“That’s not what a Pteranodon looks like.”

As a scientist, Queen is quite knowledgeable.
Human modification and viruses are his main specialization, and biology is an indispensable part when it comes to these fields.

Not to mention pterosaur fossils, even living pterosaurs can be found on some ancient islands.

Pteranodon does not have a thick tail like King, and the width of the lower jaw and upper jaw is far greater than the mouth shape of the pterosaur.

“It’s just that these wings are a bit of a waste.
You Lunarians are able to fly, right? That stinky girl’s flame temperature increased by a lot, what about you?”

Queen seems to have recovered his energy, or he didn’t fight seriously just now.
With unknown body modifications, plus the recovery ability of Ancient Zoan, he has surely almost recovered.

Those who do research have great curiosity, but after speaking, he suddenly regretted it.
At this time, King was in a complete beast form, Aerodactyl’s size had enlarged a bit and he was also flying in the air.

When Queen questioned his ability, King’s eyes shone with a dangerous glint, and a smile had even appeared at the corners of his mouth.

“Hey, you shouldn’t….”

Queen swallowed, and the next moment, King fluttered his wings, and four boulders the size of houses appeared out of thin air before burying Queen down below.

But this weight was still something that Queen could withstand.
After some struggle, Queen climbed out while covered in dirt.
It seems today he has suffered quite a lot.

“Isn’t this guy a pterosaur? How could a pterosaur use stone ability! Transforming into Mythical Zoan makes more sense!”

“Are you an idiot? Mythical Zoan are called mythical because of their unreasonable abilities.”

Queen didn’t speak.
Looking at the boulders that had appeared out of thin air, he fell into deep self-doubt.
The two were not even ability users a few minutes ago.

Although Ancient Zoan are not as powerful as Mythical Zoan, it is also a rare Zoan-type, and their growth rate is also not small, but after so long, he watched two people turn into Mythical Zoan user.

Who would despise more abilities? In any case, they would turn into people who cannot swim.
Of course, the stronger the ability, the better.

Sometimes people like to hug together to keep warm.
So, Queen naturally looked towards Kaido, who he thought was not an ability user.
Then, he learned that Kaido is also a Mythical Zoan user.

Kaido didn’t mention that the source of King and Shayna’s abilities is Arceus, but Shayna has always addressed Arceus as Lord Sacred Beast.

He knows about everything that was in the research institute.
The only thing sent with the two Lunarians was the strange egg and the two plates.

He didn’t believe that a….well…alpaca or horse could pop out of the stone.
He can’t tell the species of Arceus, but maybe it was hatched from that egg.

While Queen was sizing up Arceus, Arceus was also looking at Queen.
He had tried bestowing abilities to non-ability users, and he had also tried the random mutation of Devil Fruit.
And if he wants to try other modifications, he needs to look for a few more Devil Fruits.

At this time, he still wanted to try the result of modifying an ability user and there are ready-made ability users here.
He can forget about Kaido.
Arceus can determine that the stronger the body, the more energy consuming it is, and modifying Kaido is too difficult.

While Queen isn’t too strong compared to Shayna when she didn’t have any ability, so it is not bad to use him as a test subject.

It’s just that Queen is not like King and Shayna.
He has an established relationship with them due to their race.
Although Arceus is still not sure about the direction of modification, it is definitely useful and harmless.
In order to strengthen Shayna and King, he had better find the plates.

And while doing that, he can also let Kaido see the benefits he may obtain.
It was no problem strengthening Queen, but he felt there should be more value that can be extracted from this fatty.

For example, this guy is from the research institute, so he should know the location of a few plates.

Arceus released the plates from his body and floated them in front of Kaido and Queen separately.

“There are sixteen pieces of such plates, which is part of my power.” Arceus in some games does not have a Normal-Type plate, because Arceus without a plate is a Normal-Type pokémon.

But when he became Arceus, Normal-Type also became a part of his power, and each plate represents an immunity to attribute attack.

In reality, there was no restriction of carrying only one plate.
When he retrieves all the plates, whether his attacks can have additional effects or not, he can be invincible first.

“Kaido, I’ll emphasize it once again, these are the things I need.
Bring them to me, or bring me information about their location, and I’ll reward you with abilities of Mythical Zoan.
That will be the deal between us, any questions?”

“Worororo, no problem, then the alliance between you and me is official! It’s time to have a banquet!”

Banquets in Pirate Culture, there is a banquet when an alliance is formed, there is a banquet for a happy occasion, and there is a banquet for no reason.
Even the Rocks Pirates had this influence.

Every pirate basically always wants to hold a banquet, but no matter how you look at it, this deserted town is not suitable to hold a banquet.

It turns out that Kaido didn’t turn stupid and knew that this place was not suitable for banquet.

Of course, the most important thing is that even though he likes to hold banquets, he doesn’t like to organize banquets by himself.
There are only so few people under his command, so nothing can be done.

“Let’s talk about the banquet another time, but we should still drink Brothers’ Sake Cups or something.”

When one pirate crew decides to join another pirate crew, both parties will drink the “Parent-Child Sake Cups”, but when two people with similar strength choose to form an alliance, they will take similar actions to express their sincerity.
Although it is only for preserving dignity, they always keep this tradition.

They found a few containers, two big and three small, from the mochi and red bean soup shop where Queen was just now, and Kaido announced the establishment of his pirate crew- Beasts Pirates.

Arceus didn’t join the Beasts Pirates, but he planned to use their name to search for plates in the future.
To avoid unnecessary troubles, he does not want to appear in front before obtaining the powers of most of the plates.

Currently only the few people in front of him know that he has hatched from a mysterious giant egg.
If this news reached the World Government, it may cause a lot of trouble.

It is worth mentioning that the one who held Arceus’ sake cup was Shayna.

After the core of Beasts Pirates was established again, Kaido began to scrutinize Arceus’ plates carefully.
As if he recalled something, Arceus did not disturb Kaido and turned to look at Queen.


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