Chapter 284: Sorry, The Show Has Just Begun! (Part 1)

“How shameless!” He Yiming felt a little emotional in his heart.

This Gu Hang had reached a state of insanity.

It seemed that choosing to come here and completely deal with Gu Hang and Gu Changfeng was the right decision.

If he didn’t deal with these two pieces of shit, who knew what would happen to him!

“You like to cheat?Like to use rules to bully people? Haha, good, I’ll let you see who can cheat more!” He Yiming smiled and sent out a mission skillfully.

Time-Limited Mission: Rise! [For arena players]

Target: 1v4, destroy the enemy in three breaths and kill them all! Leaving one opponent alive means failure!

Requirement: Do not reveal your true cultivation.

Reward: 3,000 contribution points.

The moment this small mission was released, the players on the arena were in an uproar!

“Hold the grass! This mission is such a freak!”

“Hold the grass, I like this kind of official mission that implies that they’re cheating!”

“Huwew, I’m not going to showoff today.
I’m even going to play a pretend game.“

The 96 players all rubbed their hands in excitement.

“Palace Master, that old fellow Gu Hang is so shameless!” When Qing’er saw this, she couldn’t help but feel aggrieved for He Yiming’s disciples.

Such an onbvious action, once news of it spread, Haotian Academy’s reputation for thousands of years would truly be ruined.

This wasn’t just behind the scenes.

This was a blatant public attack.

On each stage, He Yiming’s disciples had to face the situation of being surrounded by four people.

Four experts from different sects joined forces.

Gu Changfeng’s disciples were at the pseudo-Foundation Establishment Realm.
The other three sects’ disciples’ cultivation bases were all astonishing.
It was obvious that they had consumed a large amount of pills and their cultivation base had increased in a very short period of time.

They were all at the peak of the Spirit Vein Realm, or at the half-step Foundation Establishment Realm.
There were even some pseudo-Foundation Establishment Realm experts.

Even a monkey could tell that Gu Hang’s so-called first round was to kill all of He Yiming’s disciples the moment the battle began.

There was no point in saying that all the arenas would merge together.

“He Yiming, why don’t you get your disciples to come down? Do you want to see them die for nothing?” Qing’er didn’t have the heart to watch a massacre, so she hastily reminded He Yiming.

“Little girl, you know nothing about my disciples!” He Yiming smiled calmly.

Only He Yiming knew how terrifying these players were.

An explosion-level increase in cultivation was only superficial.

In the past month or so, the players had created four more trump cards.

One more than the other!

However, not to mention the four trump cards, they didn’t even need to use his true cultivation against these trash.

However, if he was to passively accept Gu Hang’s arrangement, that was not He Yiming’s personality.

“Since the disciples are all here! How about the five of us do the same! He Yiming raised his palm!


He Yiming created an arena.

He Yiming stepped onto the stage, looking down at Gu Changfeng and the others.

“Of course, if you four trash don’t dare, I won’ t force you!” He Yiming used a knife skillfully.

“You’re courting death!”

“He Yiming, you’re dead!”

“Don’t stop me today!”

Surging Sword, Zhang Hu, and Li Shuo were enraged and jumped onto the stage.

“Hahahaha, you’re finished, you’re finished!!! He Yiming, I want to see how you die!!!” Gu Changfeng didn’t get into the arena.
Instead, he laughed heartily, looking like a madman.

“Hmm?” Gu Hang frowned, but he also knew that stopping Surging Sword, Zhang Hu, and Li Shuo would be too difficult, so he called over a subordinate.

“Go, tell the three of them not to beat He Yiming to death.
Make them take their time and torture him!”


At this moment, on the 96 arenas, everyone stood ready.

He Yiming, on the other hand, stood with his hands behind his back.
He did not care about Surging Sword, Zhang Hu, and Li Shuo.

Their auras had only reached the mid Foundation Establishment stage.

“Palace Head, He Yiming will die if he does this! Stop him!” Qing’er saw that He Yiming was an early Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator, and his cultivation base was still so weak, yet he was challenging three middle Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators.
She couldn’t help but speak anxiously.

“Hmm? Why are you so concerned about him now?” Nangong Li spoke softly with a faint smile.

“I, I don’t care about him! Hmph, I just feel, feel… I’m afraid you’ll feel sad!” Qing’er’s face turned red as she hastily explained.

“Don’t worry…

“If I feel right…

“The current He Yiming, under the Sea Wheel Realm…

“He’s invincible!”

Nangong Li muttered softly, but with a resolute tone.

“Invincible below the Sea Wheel Realm?” Qing’er was dumbfounded.
She looked at He Yiming’s early Foundation Establishment Realm cultivation.

How could this bit of cultivation be invincible?

At this moment, in a hidden corner…

“Aiyo, I didn’t expect… I really didn’t expect…” A lazy and pleasant voice sounded.

Wang Yue’s gaze swept over He Yiming and the other disciples.

“100 Disciples, all at the late Foundation Establishment Realm and peak cultivation… Tsk tsk tsk, how did you do it?”

“Furthermore, even I am unable to see through your cultivation.
I can only sense that you have indeed entered the Sea Wheel Realm!

“Two months ago, you were at the peak of the Spirit Vein Realm!

“In two months, you stepped into the Sea Wheel Realm… How did you do it?”

Wang Yue’s gaze shifted as she became more and more curious about He Yiming.

He Yiming was in a poor state.
With his status as a commoner, he was able to suppress tens of thousands of disciples of large clans and sects, and even Nangong Li.
That was already shocking enough!

In Wang Yue’s eyes, the number one genius in the entire Northern Spirit Realm was undoubtedly He Yiming.

Even when He Yiming graduated, he was only at the peak of the tenth stage of the Body Refining Realm!

But only now did Wang Yue notice.

The first step in He Yiming’s grand plan to reach the peak was probably to take down the head of Haotian Academy.

Haotian Academy was only a stepping stone for He Yiming.

After leaving Haotian Academy, He Yiming truly soared into the sky.

“To be able to conceal your cultivation base that even I can’t see through it… This must be an ancient technique! He Yiming, who exactly are you?” This was the first time Wang Yue is so curious about a man, so obsessed, so unable to look away….

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