C6 —— Small Snacks

Cang Hai weighed the small mermaid on his body, and after confirming that the other was holding on tight, he ran while talking to Xiao Yu about his next plan: “Let’s first follow the coast all the way forward, the frequent exchange of air currents over the coast is likely to breed a spatial rift.”



Xiao Yu listened carefully and suddenly remembered his transmigration, was there a possibility that he had mistakenly entered a spatial rift?



No, it should be called a space-time rift, he crossed time and space without being aware of it and broke into this crisis-ridden planet.


Fortunately, he was still alive and met a companion who was willing to accompany him to survive together.



“Do you think there will be spatial cracks in the sea as well?” Xiao Yu raised this point, to give Cang Hai another perspective.



Cang Hai gave Xiao Yu an affirmative answer, “The water pressure in the deep sea is huge, so I can’t rule out the possibility of too high water pressure creating spatial cracks, as to whether there are any or not, I’m afraid I have no way to verify.”



Xiao Yu immediately understood Cang Hai’s meaning, after all, Cang Hai was a human and couldn’t stay in the sea all the time like him.



He sighed, “It was just a thought.”



Cang Hai heard the despondency in the little mermaid’s tone, not good at consolation, he began to recall how his subordinates appeased their children at home.



“Here.” Cang Hai’s voice attracted Xiao Yu’s attention.


He looked at what Cang Hai was holding at his fingertips, it was round with a fancy rainbow color surface.



Xiao Yu took the small round ball unsurely: “What is this?”


Cang Hai: “Sugar beans.”



Of course he knew it was sugar beans, he just couldn’t figure out why Cang Hai suddenly gave him this.


Cang Hai didn’t hear Xiao Yu chewing for a long time, so he thought he didn’t like sugar.
His eyebrows furrowed: “There are no other snacks.”



He would take sugar beans with him, because this sweet thing that emitted a sweet smell at any time was the favorite of many exotic animals.
It could attract these exotic animals and help him finish hunting.


It turned out to be snacks for him.


Xiao Yu laughed.
It was the brother’s intention at best.
He certainly didn’t know what was wrong.
He put sugar beans in his mouth.


The sweet taste filled the mouth, Xiao Yu smacked lips, for the first time, he felt like being fed like a child wasn’t a bad feeling.



For the rest of the journey, Xiao Yu dutifully showed the way for Cang Hai, and they were lucky not to encounter any more foreign beasts.



At this point, Cang Hai stopped in his tracks.


Xiao Yu looked around and found no trace of foreign beasts, but didn’t dare to relax.


Since Cang Hai had stopped, it must mean that there was danger around, and he had to be prepared in advance.



Then he heard Cang Hai whisper to him, “Come down.”



Xiao Yu obediently climbed down from Cang Hai’s back, vigilantly guarded Cang Hai’s side, his back was as straight as a pine: “Is there another enemy attack?”



Cang Hai shook his head and lost his smile: “You are too nervous, don’t be afraid, even if there really is an enemy attack, I can handle it.”



Xiao Yu watched as Cang Hai took out the cooking tools: “Want to start the meal?”



“Mm.” Cang Hai took out the previously stored Hidden Wing Mantis meat, the long sword in his hand flipped, the sliced meat formed a perfect arc in the air and fell into the pot with precision.



Xiao Yu watched with rapt attention, he was really curious how Cang Hai could do such a grounding action as slicing meat, all so elegantly, and in a situation where he couldn’t see anything.



“There’s no food for lazy people.” As if he knew that Xiao Yu was looking at him, Cang Hai said with a threatening tone.



Xiao Yu hastily picked up the Water Energy Converter to fill it with water, and cleaned the knives, forks and chopsticks along with it.



Not long after, an aroma emerged from the pot, and the smoke from the cooking curls meandered up.



Xiao Yu cupped his chin, his mouth couldn’t stop secreting saliva, staring at the pot with bated breath, he wanted to reach in and stuff the meat into his mouth to satisfy his craving.



Cang Hai scooped up a spoonful of broth to taste.



The man’s throat knot rolling up and down, it was indescribably sexy.



Xiao Yu was dumbfounded, he also gulped.



He must be crazy to think that Cang Hai was more intoxicating than the thick and fragrant broth in front of him.



“It’s ready.”



Xiao Yu waited for these words from Cang Hai, and he was the first to clip a piece of meat and put it into his mouth.



The meat slices that just came out of the pot were very hot, and it was so hot that he gasped, but he was unwilling to spit out the meat in his mouth.


It was precisely this heat that made the meat slices more delicious.
Xiao Yu only felt that the meat slices were hot in his mouth and even his body.



As the meat was squeezed out of the teeth and flowed into his stomach, Xiao Yu could feel almost every pore open, the fragrance of the meat flowed with the blood to all his limbs and bones, finally converging into a word: comfort.



Cang Hai was also very satisfied, the hidden-winged mantis was worthy of being a senior foreign beast, the meat was not only tender and delicious, but also contained a huge amount of energy inside.



These energies were dispensable to him, but to the little mermaid, it was a rare tonic.



Cang Hai frowned slightly, he suddenly found that he seemed to be too concerned about the little mermaid.



In order to fill the little mermaid’s stomach, he wasted precious self-help time on eating, if it was only he himself, going a day without eating wasn’t a problem.



Thinking about this, Cang Hai’s hand holding the chopsticks shook, and the meat almost fell down.



Luckily, he applied force in time and put the meat in his mouth before it was broken.


Xiao Yu, who had a full meal, lay down on his back, the taste of the mantis meat slices was too good, and until now his mouth was still lingering with the smell of meat.


