from her sight, Shen Tiantian swiped her card and entered the residential area.

The security in the neighborhood where she lived was very safe.
Although the rent was a bit high, it was still acceptable within her range.

The next morning, Shen Tiantian arrived at the company slightly earlier and printed out all the documents she had organized the day before, placing them in a folder on Li Fanghua’s desk.

As time passed, most of the people in the office had returned and the leaders of the various departments were notified to attend a meeting on the 18th floor.

Shen Tiantian was the leader of the marketing department, so she naturally had to attend.

The 18th floor meant that she might meet the CEO.

She was feeling a little bit nervous, but at the same time afraid and hopeful.

Although her heart was in a mess, she still sorted out the documents Tian Jing had given her and nervously pressed the elevator to the 18th floor.

Various department managers and team leaders, about 40 people in total, had filled the conference room by the time Shen Tiantian arrived.
Seeing that the CEO had not arrived yet, she quietly breathed a sigh of relief and took a seat next to Tian Jing.

Tian Jing whispered to her to relax and calmly said, “It’s probably just some work arrangements.”

Shen Tiantian wasn’t worried about the content of the meeting being a big deal; she was just afraid of seeing Shan Yi.

She shook her head to indicate that she was fine.

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As the door of the meeting room was pushed open, the whole room fell silent.
Shen Tiantian even held her breath and unexpectedly met the other person’s eyes.

In less than ten seconds, Shen Tiantian suddenly averted her gaze and lowered her head to compose herself.

She felt so strange.

‘Why was Shan Yi looking at her with such a doting gaze?!’

To confirm, she looked up again and saw that Shan Yi had resumed her usual cold expression.
Her emotionless face gave no indication of her feelings.

Shan Yi glanced at everyone present, her gaze lingered on Shen Tiantian for a few more seconds before she simply introduced herself.
“This meeting is very simple.
Don’t be nervous.”

The screen on the wall switched to a page featuring a skincare product, and Shan Yi’s pleasant voice sounded, “Summer is coming soon, and Yuefeng has launched more and more summer products in recent years.
The ones with strong feedback every month are …”

Shen Tiantian became a little distracted and her eyes slowly drifted from the screen to Shan Yi, her thoughts were completely taken away by that confident face.

‘How could someone be so perfect?!’

Shan Yi had already noticed Shen Tiantian’s gaze and couldn’t help but curl up the corners of her mouth, enjoying the way she looked at her.

When Shen Tiantian realized what she was doing, she quickly looked away and pretended to be taking notes.
When she looked up again, she avoided looking at Shan Yi, as if she was staring at someone else.

The meeting ended with everyone applauding.
Everyone packed up their notes and left the conference room.

Shen Tiantian was seated inside and was thinking about how to leave.
Leaving from next to the CEO would be closer, she originally wanted to go around from behind, but that would seem too deliberate.

Shan Yi hadn’t left yet and was still there, looking down at something.

Shen Tiantian braced herself and stiffly walked over.
Perhaps she was too nervous, her left foot stumbled, and she instinctively reached out to hold onto the nearest object.
Fortunately, someone pulled her and prevented her from falling.

“Be careful.” Tian Jing’s voice came from behind her.

She had originally intended to leave quietly, but instead she drew more attention to herself.
Shen Tiantian’s face turned red and she cursed herself inwardly.

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She realized that she had been doing stupid things lately.

Shen Tiantian laughed dryly.
After she steadied herself, she turned around to thank Tian Jing.
She saw Shan Yi looking at her from the corner of her eye and her heart began to beat uncontrollably.

“Are you okay?” Shan Yi asked with a complicated expression.

She was now sure that Shen Tiantian was really afraid of her.
Every time they made eye contact, she would quickly avert her gaze and every time they met, she would run away.

“I’m fine.
Thank you.” Shen Tiantian nodded and quickly opened the door to leave.

Just like now.

Shan Yi frowned slightly, looking through the glass door at Shen Tiantian’s receding figure.
She thoughtfully touched her own face, thinking that she looked pretty okay.

She sighed, picked up the project proposal, and headed back to her office.
As she walked, she said to Assistant Yang, “Please get me a cup of coffee.”


Putting the documents aside, Shan Yi took off her light-colored suit and unbuttoned one of the buttons on her chest.
She propped up her head with one hand, her mind full of Shen Tiantian’s evasive gaze.

She reminisced about how soft Shen Tiantian was when she was drunk, how she liked to nuzzle her neck and act coquettishly, and how she would cry and beg her to slow down…

The sound of knocking interrupted her thoughts.
Yang Li pushed the door and walked in, “CEO Shan, the coffee you asked for.”

“Thank you,” Shan Yi said indifferently.

“Young Master Shan is here.
He’s in the lounge.” Yang Li said.
She had seen Shan Xu once when she was still working in the old company and  recognized him at a glance.

Shan Yi’s brow furrowed even deeper.

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