Chapter 283: The Storyline Designed with Feet? (Part 2)

At a glance, He Yiming noticed that other than the Ice Palace and a few Sea Wheel Realm experts, all of them had green fire on their heads!

“All of them are enemies? Hehe! This Gu Hang is truly insane! However, this is also good.
This way, there is no need to worry about accidental injury! Just one pot!” He Yiming smiled, lowered his head, and crushed a jade slip in his hand.

Soon after arriving at Haotian Academy, He Yiming received a jade slip from Wang Ping.

Wang Ping had already completed his mission, but Wang Ping also meant that Gu Hang had used his power to send him and the other teachers from Haotian Academy away.

In the second round, all the Sea Wheel Realm experts would be members of Gu Hang’s faction.

Wang Ping strongly advised He Yiming not to come back.

However, He Yiming didn’t care at all!

Gu Hang and Gu Changfeng must be eradicated as soon as possible.

The Holy Prison Land seemed to be afraid of something and didn’t dare to attack!

It was impossible for other sects to attack him.

If he didn’t seize this opportunity to kill them all in one go, what was he waiting for? Did he want to keep these two pieces of shit for the Deep Sea King Hotpot PARTY?

“You shouldn’t have come…” Nangong Li turned to He Yiming.

At the early Foundation Establishment Realm, his cultivation was weak.
Even though he was already heaven defying…

Still too weak!

“Don’t worry, I don’t care about such trash!” He Yiming smiled calmly.

“This is a trap.
You… You should already know!” Nangong Li spoke again.

“I know! That’s why I’ m here!” After He Yiming finished speaking, he didn’ t say anything else and stared at Nangong Li.

The two of them did not say a word.
They just quietly looked at each other.
Everything was silent.

“Damn it!” Seeing this scene, Qing’er became jealous again.

“He Yiming, I’m telling you, don’t think that just because you’ve stepped into the Foundation Establishment Realm, you’re amazing! I, Qing’er, have also stepped into the Foundation Establishment Realm!” Qing’er stood up and stood in front of Nangong Li.

However, He Yiming didn’t seem to have heard anything.
He only looked at Nangong Li.

Qing’er turned to look at Nangong Li and then at He Yiming.
For some reason, she was even angrier.

“He Yiming, open your eyes wide.
Look closely.
I, Qing’er, am already in the Foundation Establishment Realm! In terms of cultivation, it’s even more profound and solid than yours!” Qing’er tried to attract He Yiming’s attention time and time again.

However, she was ignored by He Yiming.

“Hold the grass! Brother Ming is really showing off! On this side, the ridicule was complete.
He then immediately turned around and started to pick up girls!”

“That’s right! Right now, everyone here is furious.
They might attack at any moment! Brother Ming, on the other hand, has completely ignored them!”

“You’re worthy of being my Brother Ming! Damn it!”

The players couldn’t help but praise him.

At this moment, Gu Hang also knew that if he dragged it further, he would probably be unable to suppress his anger.

If he didn’t start the test, many people would probably attack He Yiming!

If He Yiming died right now, then wouldn’t the ten items that he had carefully prepared be utterly miserable, causing He Yiming to feel despair and pain be wasted?

“Since everyone is here!

“Then let’s begin the first trial!

“Arena battle!”

Gu Hang waved his hand and several formation masters joined forces to activate the formation.

Boom boom boom!

At the center of the square, a huge arena slowly rose!

“Arena battle?” He Yiming took a glance at the arena and immediately noticed something fishy.

“That’s right! In the first round, the Ice Palace does not need to participate and is exempted.
They automatically pass!

“But, He Yiming, you must participate! The four disciples that had participated in the first round are indeed outstanding.
They do not need to participate, but the other 96 disciples have to participate in this arena battle!” Gu Hang said indifferently.

“Good!” He Yiming smiled.

“Arena, split!”

With a wave of Gu Hang’s hand, the huge arena actually slowly split apart!

In the blink of an eye, it transformed into an entire 96 combat arenas.

Ao? He Yiming was taken aback. Gu Hang had quite a few small schemes!

“The first round of the test is very simple!

“The five participants will send out their own 96 disciples.
A total of 480 participants will form a group of five, each to stand!

“After the competition begins, a chaotic battle will begin!

“When there’s only one person left in each arena, the arena will merge with the other arena!

“In the end, all the battle rings will merge into a single stage!

“The last person to stand is the victor! The other four participants would automatically fail and be eliminated!”

Gu Hang pretended to explain the rules.

“Sovereign of the Solitary Sword Sect, Surging Sword!

“Tyrant Fist Sect, Zhang Hu!

“Six Law Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, Li Shuo!

“Head of the Zheng Yuan Sect, Gu Changfeng!

“Yan Huang Sect, He Yiming!

“The five of you, send your 96 disciples to the arena according to the distribution of staff!”  Gu Hang slowly said.

“Hahahaha, He Yiming, we can finally start with your disciple!”

“Heh, not bad, really not bad!”

“I really like this arena battle!”

Surgin Sword, Zhang Hu, Li Shuo, and Gu Changfeng all spoke excitedly.

He Yiming didn’t mind and instructed the players to follow the staff’s orders and enter the arena.

Not long after, 480 participants stood on the stage.

“Hehe!” Seeing this, He Yiming smiled.

“Hold the grass! This game must be poisonous!”

“Is a dog planning and writing the plot?”

“This cheating… This sort of order, is it certain that the people who planned this are not scheming against us? Are you sure it’s random?”

All 96 players exploded!

This was because each of the 96 stages had a disciple named He Yiming.

At the same time, each of them had a disciple from the Solitary Sword Sect, Tyrant Fist Sect, Six Law Pavilion, and Zheng Yuan Sect.

Moreover, these four sects weren’t hiding anything at all.
They lined up and locked onto the players.

It was obviously a 4v1 rhythm!

All of the 96 arenas were like this!

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