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My shopping addiction slammed on the brakes.

Oh, I’m in trouble.

Apparently, Leo is starting to suspect that this shopping thing is some kind of bullying.

* * *

The next stop was the temple.


An exclamation burst from Leo’s mouth as he followed closely behind me.
I even let out an exclamation of my own.

The magnificent architecture, with its pure white marble throughout, was majestic.

Of course, the temple looked exactly like the illustrations in the game.
Right down to the ‘holy relics’ at the entrance.

In the plaza in front of the temple, there lay a pure white sword embedded in clear ice.

Said to have been sealed in a coffin of eternal, unmeltable ice by the first king of the Kingdom of Genos, the sword was incredibly strong and incredibly powerful even after its 700 years of age.

Tourists came and went, gripping the hilt and trying to draw it, but to no avail.

The holy object is commonly known as the Blessed Light.

It is an indispensable item for the protagonist of 〈Hirome〉 to see the hero’s ending.

However, in order to draw the holy sword, there was a condition.

I carefully placed my fingertips on the pure white hilt of the holy sword, which seemed to be covered with frost.

With a soft chime, a quest window appeared above the holy sword.

‘That’s still an insane number.’

In order to unseal the holy sword, the divine power comparable to that of a cardinal was required.

In order to wield the holy sword, the physical strength comparable to that of a knight commander was required.

In order to handle the latent power of the holy sword, magic equal to that of the owner of the Mage Tower was required.

That’s why you had to level up your protagonist’s health, magic, and divine power to make him a hero.

‘In the game you couldn’t ever achieve that, even if you paid for it.’

The best you could do was level up two abilities.

And since magic and holy power are opposites, it took a lot of delicate control to make them work together.

‘But this time, I can raise his stats before the story starts, and maybe even watch the hero’s ending…….’

I shook my head at the sudden thought.

We’re breaking up in a few months anyway.
No, I’d rather…….

“Miss Belinda?”

Does Leo even want to be a hero?

A thought that never crossed my mind when I was playing the game.

The many endings I collected in 〈Hirome〉, some of which could be called bad endings.

‘For example, the ending where he becomes the leader of the underworld.’

Leo as the hero and Leo as the leader of the underworld.
In the game, it was very clear which was the happy ending.

But in hindsight, I think the real tragedy is that neither of them reflects Leo’s wishes.

If Leo is happy even if he becomes the leader of the Underworld, isn’t that actually the true ending?

Not the future I dream of for my protagonist, but the future Leo wants to be.

‘Leo, what do you want to be when you grow up?’

I couldn’t help but ask Leo, who blinked as he looked up at me.

* * *

From Belinda’s point of view, 〈Hirome〉 is a survival game with a fairly evil level of difficulty.

Luckily for me, I have 100,000 gold and a hefty wedding dowry, but…….

‘A bullet can go through a bag of money.’

The supporters who take Belinda’s life are all powerful people who have the power to make the birds that fly fall fast and hard.

Considering how Belinda ended up in the original game, no matter how careful you are with your actions, you never know where or how you’ll be stabbed in the back.

If I wanted to avoid them, I’d have to be given at least three extra lives to ensure my safety, just like in the game.

Extra lives?’

A thought flashed through my mind.

“Cash shop!”

I wasn’t disappointed by the system window that popped up in the end.

Apparently, I needed to become an official guardian to gain access to the cash shop, where I could purchase in-game items.

‘But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way.’

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