Answer Me, Please – Chapter 15

“No way.
Rosetta likes me more.”

“Then let Rosetta choose.
Rosetta, is it me or Issel who you like more?”

By the time Rosetta was at a loss due to the two’s mischief, her older sister Tanit would come to her rescue.
Just as usual, at that moment Tanit appeared while Rosetta was in trouble between the two.
Tanit hugged Rosetta and narrowed her eyes at the two of them.

“Here we go again.
Are you guys having so much fun bullying my little sister?”

“Bullying her? We’re not like that—”

What time is it now and are you still doing this? Did you forget we have dinner tonight?”

“U-uh, right!”

Arman was the first to run hurriedly.
Tanit, who was following him, turned to Issel who was still standing beside Rosetta.

“Issel, you too, come quickly!”

Issel smiled softly at Tanit. “Yes, I will follow soon.
Go first, princess.”

Turning his head again, Issel lowered his body to Rosetta’s height.
Rosetta, who was twelve at the time, was growing up healthy, but she was still very small compared to Issel, who was already entering his teens.

“Rosetta, when you grow up, will you give flowers only to me?”

Rosetta tilted her head. “Is it that important?”

“It’s important to me.”


“Because I hate it when you cheer for other people.”

“Even if it’s Brother Arman?”

“I still hate it, let alone any other man.” He lifted the corners of his lips and added, “I want you to cheer only for me.”


Then, suddenly, an urgent voice rang out.
Returning to reality, Rosetta jumped up from her seat when she saw the scene unfolding in front of her.

Rashid, who was far superior just a moment ago, was now being pushed back by Krell.
Not only that, but his light movements as if he were flying seemed strangely heavy.
It seems like he’s become a completely different person in a moment.

Rosetta asked, “What’s going on? His movement is strange.”

Shika bit his lip and growled softly.
“When you are attacked by a monster, the poison gradually paralyzes your body.”

“Poison? Is he going to die then?”

Shika hurriedly shook his head.
“He wasn’t poisoned that much.
He’ll be fine in time.
However, Riga seems to have intended to end the duel before he becomes paralyzed, but Krell held up much better than I thought.
I didn’t know he would last this long.”

Krell doesn’t have the same skills or strength as Rashid, but he does have the tenacity to endure until the right time.
Thanks to that persistence, he finally got the upper hand now.

As Rashid’s movements slowed, Krell’s confidence quickly rose.
He, who had been busy blocking attacks just a moment ago, was now leading the way with his sword.

Eventually, his sword grazed Rashid’s side stomach.
Seeing the red blood splattered from his wound, Rosetta momentarily closed her eyes tightly.
Fortunately, it wasn’t a big wound, so Rashid blocked the attack and opened up the distance with Krell.

Looking at him who was breathing heavily, Rosetta asked Shika, “How is the end of the duel decided?”

“It’s up to the winner of the duel.
The right to live and die rests entirely with the winner.”

“You mean they’re going to keep doing this until one of them dies?”


Rosetta grabbed her skirt.
As time went on, Rashid was at a disadvantage.
His body was getting more and more paralyzed by the poison.

Shika, who noticed Rosetta’s uneasiness, shrugged his shoulders slightly.
“Don’t worry too much.
Unlike Krell, Riga has a lot of practical experience.”


At that, Rosetta became a little dazed. Am I worried? To that man?

“I am not…”

Rosetta tried to deny Shika’s words, but soon realized he was right.
Until just now, she was obviously worried about him and hoping he would win.

Why? He’d rather die since he’s the one who dragged me here.

Then Rosetta quickly shook her head. No, no matter what happens to him, I myself would be in trouble if that man were to die like this.
Wouldn’t it be a big deal if a man named Krell were to become the next chieftain? So Rashid cannot die here.
He has to survive somehow.


Just when Rosetta finished rationalizing, an ominous sound rang out.
It was the sound of Rashid’s dropped sword hitting the ground.
Rashid was clutching his right wrist, missing his sword.
His fingers didn’t move, as if the numbness had already reached his fingertips.
Shika, who had relaxed by saying not to worry just a moment ago, drew in a sharp breath.

