The rain lasted the entire day.
After the lunch break, the guests played a few small games in the house and had a very leisurely day.

Early morning the next day, after breakfast, Jiang Dao and Chu Yinlong left Taoyuan Courtyard, returned to town to meet with their assistants, and headed to the airport together.

Their flights were leaving about the same time.
Before boarding, Chu Yinlong looked at Jiang Dao and hesitated.
In the end, he didn’t say anything, lowered his head and opened his phone silently, not knowing who he was sending a message to.

After being left alone, Jiang Dao did not feel uncomfortable at all.

Based on the precautions on the previous trips, he avoided the crowd and boarded the plane via the VIP channel.
Finding his seat with ease, he nestled into the spacious business class seat and dozed off without taking off his sunglasses.

An hour and a half later, the plane landed smoothly and arrived in Linshi.

Because there wasn’t a walkway after leaving the aircraft, Jiang Dao boarded the VIP shuttle with other passengers in business class.
Standing in the corner with an invisible temperament, he didn’t attract attention at all.

Until he walked out of the passage and found Zhu Yao who was waiting not far away.
Zhu Yao looked at him in shock.
“How did you become like this?”

Jiang Dao lowered his sunglasses and looked at Zhu Yao from the upper gap.
“Like what?”

“Your clothes are wrinkled…” Zhu Yao frowned.
“And what about your hair? Ah, you didn’t even shave.
Did you lose your razor?”

Jiang Dao replied with a smile: “No, I woke up late in the morning, so I didn’t bother in order to catch the plane.”

Zhu Yao sighed with exhaustion written all over his face.
“Go to the bathroom to shave, brush your hair, and change your clothes.
Treat this audition seriously.
Li Cheng is very picky about actors.
Don’t think you’ll be selected if you look good… Why do I think you’ve gained weight? Have you weighed yourself in the past two days?”


Jiang Dao stretched his waist.
“Don’t worry, I won’t get fat… But Sister Hai Tang’s cooking is really delicious.
I can eat three bowls of rice every day!”

Zhu Yao choked, clutching his chest for a long time.

Jiang Dao added happily: “I lied to you, there isn’t that much food to eat there.”

Before Zhu Yao could breathe a sigh of relief, he heard Jiang Dao say: “But there’s enough noodles.
I’ve eaten three bowls.”

Zhu Yao: …

Following instructions, Jiang Dao went to the bathroom to shave, combed his hair, and put on a clean ironed shirt.
When he got into the car that Zhu Yao rented, he suddenly remembered something and asked, “Do you know Li Cheng?”

“A very young director, most of his directing are online dramas, but he’s also made two films.” Zhu Yao replied casually while driving.
“His works had good ratings last year and the year before last.
The author of this time’s “Demon in the Peach” is the same author as last year’s original work.
The company is very optimistic about this project.
I also think it’s very promising…”

“It’s not that,” Jiang Dao interrupted him.
“I mean, his likes and dislikes, and does he have any hobbies?”


Zhu Yao glanced at Jiang Dao.

“You still pay attention to this?” He raised his hand and pushed his glasses.
“I thought you made up your mind to quit the circle and didn’t want this opportunity.
Why do you still care about the director’s preferences?”

Judging from Zhu Yao’s expression, he probably has no clue what Li Cheng is really like.

Jiang Dao has a bottom line in his heart.

However… the negative news about Li Cheng is just Chu Yinlong’s one-sided news.
What kind of character he is, he’ll wait to confirm it himself.

“Speaking of hobbies,” Zhu Yao thought for a while, and said, “He likes wine, and seems to have spent a lot of money on collecting a few good bottles.”

Afterwards, he chuckled lightly: “You shouldn’t even think about such crooked things.
Rely on your own strength to rise.
If you can’t, wait for an opportunity, so as to save yourself from being exposed later.”

Jiang Dao shrugged, noncommittal.

By the time the two of them arrived at the studio, the morning audition for “Demon in the Peach” was almost over.

Fortunately, Zhu Yao contacted people in advance, and arranged Jiang Dao to be the last one in the morning.


Jiang Dao didn’t know who was pushed into the afternoon because of this, but the other party obviously knew that he had no strength to compete with Xingyao Media, and didn’t make a fuss.

In fact, if Zhu Yao hadn’t done everything, he wouldn’t care whether it was the morning or afternoon.
He never planned to audition seriously, so he wasn’t nervous as he leaned against the wall with folded arms, and observed the actors around him waiting to audition.

It wasn’t just debuted artists gathered around.
Some group performers were also wandering around, mingling with various crew members, trying to get a chance to play a supporting role.
Many beautiful teenagers and youths were among them.
Based on their appearance alone, Jiang Dao dared say that most were on par with those popular idols in the entertainment industry today.

But while some people are praised as stars, others can only stand here in obscurity, praying that they can get a small supporting role that the former won’t even pay attention to.

The staff pushed open the door of the audition room.
Instead of calling out his name as before, he walked up to Zhu Yao, bowed his head and said something, and Zhu Yao walked into the door with Jiang Dao.

Contrary to Jiang Dao’s imagination, the furnishings inside were very simple.
There wasn’t even a set, only a black velvet curtain hanging on the wall, and two cameras on the opposite side.

