After making a fool of herself in the meeting room, Shen Tiantian could not lift her spirits.

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She realized that every time she met Shan Yi, she would make a fool of herself.

Shen Tiantian propped her chin with one hand, moved her fingertips across the mouse, and looked back and forth at several skincare products mentioned in the meeting.

When Lu Xiaochun saw that she had been absent-minded since coming back, she couldn’t help but move closer to her seat with curiosity and asked, “Why did the team leader have to attend the meeting too?”

Shen Tiantian also found it strange after hearing her words.

The team leader was actually just a title.
It sounded nice, but she was no different from an ordinary employee.
The only difference was that she had to prepare one more monthly report than the others.
She didn’t expect to attend the meeting either.

After secretly deciding to give up pursuing Shan Yi, Shen Tiantian prayed that she wouldn’t see her every day, in order to avoid getting herself even more entangled.
But even though they didn’t meet every day, it seemed like fate had arranged for them to bump into each other constantly.

Shen Tiantian shook her head.
“I don’t know.
Maybe they just want to be more careful”

Lu Xiaochun pursed her lips and asked, “What did they talk about?”

The contents of the meeting were confidential until they were made public, so Shen Tiantian shrugged and replied, “Manager Tian will probably tell us.”

Although Lu Xiaochun was curious, she understood the company’s rules.
Since Shen Tiantian didn’t reveal anything, she didn’t pursue the matter and silently returned to her own seat. 

Shen Tiantian smiled and shifted her gaze back to the screen, but her thoughts drifted far away.

During the lunch break, Shen Tiantian purposely went out to eat to avoid bumping into Shan Yi.
She leisurely returned to work just before it was time to start again. 

However, she didn’t run into Shan Yi, but she ran into her… boyfriend at the entrance of the building!!!

Shen Tiantian: ……

Shan Xu always had a good memory, and since Shen Tiantian was the person his older sister was interested in, he recognized her almost immediately.

He mischievously raised the corner of his mouth and took the initiative to greet her.
“Hey~ little cutie.”

They only glanced at each other briefly and didn’t know each other.
But the fact that he was Shan Yi’s boyfriend made Shen Tiantian feel a little awkward, after all, she had “fantasized” about his girlfriend before.

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She lowered her gaze, intending to walk past him as if she hadn’t seen him, but she didn’t expect him to remember her and greet her.

Shen Tiantian was once again caught in the dilemma of whether she should respond or not.
By the time she reacted, his towering figure had already blocked her way.

“Do you still remember me?” The man smiled charmingly.

How could she not remember?! Shen Tiantian silently cursed in her heart.

The man was very tall, and she had to raise her head to see his face clearly.
He was also very handsome, and just one look was enough to leave a deep impression on people.
His physique was lean and toned, like a walking clothes rack, and wherever he stood, he seemed to become part of the scenery, attracting countless gazes.
This was the strongest evidence of his attractiveness, but the main reason why he left a lasting impression on her was because he was Shan Yi’s boyfriend.

Shen Tiantian smiled and nodded.
“I have some impressions.”

Shan Xu said, “We met once at the mall.”

Shen Tiantian was speechless.
Why did he remind her?

She didn’t want to remember anything at all!

Besides, they don’t know each other, right?!

Why did he have to talk to her?

Shen Tiantian had no choice but to greet him.
“Well, I’m going to be late for work.

Shan Xu rubbed the tip of his nose with the back of his hand and looked at Shen Tiantian’s back thoughtfully.

He called Shan Yi, but the other party did not pick up.
He pursed his lips and sent her a message on WeChat.

Shan Yi had just finished her work and was sitting on the sofa.
The lunch that her assistant had bought had already gone cold, and she had no appetite.

A low notification sound came from her phone.
She took a look and saw that it was from Shan Xu.
She put down her phone expressionlessly and then picked it up again.

Devil: Sister, I bumped into Sister-in-law.

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Shan Yi was very satisfied with this form of address, and the corners of her lips curled up slightly.
After a while, she replied with two words.

Shan Yi: And then?

Devil: I wanted to ask her out for coffee.

Shan Yi snorted softly.

Although they haven’t dated yet, she was sure that Shen Tiantian wouldn’t agree.

Devil: But she probably really thinks that I’m your boyfriend.
She gave me some strange looks and ran away faster than a rabbit.

As expected.

Shan Yi felt somewhat proud, but she couldn’t smile.

