Queen’s Brachiosaurus-transformed Tropius was even bigger, which caused the bananas to be even bigger, but to those who eat in buckets, the three bananas were just enough to tickle the cravings in their stomachs.

The first thing that Queen did to develop new abilities was nothing else but to study how to grow the bananas.
But after several unsuccessful attempts, he had no choice but to turn to look at Arceus.

He obtained this ability from him, so he must know something.

Queen moved closer, with a fawning smile on his face.

Body modification is one of his favorite things, and in this regard, Arceus’ ability has reached the peak.

Bestowing these kinds of abilities is tantamount to the modification directly at the genetic level.
If he can thoroughly study this power, he will definitely become the most talented person in this field.

Not to mention the extremely sweet magical bananas.

“Hey, hey, you must know how to produce bananas with this ability, right?

And how did you accomplish this modification…”

“Youuu… show some respect to Lord Sacred Beast!”

Queen who had moved closer was faced with Shayna’s hands wrapped in flames.
It would definitely be a dereliction of her duty if she let this stupid fatty moved closer.

After obtaining the new ability, Shayna hadn’t canceled her ability, instead she has been keeping this form all this time.

In the Human-Beast state, Blaziken’s head has turned into a mask and she likes the crimson mask that hides her face.

She and King are destined to be unable to show their true identity for a long time in the future, so she has kept maintaining this state.
Except for exposing a small part of her chin, her hands and feet were wrapped in special bandage-like objects, and the black wings on her back have also turned into crimson wings.

Lunarians possess powerful constitution and excellent endurance, especially Shayna whose ability has been strengthened.
So, just maintaining this state is not exhausting for her.

Her ability comes entirely from Arceus’ power.
Although it is similar to Devil Fruit, it is essentially different, and it consumes much less stamina to maintain this state.

King was also using his ability, but Aerodactyl is different from Blaziken and does not have a mask, so his head was completely that of a pterosaur.

This is also one of the differences brought about by Arceus’ ability.

Human-Beast Form’s characteristic features of Bird-type Zoan fruit is different from other Zoans as it transforms their head, but retains the limbs.

Human-Beast Form of Bird-type, and pterosaur-type Zoan fruit, transforms the wings, which will fuse with the arms, while retaining the appearance of the feet and head.

And when King’s Pteranodon turned into Aerodactyl, his Human-Beast Form also changed, his hands were retained, his head transformed into a pterosaur’s head, and the black wings on his back turned into the wing membrane of a pterosaur.

Moreover, there are two small hands on the wings.
In this form, he can barely be regarded as having four hands.

However, his mask is still worse than Shayna’s, and he feels he will have to change into a hooded suit in the future.

Although King’s ability is from a fruit which has been modified, the energy consumption is still lower than that of an ordinary Zoan fruit.

King and Shayna can’t feel this difference, but Queen, who is an ability user, can perceive this change.

After becoming Tropius, his normal energy consumption is much lower than that of Brachiosaurus.
Awakened Zoan can have a steady stream of stamina.
Although his ability after transformation is not awakened, it can be counted as being greatly strengthened.

To be honest, he was quite happy that Arceus has such a powerful ability.

Since he freed Kaido and indirectly led to the destruction of the research institute, he has no way of turning back.
Only the few of them know about this matter now.

If something happens to the Beasts Pirates in the future, and he told the World Government about it, he may be completely obliterated.
He doesn’t know what the specific policy of the World Government is, but in the sea, they are slightly unrestrained and shift to contradictory train of thought.

Those who violate the World Government’s taboos will be completely destroyed by the World Government.
In order to eliminate Rocks, Marines even joined forces with pirates, and this has happened more than once.

There is no one who wouldn’t get tempted by Arceus’s ability.
If somehow he falls into the hands of the World Government, and the World Government learned his identity, plus the matter of the Lunarians, it may be an extravagant hope to be even sent to Impel Down.

So now he naturally hopes that Beasts Pirates will become as strong as possible.
Whether it is to facilitate his future research or other things, this is the best result.

Although Queen is not from Lunarians race, he and Lunarians are now on the same side.

So he wants to know how to produce bananas.
He doesn’t believe that these bananas are a single-use item.

Being blocked by Shayna, he just changed his tact.

“Lord sacred beast, can you tell me how to use this ability to produce the bananas?”

Isn’t it just changing the form of address, he doesn’t care about this kind of thing.

Looking at Kaido’s excitement just now as if he was about to become sworn brother with Arceus, it doesn’t matter if he changes his form of address.

“Eat more fruits and the bananas will absorb the sugar from the fruits you eat.
Normally, you can only produce fruit twice a year, and even if you ate many fruits, it will only increase the sweetness of fruits produced next time.”

After becoming Arceus, he has many memories about Pokémons in his mind, including their types, characteristics, abilities, preferences, habits, etc..and Tropius’ banana growth cycle is also included in it.

Twice a year, Queen felt like being struck by lightning as he heard this answer.
It is simply a hell to wait for such delicious fruits for half a year.
He shouldn’t have eaten all of them.
If he had known earlier, he would have tried planting them.

At this time, he has made up his mind to find a tropical island to grow bananas when the next fruit comes out.

Of course, that’s all for later, the issue now is that it’s time for them to leave.
Since there is a news about the plate, he has no interest in waiting any longer.

“Kaido! Stop drinking, and let’s quickly look for John!”

“Worororo, you’re really impatient! Indeed it’s time to set out to sea, Queen, where is the ship you prepared?”

“There, let’s go, but it may be a little crowded.”

Queen did prepare a ship, but he only prepared it by keeping himself and Kaido in mind.
As there is no dock here, although Queen has good technical skills, he is not Doraemon, who can take out a ship directly.
So, it was just a large fishing boat, but with a modified engine.

After adding King, Shayna, and Arceus, the ship has no extra space, and even turning it around would be inconvenient.

“Don’t you all know how to fly.
Why are we crammed into this little boat?”

In Arceus’ view, the simplest way is for Kaido to raise a flame cloud and take everyone away.
But, he didn’t think that after seeing the small boat, Kaido would excitedly rush towards it and climb up.

Compared with Luffy’s small boat and wooden barrel, and Blackbeard’s raft, this fishing boat with an engine is indeed a lot more advanced, but its speed is definitely not as fast as flying.

“This is the first voyage of Beasts Pirates.
How could it be without a ship! There will definitely be a big ship in the future, but for now, let’s set out! Worororo!”

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