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Our MC, Jiang Dao only values food (& freedom) at first, and over time learns to be interested in acting as a career.
Characterizations aren’t overly exaggerated,  not many cannon fodder characters doing hypes/smear campaigns, and the world generally makes sense.

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“Hello, sir.
What do you want for breakfast?” The air stewardess pushed the dining car on the aisle and asked softly.

Jiang Dao looked away from the window: “What’s there to eat?”

Before the flight attendant could answer, the agent sitting next to Jiang Dao raised his hand and interrupted: “Nothing, thank you.”

“Why not?” Jiang Dao was dissatisfied and frowned.
“I came out so early today, and haven’t had time to eat.
It’s bad for my stomach to skip breakfast, I…”

Zhu Yao took out a thermos from his bag and stuffed it into Jiang Dao’s arms.

“I bought meal replacement for you in the terminal before.” He said with a light expression.
“Just take two bites.
You know the process of the variety show you want to record today.
If you’re full, do you still want to eat when recording the variety show?”

Jiang Dao weighed it and replied, “Even if I eat breakfast, I’ll be able to eat in a while.”

The variety show he’s going to record is called “Come on, Eat!”, is a program searching for local specialties.
Guests are divided into groups to fight against each other.
If they win, they can taste the specialties cooked by local famous chefs.
If they lose, they can only eat steamed buns and pickles.

But no matter whether they win or lose, they have to eat a lot in the show.

“It doesn’t matter whether you can eat or not.” Zhu Yao was expressionless.
“The important thing is that you gain weight easily.
You’ve gained two kilograms this week, and are going to be recording this week.  Next week you can only eat salad, two meals a day, plus one hour of body sculpting every day.”

Hearing this, Jiang Dao flattened his mouth silently.
Unscrewing the thermos, he took a sip of the meal replacement drink, and a few strange hums came out of his nose.

This world is really strange.
There are so many delicious foods to enjoy, but people force themselves to eat grass.
When he read the book and saw this kind of plot, he always thought it was unbelievable, but now he has encountered it.

——Who made him enter into such a book?

In the past, he struggled in the apocalypse with a lack of resources and frequent disasters in a ravaged civilization.
Finally, he died in a tragic defense battle.

If he had known that he would enter a book after dying in battle, Jiang Dao would rather have exchanged two cans of meat for a history book, maybe he would have been able to play as a noble then.

It’s a pity that he was too protective of food at the time.
He was reluctant to exchange food for books, and only had this romance novel he picked up for leisure.
So now he can only compromise with the various rules in this novel – for example, he has to obey the company’s arrangements or pay the liquidated damages.

Fortunately, the variety show he is going to record today involves eating.
When he first read this, he was very envious of the various delicacies described, otherwise he really wanted to skip work1as in skip the recording and go eat.

“Be good today, don’t make trouble anymore.”

Seeing Jiang Dao’s expression was wrong, Zhu Yao immediately became vigilant.
“The matter of the character in “Love” can be settled because it was cast by our company, and giving Zhou Wei the role is the same as giving it to you.
Anyway, you’re both artists from our Xingyao Media.
Today is different, I finally won the opportunity for you.
If you make trouble again…”

“If I make trouble again, will you hide me?” Jiang Dao suddenly became a little excited.

If making trouble once more can be exchanged for freedom, then he can also make a sacrifice to not record – he may never have the opportunity to try these foods again!

“If you make trouble again, it will be considered a breach of contract and you will be fined.” Zhu Yao raised his hand and pushed down his glasses with a cold tone.

He could see that Jiang Dao had some thoughts mind recently.
He wanted to fade out of the entertainment industry, even giving up the role of the online drama that he had tried his best to grab before.

However, since an artist with outstanding appearance and temperament like Jiang Dao was dug out by scouts and the company has also invested in and cultivated him, the company will never allow him to hide before his value is drained.
Even if he’s reviled by thousands of people, black and red2as in being black or being hated can still be popular for a few years.

Since hiding him wasn’t a threat, he might as well grab onto what he needed most right now – money.

A few days ago, when the child asked him how much liquidated damages he had to pay to terminate the contract, Zhu Yao understood that money was the key to making Jiang Dao obedient.

Sure enough, when he heard that he was going to be fined, Jiang Dao immediately backed down.

“Okay.” He burrowed into the seat as if he had no bones, leaned his head against the plane window, and said lazily.
“I’ll just record a variety show today, don’t worry.”

Since freedom isn’t in the foreseeable future, he must eat all the food in today’s show!

No one can snatch the food from him—not to mention this comfortable book world, even in the apocalyptic wasteland, he has never lost a battle for food!

Seeing Jiang Dao’s sudden fighting spirit, Zhu Yao was even more worried.

“You don’t have to act deliberately.” He quickly reminded.
“There are two guests in this show who are your seniors, so you should be respectful.
They also invited Teacher Chu in this episode.
You have to be more polite, understand?”

