 

The driver explained that there was traffic on the road and asked if she could wait for a few more minutes.
Shen Tiantian glanced at Shan Yi and agreed in a low voice.

After ending the call, Shen Tian Tian smiled apologetically, “Sorry for the inconvenience, I have bothered you.”

Before she could finish her sentence, Shen Tiantian had already pushed open the door and was about to get out of the car.

“I’ll give you a ride,” Shan Yi said.

She couldn’t hear what was said on the phone, but she heard what Shen Tiantian said.

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Having just taken over Yuefeng, she had a lot of work to reorganize, and had been working overtime almost every day for more than a week.
She was surprised to see Shen Tiantian leaving work at the same time.

The company didn’t notify them of any overtime work.

She intended to ask if she needed a ride, but before she could even park the car, she got in by herself.
To be honest, Shan Yi was a little confused by her actions.
Judging by her behavior, she also guessed that she had made a mistake.

She really was a bit absent-minded, unable to even recognize the person she had slept with.

Shen Tiantian was so scared that her hand trembled, and almost dropped her phone.
She laughed nervously, “No, it’s okay.
Thank you, CEO.”

“It’s alright.” Shan Yi had actually planned on giving her a ride when she parked the car.
She asked again, “Where are you headed?”

“East, to Oriental Times Plaza…”

Shan Yi: “I’m heading that way too, it’s on my route.” 

Shen Tiantian: ……..

Why is it that the more one tries to avoid someone, the more likely they are to run into them? This is already the second time today.

“I’ve already booked a taxi, thank you, CEO.” She felt so embarrassed and just wanted to get out of Shan Yi’s sight as soon as possible.

Shan Yi had been wanting to get closer to her, but was always busy.
“You can cancel it.”

“Uh, the driver is about to arrive, thank you, CEO.” Shen Tiantian forced a smile and quickly got out of the car after speaking.

The car door slammed shut.

Shan Yi: …

Shen Tiantian didn’t dare look back and walked far away before letting out a sigh of relief.

Getting in the wrong car was a unique experience, and the CEO must have been quite annoyed by it.

Shen Tiantian was both angry and embarrassed, but the CEO was really kind.

Unfortunately, she already had a boyfriend.

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