his buried at the bottom of a chest.


“Umm, Rocks·D·Xebec, the pirate crew I was in before.
Rocks was a real monster, and he had the ambition to become the king of the world, but five years ago in God Valley, the war completely destroyed the Rocks Pirates, and the leftover people went their separate ways.”

Rocks Pirates, the true overlord of the sea, whether it was the captain or the crew, they were all famous characters.
The young Whitebeard, Golden Lion, Charlotte Linlin, and Kaido were all members of the crew.

And Kaido could only be considered as an apprentice on the ship.

However, unlike the adventurers who gather together because of their dreams, it was a violent group that forcibly united on the premise of Rocks’ absolute strength.

The people on the ship had their own intentions, and when they saw that the situation was not good, they naturally went their separate ways.

It has been five years since the battle of God Valley ended, and Rocks has been erased from the world and history by the World Government because of his “heinous crimes”, and it is forbidden to publicize and talk about this person.

But the time is too short, and there are still many people who know Rocks.
He will only gradually get forgotten in a few years.

What’s more, Kaido is someone who experienced this incident.
He wouldn’t listen to the government’s words, so he has no scruples when talking about Rocks.

Of course, his experience on Rocks ship was not important, so he omitted it.

“Since the Rocks Pirates are gone, where did that plate go? Is it in God Valley?”

“No, the so-called God Valley has long since disappeared from the sea, and there is nothing there.
As I said, the people on the ship had their own intentions, some died, some were arrested, but many people were able to flee from there.
The person on the ship who likes the treasures most is John.
If there was no accident, everything on the ship should have been taken away by John.

“Then where is he now?”

“I don’t know, however it won’t be difficult to find his position.
But even if he is found, with his personality that values ​​​​treasures, it is impossible to take it away from him.
I’m afraid we will have to fight.
But he was my former ship’s senior, so it’s not very convenient to attack him.

“Why? When did pirates become so moral? Didn’t you say that the crew of Rocks gathered together because of their interests, and that infighting was commonplace?”

It’s true that Kaido is good to his own people and has a high tolerance towards them, but the premise is that they have enough strength to be valued by Kaido.
Arceus is obviously the one Kaido values ​​most and wants to recruit the most since has the ability that Kaido yearns for.

But he doesn’t believe that Kaido has any fond memories about John.

“I don’t have a good relationship with him.
I mean, that guy is hard to deal with.
Although it won’t be too difficult to find him, it will take a lot of time and extra money.”

Five years ago, he was living the life of an apprentice of the Rocks Pirates, but now it is different.
Five years later, he is no longer the same as before.

He doesn’t owe John anything, so he is naturally going to maximize John’s value.

Kaido didn’t request for anything more, but he eagerly suggested that he get paid the “reward” in advance this time.

“It’s not impossible, Queen, come here.” He originally wanted to use Queen for trying out more of his abilities, so he will just let Kaido have a little taste of more benefits and besides, there is no one else around except Queen.

The same power poured into Queen, consuming less energy than Shayna and more than King, and was in the middle position.

Queen is a ruthless person who can carry out strange transformations on himself.
So, he didn’t resistgarding this thing, but when he used his ability afterwards, he found a bunch of bananas growing out of his chin.

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