Chapter 285: Sorry, The Show Has Just Begun! (Part 2)

“He Yiming, you’re really courting death.
If you just watched quietly from below the arena, you can still live for a while longer.
What a pity…” Gu Hang shook his head then stood up and announced loudly.

“First round, begin!”

Following Gu Hang’s order, on the 96 arenas, everyone moved.

“Hahaha, kid, don’t blame us! If you want to blame someone, then blame your sect master!”

“Four against one, you have no chance at all!”

“In the first round, you will be losing your life!”

On the 96 arenas, all the disciples of the four sects made their move in unison, locking onto the players.
Then, each and every one of them strutted around and prepared to join forces to take down He Yiming’s disciples.

“Hahaha, He Yiming, the three of us will let you live for a bit longer.
We’ll let you see how your disciples died!” Surging Sword, Zhang Hu, and Li Shuo were not in a hurry to attack.
They crossed their arms over their chests, their faces full of pride.

“Is that so?” He Yiming didn’t explain anything.
Instead, he looked over.

The battle had begun.

However, everything that happened next was like a bolt of lightning!

“Xiao Li Throwing Knife! Four in a row!” Xiao Li raised his flying knife and four lightning flying knives tore through the air, instantly piercing through the space between the brows of the four opponents in front of him.

In less than half a breath…

“The dishes will be given for nothing!” Xiao Li Throwing Knife proudly smiled and looked down.
The arena slowly moved towards the other arenas nearby.

“Feel the power of my forty meter long saber!” Gentleman Qian smiled and waved his hand!

The forty meter wide saber appeared and slashed horizontally.
Before the four people on the other side could even jump up and dodge, they were all cut off by the waist.

The forty meter wide blade swept past, cutting the remaining twelve enemies in half.

“Hold the grass, poisonous!”

“Gentleman, you’re shameless! You’ re too shameless!”

“Hold the grass! You’re using a large saber to publicly steal my kill? Dammit! You’re even able to snatch this away from me!”

The other three arena players vomited.

Hold the grass, before I can make a move, the kill had been snatched by a Gentleman Qian! Could it be played like this? Which idiot had designed this arena? Fuck!

“Scatter!” Qian Benying waved her hand, and dozens of Soul Severing Blades whistled out, instantly returning!

The four people on the other side had just raised their hands when they turned into pieces on the ground.
They could not move anymore.

Almost at the same time, such a thing happened on all the arenas.

Three breaths had just passed.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at the center of the square in astonishment.

At this moment, there were only 96 people left on the 96 arenas!

All of them were He Yiming’s disciples!

From beginning to end, these 96 people hadn’t become serious at all.
Not to mention being injured, not a single hair had fallen off their heads.

All of them were instantly killed.

What pseudo-Foundation Establishment, what half-step Foundation Establishment.

They were all just like a swarm of flies, they were instantly slapped to death.


The 96 figures on the arena were all filled with battle intent.

Their auras were unprecedentedly powerful.

“Hahaha, Gentleman Qian, you dare to steal my kill? Today, I’ll beat you to the point that even your mother won’t recognize you!”

“Kid, how dare you steal my Deep Sea King kebabs? You’re dead today!”

“I didn’t even warm up just now, so I’ll use you to warm up and take first place in the arena!”

“Phew, that didn’t count.
Now is the official start of the arena battle!”

“I understand.
The dog scheming that I just prepared is just a plot preparation.
I say, why are you so weak! A big PK is the real deal!”

“It’s finally time for me to show my strength! I’ll give the young ladies of the Ice Palace a show.
I’ll show them the most handsome man in the Yan Huang Sect!”

The 96 arenas quickly merged with each other, transforming into 48 large combat rings.

As for the 96 players, they instantly locked onto their opponents.
All of them were filled with battle intent.

Sorry, the battle just now did not count!

Such a trashy opponent could not even be considered a warm-up!

The Ice Palace Misses are all watching, but I am yet to show off.
How could it end like this?

Now is the official start!


In the next moment, 96 players made their move!


A player punched down and created a huge hole in the ground of the arena!

The ground of this arena was enough to withstand a chaotic battle of dozens of Foundation Establishment experts without being damaged in the slightest.

At this moment, these players had casually created a huge pit.

“Scatter!” With the sound of Gentleman Qian whispering, over a hundred Soul Severing Blades rose into the air, all of them armed and charged at the players on the other side!

“Lightning Technique, Chidori!” There were also players who used their hands and feet to attack the enemy.

The 96 players instantly fought.

That battle scene wasn’t at the level of the 96 arenas.

It was a terrifying battle that was even fiercer and fiercer than an ordinary Foundation Establishment expert.

Gu Hang:???

The audience:???

Mu Ming:???

Yan Gang:???

He Yiming said, “What the f*ck! These people.
Those are your own people.
Don’t beat the shit out of each other!”

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