The smile immediately vanished from Sybel’s face as he turned his back on the dining room.


His expressionless face was strikingly abnormal, almost giving the impression of something else entirely.


“Any news from the messenger?”


Sybel asked the aide who had followed him like a shadow from behind.


“Nothing new as of yet, beyond a sighting of what appeared to be a notary in the north.”


After the Marquis’s sudden death, the eyes and ears of society were focused on the Marquis of Blanchet’s will.


It contained the name of an heir who would inherit everything belonging to the Blanchet family.


However, contrary to popular expectation, the contents of the will were not made public after the Marquis’ funeral.

In fact, the wax seal was never even broken, let alone found.


The notary with the Marquis’s will had disappeared.


The aide looked around for any listening ears, then lowered his voice even further.


“As you requested, we’ve covered most of the upper echelons of the Blanchet family’s holdings.
Even if we can’t find the will, they’ll be happy to comply with your wishes.”


The smile finally returned to Sybel’s face.


Yes, there is no need to worry.


There was no one better suited to be the next in line, either in ability or in character.


He had come a long way for this day.


All this time, he had been bending over backwards, acting like a good brother, and pretending he had no ambition.


That ended today.


Sybel had been waiting for this day since the day of the “accident”.

The good-natured smile that now seemed to have become part of his flesh tugged at the corners of his mouth.


“When the dust settles, you should find her a good match.
Though I’m not sure she’ll like him, as she’s a very demanding girl.”


There was a hint of mockery in his voice.


“I’ll find her a “suitable husband.”


“Yes, I’ll leave it to you, as always.
Oh, my sister hates having children with a passion, so I’d prefer her husband to be childless.”


Even as he said this, there was not a hint of malice in Sybel’s face.


“It would be a shame if any offspring tried to parasitize my family.”


He still seemed to be nothing more than a poor brother who was willing to forgive his sister’s wickedness at every turn.



* * *


´Nobody in this house is on Belinda’s side.´


The evaluation of the situation ended with last night’s dinner.


Now it was doubtful that the dead uncle had really cared for Belinda.


The story said that Sybel had always laughed off the damage caused by his wretched sister.


However, he seemed to be very comfortable with “provoking Belinda and making up misdeeds she hadn’t committed”.


I wonder how much of Belinda’s misdeeds were true.


Probably not all of them.
It’s true that she has a bad temper and a sense of entitlement that allows her to abuse the main character.


I resignedly accepted my current situation.


First things first.


Most of Belinda’s deaths were due to the ‘supporting characters’ that appeared in the game.


Well, she was sometimes unfortunate enough to die in accidents.


In any case, the supporting characters recognize the protagonist’s talent and support him by helping the player, while also proving their love for the child by punishing Belinda for her abuse.


In other words, if you’re being mean to the protagonist because of the translator, you’re going to have a much higher chance of being killed by the supporting characters.


I still don’t know the conditions that trigger the sync, and all I know is that the translator doesn’t work if no one is listening.


On top of that, I had a family member who was gnashing his teeth at me.


“Well, if cancer is the enemy, escape is the answer.”


The jewelry I’d found after ransacking Belinda’s room all night clinked in my hand, cheering me on.


Considering the cost of living in this game, it would be enough to support myself in a small town in the middle of nowhere.


´If I had the funds, I could open a small café or something.


In my previous life, I didn’t want to bother my aunt, so I ran away as soon as I graduated from high school and became independent.


I wanted to live a normal life like everyone else, so I gritted my teeth, studied, and earned money like crazy, but when I came to my senses, I realized that I didn’t have even a single hobby.


was the only thing that brought me joy in that dreary life.


But somehow, that hobby has become my full-time job, hence, I should find a new hobby and do whatever I like in this life.


However, there was one major problem with this plan.


“I’m already possessing someone, yet I can’t even get a glimpse of the main character’s face.”


Would it be too stalkerish to pay a visit to the palace later and steal a glimpse of the main character’s face, even from a distance?


As I was pondering, I noticed a pair of footsteps on the other side of the door.


The steps of an adult woman, followed closely by that of a young child, cautious as a frightened animal.


I quickly swept my valuables into my dressing table drawer and the door burst open with a faint knock.


I managed to avoid looking incredibly suspicious, but wasn’t this a little lack of privacy?


I didn’t even say it was okay to come in.




My voice came out sharper than usual, perhaps reflecting my mood.


Still, the maid who opened the door only announced the purpose of her visit with a machine-like expression.


“I have brought a child to attend to you from today.”


With that, she thrust a wiry, skinny child forward.




