Chapter 286: Explosion? Mad respect!

“Die! Slag!”

“See my true strength!”

“Ah, despicable, despicable outsider!!!”

The 96 players were in a chaotic battle.
Powerful energy erupted in all directions and spread out.

In next to no time, the people around the arena were implicated, and there were even spectators that were hit.

“Turtle Wave Energy Art!” Vegeta let out a furious roar and shot out a shockwave.

“Hahaha! What a waste of power! I’ll just dodge it!!!” The player on the other side had his hands on his hips and twisted his body to avoid it!

However, the shockwave tore through the air and struck the audience!


Instantly, a disciple of a large clan let out a shrill cry, and then he died on the spot, while also causing the seven or eight spectators in the surroundings to be heavily injured in unison.

“Hold the grass, if you have the guts, don’t hide!” Gentleman Qian brandished his forty-meter-long saber and slashed fiercely.

The player on the other side easily avoided it.

“Hahaha, are you stupid? With such a large blade, even a monkey would dodge it!” This player laughed.

However, the large saber whistled past, directly slashing a re-examiner and more than ten disciples under him who were watching the show not far from the arena.
With a single slash of the saber, all of their necks spiraled into the sky.

“Shoot him! Shoot him to death!” Haribo waved his hand, and the ten wooden crossbows fired in succession!

The sky was filled with crossbow bolts that tore through the air, and all of them were enwrapped with Colored Arm!

“I’ll dodge, I’ll dodge, I’ll dodge again.
I’ll spin, jump, and close my eyes! Too simple, I can even dance the Aura of the Sand Mink!” However, Cold Water on the other side was simply gracefully dodging all of them.
As he jumped into the broadcast gymnastics, he easily dodged all the arrows.

But when he dodged the attack, many of the spectators behind him were in a miserable state.
They were all wildly shot, and they suffered heavy casualties.

“Headmaster Gu, quickly, stop them!”

“Damn it, Headmaster Gu.
He Yiming’s disciples have gone berserk.
They’re fighting like crazy!”

“Headmaster Gu, save me!”

The surrounding disciples of the other heavy examinees, as well as the audience, all began to frantically dodge, but there were still people who were injured by accident.
Many people looked at Gu Hang in unison, crying and pleading.

“Dammit, what are you doing? All of you stay here….???” Just as Gu Hang was about to shout to stop, he was suddenly dumbfounded.

Stop it!

He Yiming’s disciples were killing each other, what the hell am I supposed to do?

Wait, something is wrong!

If they continued fighting, who knew how many people would die!

This was especially the case for the audience.
Many of them were disciples of large families and great sects, yet now they had died in Haotian Academy.
This blame was definitely on him.

While Gu Hang didn’t know whether to stop him or continue to watch the show, waiting for He Yiming’s disciples to be killed or injured in the internal strife, He Yiming turned around and looked at the three people in front of him.

“If you cripple your own cultivation and break your own arms, I can spare your lives!” He Yiming said calmly and amiably.

“You… Damn it! Your disciples are formidable, but that doesn’t mean that you are definitely formidable!”

“That’s right, don’t think that you are strong just because you killed a Foundation Establishment demon beast with your bare hands! We are even stronger!”

“Three against one.
Our cultivation base is even higher.
You’ll definitely lose!”

Surging Sword, Zhang Hu, and Li Shuo roared and simultaneously launched their attacks.

“This one in my hand is a mid-grade spirit treasure, the heavy sword Wufeng.
This sword will take your life!” Surging Sword took out a two-meter-long sword, circulated all his cultivation energy, and swung it towards He Yiming!

There was no edge to the heavy sword, and it was wrapped in sword qi.
Its might was enough to injure a late Foundation Establishment cultivator.



He Yiming raised a finger and whistled down, cleaving Surging Sword and his heavy sword Wufeng in half.

“Die! Die!” Zhang Hu was already in front of He Yiming, unleashing his strongest power and striking He Yiming’s chest.

Crack, crack, crack!

Countless cracks appeared on the ground beneath He Yiming’s feet, but He Yiming did not move at all.
His body did not even shake.