“Are your hands paralyzed already? No way!”

The first person to notice Rashid’s condition was Krell.
He saw that Rashid couldn’t move his fingertips, and a smile bloomed across his face.

“Oh, my.
I guess Odette, the goddess of fate, is not on Riga’s side this time.” Krell aimed his sword at Rashid’s heart and said, “Don’t resent me.
It was meant to be like this from the beginning anyway.”

He ran towards Rashid at high speed.
Even though the tip of the sword came right in front of him, Rashid didn’t even seem to have time to dodge.
The moment Rosetta was about to turn her head away without seeing the whole scene, Rashid leaned forward deeply.
Krell’s body staggered as the target suddenly disappeared from his sight.
Rashid grabbed the sword that had fallen to the ground with his hand, which hadn’t even moved a moment before.
Then he turned around and slashed Krell’s back ankle to the ligament in one strike.


A cry of pain broke out.
Blood gushing from the back of his ankle quickly made the ground soggy.

“Aaaaaagh! My ankle!”

Krell rolled on the ground complaining of pain.
His ankle, which was torn wide enough to fit the fingers, was appalling at first glance.
Rashid pointed the tip of his sword at his neck as Krell squirmed on the ground.

Krell raised his eyes and groaned.
“How dare you cowardly tricked me!”

“I don’t think this is something one who deliberately fights a duel against an injured opponent would say.”

His blood oozed out as a sharp blade poked his throat little by little.
Krell couldn’t even groan as he shuddered.
The wound on his ankle was no longer a problem.
He finally realized that his head was about to part ways with his body.

“S-save me.”

He, who had been elated until a moment ago, prostrated himself at Rashid’s feet and cried servilely.
“I was wrong, so just this once…”

Rosetta smiled at the sight.
The look of the man begging with tears and a runny nose was shabby and miserable.
She even hated herself for being stuck with such a man.

“Please spare my life.”

Krell continued to humiliate himself.
Rosetta looked pathetically at the man who looked as if he would lick Rashid’s toes to live, and suddenly became curious about how Rashid would deal with that man.

In the Kingdom of Lisa, criminals are put on trial.
Depending on the seriousness of the crime, systematic executions were carried out ranging from the death penalty to fines.
However, unlike the kingdom, other neighboring countries do not implement this system.

I think I heard that it is usually handled according to custom.

“Customs are scarier than institutions.”

She recalled something her teacher once said.
Then Rosetta asked again, “Why is that?”

“A custom is an order that has been followed for a long time by the members of a society that they believe is right.
Therefore, it is difficult for those who were born and raised in it to realize the reality of the custom.
Even if the custom is a bad habit, you will consider it right.
Princess, if you look at them personally, you can’t call them bad people.
Because they never think they’re doing anything wrong.”

“Isn’t that just because they don’t have the shame they should have as human beings?”

It’s another matter with shame.
There is definitely a sense of shame in them too.
It’s just that the standard is different from ours.”

Anyway, since he challenged the chieftain’s authority and even tried to kill him, perhaps that man would be executed.
While Rosetta was thinking of such thoughts, to her surprise, Rashid drew his sword away from Krell.

“I will give you a chance to save your life.”

Rashid continued coldly, “Apologize for what you did.
However, the only thing you gain from doing so is your life.
When you return, you will be punished separately for the sins you have committed.
Your wounds will be treated.
But even if you get better, you won’t be able to walk around unscathed.”

Krell immediately put his nose in the dirt and fell face down.
“I sincerely apologize.
I will never again challenge Riga’s authority.”

Krell waited with his head bowed, but no answer came from him.
Puzzled, Krell carefully raised his head and looked at Rashid.
Rashid pointed at Rosetta in the distance with his chin.
Only then did Krell realize what he was asking him to apologize for.
It wasn’t about insulting Riga, but because he laid his hands on his woman.

Krell bowed to Rashid again.
“I-I apologize—”

“Not to me.”

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