All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 282: The Storyline Designed with Feet? (Part 1)

Chapter 281: All the people present are trash

Three days passed in a flash!

On the square of Haotian Academy…

At this moment, more than twenty thousand spectators were gathered. All of them were disciples of Haotian Academy from large families and great sects.

There were even some students who had graduated after hearing the news and returned to watch this special assessment.

It was different from the first round.

This time, the direction of the audience was completely one-sided.

“Haha, does that He Yiming dare to come?”

“If I were him, I definitely wouldnt dare to come!”

“Thats right, this second round of the exam will not only assure his loss, perhaps… Itll take his life!”


Over twenty thousand spectators, the weakest among them were at the early stage of the Spirit Vein Realm, and the late stage of the Spirit Vein Realm were everywhere. In fact, there were even hundreds of peak Spirit Vein Realm existences in the arena!

In the first round of the test, the participants that were in the top ten of the Heavenly Ranking sat here and became an audience.

“Haha, He Yiming, whats the use of your outstanding performance in the first round?”

“Thats right, in the second round of the exam, those examinees actually appeared. Those fellows strength is already strong, and there are a lot of them. Even if they participate in the normal Northern Spiritual Realm sect exam, they are not afraid at all! Not to mention dealing with He Yimings disciples!”

“This time, He Yiming, lets see how arrogant you are! This is the group assessment of 100 disciples! Even if you had four geniuses, I wouldnt believe that the rest of your disciples are all geniuses!”

The top ten of the Heavenly Ranking, once the same as He Yiming, sat in the audience, quietly waiting.They all wanted to see He Yimings despairing face as soon as possible.

In next to no time, the first figure to participate in the exam appeared.

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