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ji Wuxuan, the leader in tianjiao of the Northern territory

Northern Territory, Taiyan Holy Land.

Today is the triennial recruitment ceremony of Taiyan Holy Land. As the eight top forces in the famous Northern Territory, each recruitment ceremony does not know how many young heroes come to worship the sect.

”Senior Brother Ji! ”

Under the obsessive gaze of many young disciples, a man dressed in white walked out slowly.

He is unbelievably handsome, with silver hair, the roots of which are crystal clear like snow, draped over his shoulders, his eyes glow with a faint golden light, and his temperament exudes an indescribable noble meaning.

Seeing him appear, the disciples, both men and women, showed admiration, and the elders on the side also had proud expressions on their faces.

”Is he Ji Wuxuan, the contemporary son of Taiyan Holy Land? ”

Under the stage, a tall and beautiful woman in a red dress looked at Ji Wuxuan curiously. She couldn help thinking of the invincible figure two years ago, her eyes were a little obsessed.

The beautiful woman in the red dress, whose real name is Ye Fenger, is the daughter of the head of the Ye family, one of the eight great families of the Tianhuo Dynasty.

When I was playing a game two years ago, I happened to encounter the demonic demons that triggered the demon tide, and I was captured by the demonic demons. When I thought I was about to be humiliated and despaired, a sword light flashed, and after smashing the endless demonic energy, it was divided into sixty. The four sword energies turned into a mysterious sword formation, killing all the murderers of the devils way in an instant without accidentally hurting any innocent people.

Its just a pity that the figure in white came too quickly and left too fast, and Ye Fenger was a little scared by the demons at the time, so he didn see the true face of the figure in white, but only after trying hard to find out and save him The person named Ji Wuxuan is a contemporary senior brother in Taiyan Holy Land, a leader in the entire Northern Territory Tianjiao.

She, Ye Fenger, was considered a top-notch in the Skyfire Dynasty, but in front of Taiyan Holy Land, in front of Ji Wuxuan, she could only be regarded as an ordinary little girl.

Even if she wanted to repay, in front of Ji Wuxuan, Im afraid that the whole family would have nothing to see in the eyes of Ji Wuxuan.


A young daughter like Ye Fenger has a bit of stubbornness in her heart after all, so she has been practicing hard for the past two years, worshipping the Taiyan Holy Land, hoping to get closer to that figure.

While she was thinking wildly, Ji Wuxuan on the stage said some encouraging words to the new disciples and gradually came to an end.

”Ye Fan, wait a minute, go buy some things to decorate the cave. ”

Ye Fenger turned her head to look at the handsome man behind her, and said lightly.

As the eight top forces in the Northern Territory, the Taiyan Holy Land, even if it is just an ordinary disciple, is at least at the level of the great clan, so even the treatment of ordinary disciples is similar to that of the inner disciples of the first-class forces in the Northern Territory. Not only does it have its own cave, but also Has its own miscellaneous servants.

The three generations of Ye Fan are the servants of the Ye family, and they are very loyal to the Ye family. In the past few months, Ye Fanxiu has risen to the top, and he has become the first master of the handyman. In addition, he has a lot of potential at a young age, so he followed Ye Fenger. Get up to Taiyan Holy Land.

”Yes, maam. ”

Behind him, Ye Fan, who was dressed as a handyman and looked handsome, nodded. The confidence in his behavior did not show the restraint of a handyman. Instead, when he looked at the rest of the disciples, the depths of his pupils flickered slightly.

No one knew the emotion in his heart at this moment.

Three months ago, he was just an ordinary handyman, but a fortuitous encounter allowed him to go from a handyman who only only had some basic martial arts to the completion of physical training in a short period of time. He was only one step away. Stepping into the enlightenment realm, by then relying on his strong foundation, even among these disciples, he is not considered weak.

Thinking of it, he couldn help but look at his young lady, Ye Fenger, with a bit of obsession in his eyes.

Ye Fenger is one of the most beautiful pearls in the entire Tianhuo Dynasty. I don know how many admirers. In addition, she was born in the Ye family. When many handymen chatted, she compared Ye Fenger to a fairy in the sky every time, and boasted that she was proud to see Ye Fenger. The capital, under the eyes and ears, Ye Fan also gave birth to a touch of admiration.

Its just that as a servant, you should understand your identity, and you can only hide this idea in your heart.

But now, when he came to Taiyan Holy Land and saw that the cultivation of these disciples was nothing more than that, he suddenly understood how precious that adventure was, and even more vaguely understood that the current self should no longer be limited to those who once served others. Out of sight.

Perhaps, Miss, it is no longer so hopeful and impossible.

However, just as Ye Fan was fantasizing about the future, he found that the surrounding atmosphere was eerily quiet, and when he turned around, he couldn help but be shocked.

In front of him, there was a man in white with silver hair and a shawl, looking at him with a smile.

”Ji Wuxuan!!! ”

Ye Fans heart thumped, and he only felt that the eyes of the other party were like the eyes of a god, with indescribable vastness and majesty, and he could see through everything, making him subconsciously want to cover the devil emperor relic hidden in his heart .

But soon, he discovered that he was thinking too much, and the other party only stayed on him for a moment, and then turned his attention to Ye Fenger next to him.

”I watched the match of the freshman competition. Your actual fire technique [True Phoenix Jue] is really good, but a small part is missing, which may cause some hidden dangers to the body. ”

”I happened to get a full volume when I traveled to the ruins before, you can watch it. ”

Seeing Ji Wuxuans handsome face like an immortal, Ye Fengers face rose to a red glow, she stayed there for a while, it took a long time to react, she nodded quickly, and said in a low voice.

”Thank you, Brother Ji. ”

”Small thing, with your birth, being able to rank third among the freshmen, you really have a good Dao heart and a good seedling, I naturally can bear to see Jiarenxiang because of some shortcomings in the practice. Eliminate jade damage. ”

Ji Wuxuan said slowly, but in a place that Ye Fenger didn see, Ji Wuxuan glanced at Ye Fan behind him again.

”So… didn you recognize me? ”

Ye Fenger was a little lost, but thinking about it is right, she is just one of the members he rescued. Although her appearance is the best in the Tianhuo Dynasty, in Ji Wuxuan, who is in contact with saints from all over the world every day In front of him, I am afraid it can only be regarded as outstanding, and it is normal to not remember oneself.

He didn remember himself, he was simply concerned about the body of his fellow disciples, and he was able to bestow the genuine celestial-level exercises like Zhenfeng Jue.This kind of mind was worthy of being a leader in the Northern Territorys arrogance.

Various thoughts spread in Ye Fengers mind, but no matter which one, Ye Fenger looked at Ji Wuxuan with more admiration.

When Ye Fenger was adoring, the rest of the disciples showed envy towards Ye Fenger, wishing that the exercises they had cultivated were also incomplete, and that they could receive such care from Senior Brother Ji.

And among these deep-minded ancient disciples, they were envious and awe-inspiring at the same time.

They have a background of birth from an ancient tribe in the northern region, and they know much more about Ji Wuxuans deeds than everyone present. Only then do they know how Ji Wuxuan is against the sky. This kind of person, who treats Ye Fenger with such care, nominally only cares about his disciples , but looking at Ye Fengers beautiful appearance, who can say that there will be other ideas?

Although in the identity of Ji Wuxuan, this possibility is very small, but as long as there is a possibility, no matter how beautiful Ye Fenger is, it is a taboo in their hearts that they can even think about.

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