A young man with long hair and a layer of short stubble sat in the center.
He looked at Jiang Dao for a moment, and asked, “Have you read the script?”

Jiang Dao answered honestly, “No.”

The man frowned: “Recommended by Xingyao Media?”

Jiang Dao nodded: “Yes.”

Based on the photos found on the internet, Jiang Dao judged that this was Li Cheng.
He looks gentle, slightly thin, and judging from his exposed forearms, this man has little power.

All in all – Li Cheng can’t beat him.

So Jiang Dao was relieved.

“Since you haven’t read the script, let’s try a section without lines.” Li Cheng rolled his eyes and flipped through the book in his hand, and said, “The mission failed, he was punished by the Demon Venerable with 20 whips, so he hated the male protagonist.
I mean… that’s it.”

Jiang Dao raised his eyebrows.
After giving it some thought, he walked to the center where the black curtain was laid out.


He fell to his knees without hesitation, frowned, gritted his teeth, and groaned three times—it was exactly like a short clip he accidentally watched while listening to an online drama recently, and his performance was very careless.

Surprisingly, Li Cheng didn’t call him to stop.

Therefore, Jiang Dao could only continue to pretend to be whipped.
Hands balling into fists, his eyes narrowed in “hatred”.

“Okay.” Li Cheng closed the book in his hand, crossed his legs, and smiled at Jiang Dao, “It’s a good performance.”

Jiang Dao: …

This is “good performance”?

Wouldn’t the “beggar” and “mother” Chu Yinlong played in the game the night before be considered godly?

“Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go before you meet my requirements for the role.” Li Cheng smiled warmly.
“But don’t worry, the villain has a follower with high martial arts, and he has many appearances too.
I can promise you that as long as you are willing to play it, that role is yours.”

Jiang Dao got up, looked at Li Cheng seriously, and said nothing.

Li Cheng said: “Okay, go back and discuss with your agent first.”

Apart from that, there was nothing extra.

Jiang Dao and Zhu Yao left the film and television city and drove to the pre-booked hotel.

In the car, Jiang Dao told Zhu Yao about Li Cheng’s promise.
Zhu Yao looked a little disappointed, but quickly recovered his calmness: “Alright, why not try the small role first.
There will always be a chance to get a leading role in the future.”

“En.” Jiang Dao responded perfunctorily.

In his heart, he was thinking that Chu Yinlong’s prediction was right.
Even though his acting was extremely stiff, Li Cheng still gave him a role with quite a few scenes.
He just doesn’t know if Li Cheng’s purpose is what Chu Yinlong said…

When they arrived at the hotel, Zhu Yao opened two rooms as usual, and told Jiang Dao to take a good rest first.

Jiang Dao asked curiously: “Since it’s just an audition, why do we have to stay for a day? Can’t we just go back to Yan City and wait for news?”

“You think it’s just an audition?” Zhu Yao pushed his glasses and said lightly, “There’s an appointment at night to meet a few investors.
Li Cheng will also be there.
It was arranged by the company just in case.
Although you’ve already competed for the role, you can’t refuse… just be thankful.”

“Arranged by the company?” Jiang Dao mused thoughtfully.

“Yes.” Zhu Yao’s voice paused slightly, but he finally said with a blank face, “The company values ​​you very much, so you have to seize the opportunity.”

Hearing this, Jiang Dao slouched lazily and leaned against the wall.

As for whether the company’s leaders knew what Li Cheng was like, he would have to wait to contact Li Cheng again before determining this.
As for the risks… as long as he is 100% vigilant, there aren’t many people who can hurt him in this world.

Back in the room, Jiang Dao was in no mood to go downstairs to eat, so he ordered room service for lunch.

While nibbling on the sandwich, the phone vibrated.
Chu Yinlong’s WeChat message came in: “How did the audition go?”

Jiang Dao raised his eyebrows and replied, “As you expected.”

Chu Yinlong: “Li Cheng gave you the role?”

Jiang Dao raised his eyebrows.

“En, the villain’s follower.
It’s a supporting role, but it seems to have a lot of scenes.”

Chu Yinlong didn’t reply for a long time.

After Jiang Dao finished eating the sandwich, he lay on the bed and flipped through a few internet dramas.
Running out of options to listen to, he simply sent a message to Chu Yinlong: “What’s the name of your storytelling app? I’ll download it too.”

It took a few minutes for Chu Yinlong to respond.
He eventually sent a screenshot to Jiang Dao, with the icon thoughtfully circled.

It was followed by a message: “So you decided to act in this drama?”

Jiang Dao: “I haven’t decided yet.”

Jiang Dao: “I have a dinner party with them at night.
I’m going to see if my company knows about Li Cheng first.”

There was another long silence on Chu Yinlong’s side.

Jiang Dao downloaded the app, turned to the free popular articles, plugged in his earbuds, and lay in bed to make up for an afternoon nap.

Just when he was about to fall asleep, another WeChat push notification came in.

Chu Yinlong: “Although I really want to persuade you not to take risks, since you have decided, then go ahead.”

“Be vigilant at the reception.
Don’t trust your agent too much.
Be careful what you put in your mouth, and don’t drink drinks that have been out of your sight.”

“If you’re in trouble, you can ask Lu Zhengrong.
She’s my friend and will help you.”


Lol Chu Yinlong tries not to care, but he can’t stop himself.

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