be the only one baffled by this context-free outburst.

Neither Sybel, who’d just been lambasted by me, nor the employees lined up on the other side of the room looked the least bit surprised.

A similar situation ensued.

Sybel didn’t give up and started talking to me, and I tried my best to answer as best I could, with a glimmer of hope that the translator had only gone awry for a moment.

But no matter what I said, my words through the Belinda translator were overly simple and clear.

“Shut up, Sybel.”

Later, when I sighed, “shut up” came out, so I just stuffed food into my mouth without saying a word.

Belinda seemed to hate this gentle but somewhat clueless man almost to a fault.

‘Argh, Marquis.
Come quickly and do something about this atmosphere.’

With a mouthful of steak in my mouth, I gazed wistfully at the empty seat at the head of the table.

Just then, a topic that could not be ignored came to Sybel’s lips.

“By the way, I hear you left your dedicated maid in a bloody mess this morning.”


I swallowed the piece of meat that threatened to catch in my throat with water.

Making a maid covered in blood is a frightening sound for anyone to hear.

With a stern expression on his face, Sybel continued as if admonishing.

“I know you have bad manners, but you grabbed the maid by the hair and knocked her to the floor.
You’ve gone too far.”

…… Huh? Who did what?

“Your dedicated maid quit her job after that, and I haven’t found a suitable replacement yet.
There is an orphan who was brought here to alleviate the poor……”

“Who says I smashed that maid’s head on the floor?”

There was a huge difference between the maid who misunderstood my words and voluntarily hit her forehead, and I beating her to a pulp.

I hastily opened my mouth.

“It’s not like that, the maid misunderstood my words…….”


My excuse was drowned out by the sound of Sybel pulling his chair back.

“Belle, my sister.
What are you so upset about?”

He was walking towards me in a black suit, and strangely, the hair on my arms and legs stood on end, giving me goosebumps.


It felt more like an emotion of Belinda’s rather than mine.

I tightened my grip on the knife, feeling strangely uncomfortable.

“I gladly laughed off your attitude of not even wearing mourning clothes today.”

Stepping closer, Sybel leaned over the table and grabbed my knife-holding wrist.

“Belle, it’s only been a day since our father’s funeral.
What more can I do for you?”

Just now…… whose funeral?

Sybel bent his upper body toward me, who was stiff at the shocking news.

I was the only one who could see his face because he had turned his back to the employees.

With a wicked grin on his face, he whispered sweetly.

In a voice so low that only I could hear it.

“It’s too petty to give up like this because your father died, Belinda.
You have to be a little more aggressive.”


For a moment, I felt disgust and fear, like a bug crawling over my skin.

I shook off Sybell’s hand and rose from my seat.


As I stood up so that the chair tipped backwards, my wine glass was overturned and the knife in my hand tumbled on the floor.



“Come on, hurry up and stop the bleeding!”

The employees watching from behind screamed.

In their eyes, it appeared that I had attacked Sybel with the knife.

I tried to explain that it was a misunderstanding, but Sybel groaned as he clutched his left wrist.

As if he’d been cut by the knife I’d swung.

It was such a masterful performance that for a moment even I wondered if it was blood, not wine, that had soaked his shirt sleeve.

“Master, show me the wound.
I can apply a pressure tourniquet…….”

“I’m fine, the wound isn’t deep, it was just an accident.
Besides that, Belle’s meal isn’t finished yet, so please stay where you are.
I’d like to be alone for a while, so please don’t let anyone into my office for a while.”


Sybel, who had pretended to be concerned about me until the very end, smiled bitterly as he left the dining hall.

“She is completely insane, brandishing a knife at the Marquis.”

“How much the Marquis cared for the young lady, and look at that gorgeous dress, not to mention her attire.”

“Somehow, they said that the newcomer who became the lady’s exclusive maid was nowhere to be seen.
Something like that……Not even pitiful.”

I glanced over at the maids, who were murmuring off to one side.

They looked horrified, clammed up like clams, and scurried out of the dining hall.

I was left alone in the hall, and my lame excuses fell flat.

“No…… I wasn’t aware the Marquis had passed in the first place.”

The back of my head tingled from the blow.

The reason the maids dressed me in a black dress was because I was in mourning.

And it was for the funeral of the Marquis, the only person who ever cared about me.

On top of that, the family mate I thought I was getting along with is a psychopath who enjoys screwing me over.

I also have an infernal banner hanging from my muzzle.

To sum up this situation in a nutshell…….

“I thought it was gold cutlery, but it was plated cutlery.”

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