Queen did not directly enter the beast form, but chose the Human-Beast Form.
His main body was still Brachiosaurus, but he felt that there was something on his chin, and grabbed it with a strong grip.

According to his observation, this is a banana no matter how he sees it.

In addition, his upper shoulders and the top of his head was covered by green leaves, and four huge banana leaves were also extending out from his back.

The moment Devil Fruit is eaten, the eater will obtain its most basic ability.
Although the extent to which they can develop it later on depends on themselves, the fruit’s ability becomes a part of their body at that moment.

Among the different types of Devil Fruit, Paramecia-type is undoubtedly the most common.
Relatively speaking, using ordinary Zoan-type is much simpler, and it does not take too long to master the three stages of transformation.

Mythical Zoan-type have to gradually explore their abilities.
Compared with Shayna’s high-temperature flames and jumping power, and King’s ability to create rocks, the banana on his chin was quite weird.

But the power coming from his body told him that this was not the case.
He flapped the wide banana leaves behind him, and he found himself flying.

“This is unscientific.
How can these banana leaves move such a huge body? Is this the ability of a Mythical Zoan? It seems that I can consider a lot more things when doing my modifications.”

Swinging the tail on his back, Queen pondered many things.

Tropius does not have a tail.
The tail behind the Queen was retained from Brachiosaurus’ fruit.
This time, Arceus’ transformation was not a complete replacement.
He used a small portion of energy to arouse the power of the original Brachiosaurus’ fruit within Queen’s body, allowing it to undergo random mutation.

Although Queen’s Brachiosaurus turned into Tropius, before the transformation was completed, Arceus was not sure what form Brachiosaurus would transform into.

However, this mutation is definitely based on the body structure of Brachiosaurus.
Meganium or Aurorus may have also been possible.
The reason why he could have turned into Tropius may be because Queen likes sweets and has a heart that wants to fly.

Shayna, King, and Queen are three different types of individuals.
Although he successfully granted them abilities, there are too few examples for reference so he cannot determine what the conditions for the changes are.

Although it’s his own ability, it does not mean that he fully knows how it works, just like Judgment is engraved in his mind as his exclusive skill.
Using Judgment is just like eating and drinking, it is instinctive.

But he doesn’t know every step of how Judgment works.
Arceus is called the god of creation, but god is just a range of power, and isn’t an all-knowing and omnipotent existence.

For example, can God create a rock that he cannot lift? There is a saying that he could not lift the rock before creation, but he can lift it after creation.
Arguing and arguing will not lead to a real result .

When he modifies a few more targets, with them as a reference, the theory will naturally become clear.

Moreover, looking at Queen flying in the sky, Arceus had a new idea.
Before he regains the ability to fly, he can make Queen his special mount.

Among the five of them, only he cannot fly.
Shayna is a girl, and King isn’t big enough.
Even if he transforms into a pterosaur, he can’t move while carrying him.

As for Kaido, although he can create a cloud of flames to take everyone flying, he is now the captain, um, even though they don’t have a ship yet.
The governor general of Beasts Pirates can’t be a horse carriage everyday.

Queen’s Brachiosaurus transformed into Tropius is big enough to carry everyone on its back except Kaido.

And besides Kaido, it can be seen that both Shayna and King have a problem with him.
Who let him be one of the members of that institute in the first place.
If it wasn’t for the fact that his main research project had nothing to do with the Lunarians, I’m afraid it would not be over with just a beating.

To say it inappropriately, if one keeps a pet for a long time, you would definitely feel attachment to them, not to mention humans.
Shayna and King may be the last Lunarians on the sea, so Arceus can’t say that he has much goodwill towards Queen.

It really wouldn’t be fitting to not squeeze such a labor force.

Queen, who was thinking about his body modification plans in the sky, didn’t know that he was being labeled as a royal mount.

After easily adjusting to his new body, Queen landed on the ground.

But as he canceled his ability, the banana in his hand did not disappear.

He had also tried a few things in the sky just now.
Although the bananas on his chin could be picked off, they were extremely strong.
If he had no intention of picking them off, those bananas would be as solid as a part of his body.

There are a total of three bananas, and they didn’t regenerate after being plucked.

First of all, the things made by Devil Fruit are edible, the food transformed by Streusen’s Cook-Cook Fruit, the biscuits made by Cracker’s Bis-Bis Fruit, and even the cabbage drawn by Kanjuro’s Brush-Brush Fruit are all edible.

But those are all Paramecia-type, and the part eaten is not a part of one’s own body, but something created.

Paramecia-type Devil Fruit can actually be divided into several categories, which can be roughly divided into three types: Superhuman, Superpower and creation.

Superpower refers to the ability users who have various magical powers such as slowing down, vibration, etc.
but these have nothing to do with food.

Superpowers and creation sometimes have overlapping parts, such as Cook-Cook Fruit, which can be said to create new food, or it uses superpower to turn inedible things into food.

But creation refers to the ability users who can create various things out of thin air.
The food made by this category of Paramecia-type fruit is naturally edible.
Biscuits, mochi, cream, they have nothing to do with the body.

The superhumans simply change their body structure.
For example, Gasparde’s Candy-Candy Fruit, although his body can transform into candy syrup, it cannot make candy, and the taste is also unpalatable.
This has been personally verified by Luffy in an anime movie.

And Zoan-type undoubtedly belongs to the category of superhuman body.
The body of Zoan can bear fruit, which is really too magical.

Looking at the banana in his hand, Queen reached a decision, pulled off the banana peel, and then threw the banana into his mouth.
Soon after, he showed an expression of enjoyment.

Sweet, soft and sticky, this is the best banana he has ever eaten.
He is from the sweet faction, otherwise he would not be in love with such sweet and greasy food like mochi and red bean soup.

But from this banana, he experienced a unique sweetness, which seemed to bring together the sweetness of all the fruits.
Comparing the taste of the banana, he found it is comparable to mochi and red bean soup.

After that, he used his ability again and plucked off the remaining two bananas.


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