He Yiming turned around and kicked Zhang Hu’s head.

“Six meridians Absolute Qi!!!” Li Shuo raised his hand, and the six attributes of gold, water, fire, earth, lightning, and ice turned into six colored slashes that fused together, and exploded towards He Yiming, directly striking He Yiming’s shoulder.


The Six-Colored Slash disappeared after it hit the cloth around the shoulder that was wrapped in Colored Arm.

This ordinary cloth did not even leave a single white mark.

“Six colors? Me too!” He Yiming raised his hand!


Blazing Technique!

Ice Art!

Heavenly Lightning Body’s power!

Colored Arm!

Wood technique!

He Yiming’s six-colored attack instantly hit with Li Shuo’s body, piercing it.

“This… fake… fake!” Li Shuo’s eyes widened, and then his body split into seven pieces, neatly arranged and lying on the ground.

“How… he… he’s clearly only at the early Foundation Establishment Realm!” Qing’er witnessed this scene with her own eyes and didn’t dare to believe it.

He was an early Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator that was clearly still so weak, yet he had killed three mid Foundation Establishment cultivators in the blink of an eye?

Wasn’t a battle between cultivators won by the better cultivator?

Even Qing’er could tell that He Yiming had not used his full strength!

He was simply releasing the sea!

“Because he’s He Yiming!” At this moment, Nangong Li couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

He Yiming leisurely turned around and looked at Gu Changfeng.

“Impossible! He Yiming, how could you be so strong?” Gu Changfeng was already about to go crazy.
Seeing He Yiming as if he was on a field trip, he killed Surging Sword, Zhang Hu, and Li Shuo.
His entire body was about to collapse…

“It’s been two months.
I can’t remember.
Right, who are you?” He Yiming asked with a smile.

“Ah, He Yiming, I’m Gu Changfeng!!! I am the mid Foundation Establishment Realm Gu Changfeng!!!” Gu Changfeng was enraged and roared.

“Middle Foundation Establishment? Just like these trash?” He Yiming smiled and mocked again.

“I, I’m not at the mid Foundation Establishment Realm!!! I’m stronger!!!” Gu Changfeng’s entire body went crazy.
He suddenly took out a bunch of cultivation pills and ate them all in one go.


In the next moment, Gu Changfeng began to madly circulate his cultivation technique and absorb the power of these pills.

In just a short period of time, Gu Changfeng’s aura had rapidly increased.
Unfortunately, it was still a bit lacking.

“That’s it?” He Yiming’s remark once again angered Gu Changfeng.

“I, Gu Changfeng, am definitely stronger than this!” Gu Changfeng took out even more medicinal pills and ate them.

“No! Feng’er, quickly stop!!!” Gu Changfeng’s actions were finally seen by Gu Hang.
Gu Hang couldn’t be bothered to stop He Yiming’s disciple anymore.
Instead, he crazily shouted, trying to stop Gu Changfeng.

“Hahaha, power, power!!! Hahaha, I, Gu Changfeng, am invincible!” Gu Changfeng roared excitedly!

In the next moment, the medicinal power of the dozens of medicinal pills in Gu Changfeng’s body exploded, directly striking all of his meridians.

Gu Changfeng’s aura rapidly increased.
He was about to break through to the late Foundation Establishment Realm.

“That’s it? Then what?” He Yiming spoke unhurriedly.

Gu Changfeng was stunned.
At this moment, he was lost in his thoughts and could no longer control the power of the berserk medicinal pill!


An explosion!

Gu Changfeng exploded!

Exploding on the spot!

“?” He Yiming was stunned.

Hold the grass!

He actually exploded!

Show off!

This is a real show!

He Yiming didn’t expected that he would be able to make Gu Changfeng explode through talking.

“He actually used the technique of self-oxplosion?

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!

“I am willing to bow down!”

He Yiming cupped his fists in a serious manner.


The remaining pieces of Gu Changfeng’s corpse exploded with a bang.

Seeing this, Wang Lufei and the others, as well as over 200 million viewers in the live broadcast room, were instantly in an uproar.

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