Chu? Who is that?” Jiang Dao asked casually, but he didn’t care much.

“Chu Yinlong.” Zhu Yao replied.

“Huh?” Jiang Dao frowned.
“No impression…”

He only remembered that the two main protagonists, Zhou Wei and Tang Yao, were in today’s episode..

It was precisely because Zhou Wei attended this season that his life intersected with Tang Yao.
The two gradually fell in love, and the ups and downs of the love story in the book was born.

As for Jiang Dao, he was actually a villain who made things difficult for the protagonist Zhou Wei everywhere.

This is also the reason why he immediately returned the role that the original owner had snatched from Zhou Wei after he crossed over—in the plot, due to various events, that role finally fell on Zhou Wei’s head.
He didn’t want to fight, so he might as well return it to the original owner early to be at ease.

After struggling for so many years in the apocalypse, fighting against the sky and the earth, he was already tired.
Luckily, he crossed into a peaceful and comfortable world.
He didn’t want to struggle again and again in order to fulfill his role as a villain.

Eat delicious food, visit scenic spots, find a place with beautiful scenery to grow vegetables and fish, raise cats and dogs… Isn’t this kind of life fragrant?

As for the name “Chu Yinlong”, Jiang Dao is really not impressed.

Probably just a passerby, right?

“You don’t have an impression?” Zhu Yao was shocked.
Chu took best actor two days ago, and the hot search is still there.
You don’t have an impression? How dare you have no impression!”

He quickly opened the tablet and found Chu Yinlong’s information.
Handing it over to Jiang Dao, he didn’t forget to remind him: “Remember his preferences and don’t mess up.
Also, show respect to him!”

Jiang Dao took the tablet, glanced lazily, and pouted.
“He doesn’t look too old, I can’t really see the need to respect the old and love the young3it’s an idiom.”

Zhu Yao: …

Seeing Jiang Dao’s disapproval, Zhu Yao sneered.
Chu has a bad temper, and knows martial arts.
If you really annoyed him, he’ll see you to the hospital with one punch.”

“Me too!”

Jiang Dao wanted to say that he was also very good at fighting, but seeing his small body now… he could easily break such thin arms and legs before he transmigrated.
The conversation suddenly stopped.

“I… will practice more, and be able to fight in the future.”

Zhu Yao immediately grasped the key point: “Okay! If the teacher of your body shaping class comes to me again in the future, saying that you skipped class, I will punish you.”

Snorting lightly, Jiang Dao threw the tablet back into Zhu Yao’s arms.

“Shaping class, what kind of training is that?” He snorted again.
“I will train it back sooner or later… until I can run 50 kilometers in one breath.”

Even if this world is peaceful, there’s a sense of security in having a well-trained body.

Hearing Jiang Dao’s goal, Zhu Yao had a headache.

He never thought that the artist in his hand was thinking about retiring these days in order to participate in a marathon?

Two hours later, the plane landed in Nagisa City4Raws is “Zhu City” which sounded weird with 1 word, so I used the Japanese version.

The filming location of this episode is located in a resort on the outskirts of the city, two hours’ drive from the airport.

When he finally arrived at the filming site, Jiang Dao was too hungry to speak.

He felt that he must have been enchanted to listen to Zhu Yao’s words, forcing him not to have breakfast on the plane.
He thought that he would not have to starve after entering this book, and never expected fate to play such a big joke on him.

There must be something wrong with a world where someone has to starve themselves when there’s easy opportunities to eat enough.

Jiang Dao was listlessly pulled by the styling to do makeup and hair.
After more than half an hour, he was arranged by the assistant director and camera to shoot an entry scene.
It was not until nearly eleven o’clock that he was finally brought into the lounge and saw several guests who were going to record the show together.

He saw Zhou Wei before at Xingyao Media when he first entered the book.
This big boy is well-behaved and clean, with a very fresh youthful atmosphere, and his temperament is very outstanding.
It’s no wonder that he can become the protagonist of a romance novel.

And the man standing beside Zhou Wei at this moment is probably Tang Yao.
As expected, he has wide shoulders, narrow waist, long legs, and a playful face that attracts bees and butterflies.

As for the other two, one was the only female artist at the scene, who he heard from Zhu Yao is named Yi Bailu; the other should be a jubilant senior comedian named Lu Yun.
The presence of these two people in the original book is not strong, and Jiang Dao has no impression of them.

Looking around between several people, Jiang Dao didn’t see that “Mr.
Chu.” Don’t know why he’s late, isn’t he a gold-star actor?

Still, it’s not a big deal.

The most important thing in Jiang Dao’s eyes are the yogurt and biscuits provided by sponsors in the lounge.
Zhu Yao can’t follow him here!


I can already foresee my stomach growling as I translate this LN…

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1as in skip the recording and go eat2as in being black or being hated3it’s an idiom4Raws is “Zhu City” which sounded weird with 1 word, so I used the Japanese version

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