A hired hand to look after me, but a little kid?


I scratched my head, and Sybel’s words from yesterday’s dinner flashed through my mind.


“There is an orphan who was brought in for the purpose of alleviating the poor…..”

An orphan boy.


Belinda’s dedicated servant.


´No way, the main character is coming in at this time? ´


Though the settings are pretty much the same.


I couldn’t really tell what the boy looked like because he was so much smaller than I expected, and his hair was shaggy like a puppy that hadn’t been groomed in a long time.


One look at that face and I’d know.


Oh, maybe!


´Status window?´




´Window status! Mister Window!´


I tried to call up the status window in my heart, but nothing like a window that shows the main character’s information like in the game came to mind.

Neither could I blurt it out like a madman.


As I pondered what to do, I casually lifted his chin with the tip of the fan I was holding in my hand.


The wild hair fell back, revealing the boy’s white face.




My heart dropped to the floor.
For a moment, a strange sensation filled my chest.


Hair as black as a raven.


Eyes as round and gentle as a puppy’s.


Blue eyes with warm colors like a spring sky with fluttering petals.


Everything about his appearance was the same as the protagonist of .


The only difference was that he was about five times cuter in real life than in the illustrations.


I was truly in awe.

My goodness, how could there be such an adorable creature?


´It’s like a baby animal.´


“He looks like a wild beast.”


Damn that translator, it caught me off guard.


I looked away, pretending I hadn’t said it.


Then, the maid’s blunt words put a stop to my agitation.


“If you need me in the future, you’ll have to send this child to me.”


I quickly shot the maid a pleading glance.


´I would like you to mediate between the two of us for me.´


Luckily, my glare worked, and the maid nodded nervously.
And then.


“Then I’ll leave you to…….”




The sound of the maid slamming the door echoed through the room.


What the hell.
Is she running away now?






A heavy silence filled the room.


I smiled as brightly as I could, hoping to somehow lighten the awkward mood.


´Umm, baby, how old are you this year?´


“How old are you this year?”


The child, who had been hanging his head nervously, straightened up and stiffened.


“Yes, yes! I’m nine years old this year!”


´How cute.´


The corner of my mouth twitched involuntarily.



He made a sound under his breath as if he saw something he shouldn’t have.


Is it possible…..
that I’m actually scary?


Belinda’s eyes are fierce, but I don’t think they’re enough to make someone gasp like that.


I put my head down gloomily, pretending to drink tea.


And then I saw it.


My face reflected in the clear black tea.


´What the hell?´


It’s a completely scheming villainous face!


No way…..
Did my expression also fall within the range of synchronization?


No wonder everyone flinches, and the maid runs away whenever I smile!

I quickly unfolded my fan to cover my face, revealing only my eyes, and the protagonist’s complexion relaxed.


In any case, he said he’s nine years old.


That means we have about six months left before the beginning of the game.


Early spring, half a year from now, when the main character will be ten years old.


He will meet Ophelia, an exiled woman coming to live in the kingdom.


My last doubt has melted away, knowing that the main character is actually real.


The only thing left to wonder about is the ending this child will receive eight years later.


has dozens of different endings depending on how you complete the scenarios and quests, with new endings being updated every month.





I played it again and again, conquering each ending in turn.


Except for one, the true ending.


In fact, , despite its name, had a reputation for not being able to see the true ending, the hero ending.


‘Personally, I preferred the ending where he becomes the youngest Royal Knight Commander.´


Or the one where he ends up as the heir to the High Priest, and that white robe looks really good on him.


As I contemplated the distant future, an eerie question popped into my head.


´What if I run away from home now, what happens to the main character?´


Not only would my protagonist’s immediate situation in the mansion be ambiguous, but it would probably affect the events of his meeting with Ophelia.


Rescuing the protagonist from Belinda will lead to a meeting between Ophelia and the protagonist.


What the…….
Does this mean that my running away is destroying the original?


As I was wracking my brain, a small voice broke through my thoughts.


“I, I…….”


I glanced down to see him staring up at me with his fists clenched like he’d made up his mind about something.


“Well, whatever you ask me to do, I’ll do it!”




“I can clean, I know how to scrub the crevices of hardwood floors, I know how to make furniture sparkle and shine, and, and, and…….”


The child’s voice grew hoarse as he rattled off a long list of cleaning tricks, eager to sell himself.

“I’ll be a useful servant, so if you’ll let me work here, I’ll be able to help you…….”


He didn’t finish his sentence, but the desperation in his voice was heartbreaking.


In that moment, the mental scale tipped completely to one side.

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