Licking his upper and lower teeth, Xiao Yu got up and obediently took on the job of cleaning the pots and pans, then returned the cleaned utensils to Cang Hai so that he could put them into his spatial ring one by one.


After so long, Xiao Yu still felt stunned when he saw the spatial ring: “What exactly is the principle of this?”



He originally just casually asked, not expecting an answer, he didn’t expect Cang Hai to actually answer him: “The world we live in belongs to three-dimensional space, above three-dimensional space there are four-dimensional space, five-dimensional space and other high-dimensional space.
Humans can only see the picture below the three-dimensional space.
Those high-dimensional spaces are actually the extension of three-dimensional space.
Objects can be transferred from low-dimensional space to high-dimensional space through high-dimensional transmission technology.”



Xiao Yu knew three-dimensional space, which was commonly known as three-dimension.



As for the high-dimensional space mentioned by Cang Hai, it was too far away for him.
He wasn’t a scientist, and it was understandable that he didn’t know about high-dimensional space.



Cang Hai continued: “The space ring is a high-dimensional space conduction medium, its interior is extended out of the high-dimensional space, putting items into it is to complete the three-dimensional to high-dimensional conduction.
To take the item out of the space ring is to complete the descending transportation from high dimension to three dimension.



Xiao Yu shook his head with a dull gaze, “No, I don’t understand.”



Cang Hai was also clear that this knowledge was too difficult and obscure for the little mermaid who grew up on the deserted planet, so he stopped explaining: “We should set off.”



Xiao Yu sullenly climbed up Cang Hai’s back, he thought Cang Hai thought he was too stupid, so he wasn’t willing to continue explaining the principles of the space ring with him.



But the knowledge of high-dimensional space was indeed obscure and difficult to understand, even the scientific research titan of his era didn’t dare to say that the high-dimensional space could be thoroughly studied.


“Still want to hear it?” Cang Hai suddenly asked a question that confused Xiao Yu.



Only after a long time did he understand what Cang Hai meant and nodded: “Yes!”



So while Cang Hai was walking, he briefly told Xiao Yu about the high dimensional space.
Of course, Cang Hai had never had any experience in explaining theoretical knowledge, so he wasn’t able to talk in detail.



Although Cang Hai wasn’t a qualified teacher, the good thing was that Xiao Yu was a motivated student.



When he encountered a block, he would take the initiative to ask so that Cang Hai could explain to him.



If he couldn’t understand, he would secretly note it and leave it for later.



Between questions and answers, the original boring journey also became interesting.



“This is for you to eat.”



Teaching had come to an end, even the strictest teachers had to leave a little time for students to digest slowly.



Cang Hai then handed Xiao Yu a skewer of meat while he was thinking hard.



Xiao Yu was used to receiving what Cang Hai handed him, and only when it reached his hand did he realize it was meat strips, and after biting into it he was instantly captured by the distinctive mellow aroma of the meat strips.



“Thank you, it’s delicious.” But he felt a little strange, “This seems to be different from the taste of the air-dried meat we had this morning.”



Cang Hai nodded slightly: “It’s made from the meat of the Hidden Wing Mantis, if you like it, I have more here.”



The little mermaid didn’t seem to like the candy beans he gave the little mermaid earlier so he thought about where to get some more snacks.


The resources of the deserted planet were limited, so everything needed to be sourced locally.



So he simply cut the meat of the hidden winged mantis into thin strips and put it into the air dryer to dry, and the unique flavor of the meat strips was made.



The meat strips were chewy and easy to store.
If Xiao Yu liked it, so he could make more in the future and give the little mermaid as a snack on the road.


Xiao Yu didn’t expect that Cang Hai would purposely prepare snacks for him, the taste of meat strips was certainly much better than the sweet colored sugar beans, he didn’t mince words of praise to Cang Hai.



Cang Hai didn’t answer, but the corners of his mouth raised upward unnoticeably, obviously enjoying Xiao Yu’s compliments.



The day was getting dark, after a day of rushing, even as strong as Cang Hai was, he felt a little bit of fatigue.



He found a safe place to put Xiao Yu down and they simply ate dinner.



Xiao Yu laid on Cang Hai’s bed and looked up at the starry sky.



From his perspective, he could see a brightly colored Milky Way across the sky, bright stars twinkled round the Milky Way, and every now and then a trailing meteor streaked by and crashed into the vast Milky Way without a trace.


Yesterday, he went to bed too early and missed the beautiful night view, so he could enjoy it tonight.



Cang Hai could hear that the little mermaid was still awake: “Why don’t you sleep? There’s still a long way to go tomorrow.”


Xiao Yu thought that it was Cang Hai who carried him on his back anyway.
He only needed to be responsible for guiding the way, so he didn’t feel tired at all.


But on the surface, he was very honest: “Looking at the stars.”



Knowing that Cang Hai couldn’t see it, he described what he saw to Cang Hai as much as possible.


Cang Hai didn’t interrupt, and he didn’t know how much he heard.



Xiao Yu wasn’t quite accustomed to this one-sided output, and closed his mouth, thinking that Cang Hai didn’t like to hear this.



Unexpectedly, Cang Hai suddenly said to him: “The Milky Way you see is the meteorite belt outside the Desolate Star.
As for the meteor, it is just a meteorite that crashed into the meteorite belt.”



Xiao Yu: “……”



“However,” Cang Hai’s words turned, “the possibility of an alien meteorite hitting the meteorite belt is one in a billion, and the fact that we can witness such a tiny possibility is a miracle in itself.
Any more calculation, the possibility of getting out of here alive is much greater than that.”



Why did this sound like he was comforting him?



Before closing his eyes, Xiao Yu wasn’t able to figure out this question.

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