How was she going to explain it to Shen Tiantian?

Wouldn’t it be strange to say a bunch of things out of the blue?!

Shan Yi felt a bit overwhelmed.

In fact, the team leader didn’t have to attend today’s meeting, but in order to see Shen Tiantian, she abused her ‘authority’.
She just didn’t expect that Shen Tiantian would run away when she saw her.

Thinking of Shen Tiantian’s avoidance, Shan Yi sighed deeply.
She ignored Shan Xu and returned to the main screen after reading the message.

She rubbed her aching stomach, looked at the few fast food boxes on the table, and opened them resignedly.

The cold dishes had a thin layer of grease, making it even more unappetizing.

She took a sip of water and suddenly felt her stomach hurt even more.

Looking back at the boxes of chilled food, she let out a sigh of helplessness and disposed of all of it in the trash can.

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She put on a gray and white coat and neatly put down her casually tied ponytail.
The mole at the end of her eyebrow was instantly covered by the hair in front of it.

Shan Yi took her phone and left the office, saying to her assistant, “I’m going out for a bit.
Call me if anything comes up.”

Yang Li was momentarily stunned but quickly nodded in agreement.

The elevator stopped on the 17th floor, and as the closed doors slowly opened, Shan Yi caught sight of a pair of long legs.
She glanced up briefly, then looked away indifferently.

Tian Jing’s eyes flashed with a hint of amazement.
Shan Yi was too delicate and her skin was so good that even up close, there were hardly any flaws visible.

After spending many years in society, Tian Jing quickly masked her emotions and calmly greeted Shan Yi, “Hello, CEO.”

Shan Yi nodded.

In the next two minutes, neither of them spoke again until the elevator stopped on the seventh floor.

The two of them walked out together.

Tian Jing wasn’t like Shen Tiantian, she was not afraid of Shan Yi.
She was surprised to see Shan Yi eating in the cafeteria and asked, tilting her head, ” The CEO is also eating in the cafeteria?”

Shan Yi made a sound of agreement, “Together?”

Tian Jing knew that Shan Yi was just asking out of politeness, but she didn’t want to refuse, and smiled lightly, “Okay.”

They were not familiar with each other, so they could only talk about work-related matters, and the conversation was relatively smooth.

It was already eye-catching enough for the new CEO to go to the cafeteria for lunch, let alone going with the manager of the marketing department.
Within half an hour, the news had spread throughout the entire department.

A colleague whispered, “Manager Tian and the CEO know each other?!”

“They seem to be chatting happily, not like strangers.
Be careful with working with them, don’t get in trouble.”

“Is Manager Tian actually a spy sent by the CEO? No wonder she’s so strict.

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“Wow, that’s scary to think about …”

Shen Tiantian: …….

Tian Jing had been in the company for over five years and had proven herself to be a capable and hardworking employee.
She was undoubtedly a suitable fit for the position of manager.

Shan Yi appeared a few years younger than Tian Jing.
When Tian Jing entered society, Shan Yi was probably still a student.

They were both exceptional individuals, and whether they were friends in private, Shen Tiantian didn’t know.
However, having worked together for so long, she believed that Tian Jing was not the kind of person her colleagues were talking about.

While her colleagues continued to whisper, Shen Tiantian did not participate in their conversation, and even Lu Xiaochun remained silent. 

Not long after, Tian Jing returned to the office, and the room instantly fell silent.
Her colleagues quickly dispersed and returned to their respective positions.

Tian Jing glanced at them and pushed open the office door expressionlessly.

The office door closed and the colleagues started to buzz again.

Shen Tiantian sighed and went to the pantry with a cup.
The sky outside gradually darkened, and a light drizzle suddenly began to fall.

Shen Tiantian sat by the window and watched the raindrops gradually wet the glass, forming small streams. 

Without realizing it, she had drunk half a cup of tea.
Shen Tiantian grabbed a refill and returned to the office.

Because of the rain, the temperature had dropped a bit, and Shen Tiantian was glad that she had brought her coat.
But she did not bring an umbrella and the rain was getting heavier.

Watching her colleagues leave one by one, Shen Tiantian gritted her teeth and put her bag on top of her head, planning to run to the bus stop.

Just then, an umbrella was handed to her.
She froze and turned her head to see who it was, and was stunned. 


Shan Yi smiled at her.
“I’ll send you.”

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