“Why! I’m the one who prepared this boat, why should I go out and scout! You guys can fly much faster than me.” On the sea, Queen in the form of Tropius was flying beside the boat.
He had been sent to scout the surrounding sea area, about which he clearly has a lot of complaints.

Kaido is the captain, Lord Sacred Beast can’t fly, and I have to take care of Lord Sacred Beast, who else will go if not you?”

“Isn’t there still that guy called King?”

“How much space does he take, and how much space do you take? Besides, King also has to steer the boat.
Also, don’t you think it has become more spacious in the boat since you are flying? If you had prepared a larger boat, it wouldn’t have happened!”

Queen did not leave the side of the boat, while Shayna kept criticizing Queen.

“And didn’t you just say that you want to try your new abilities? It’s such a great opportunity, go ahead.”

Regarding the dispute between Shayna and Queen, Kaido did not intend to intervene at all.
In his view, this kind of thing is normal, and he has no choice but to admit that of all the people present, Queen occupies the largest area.
After he flew up, the boat not only became much more spacious, but its speed also increased.

Queen waved the leaf-like wings on his back and flew higher into the sky.
He wanted to learn everything about his new body as soon as possible.
Therefore, from the boat below, attacks could be seen falling from the sky from time to time.

“Speaking of which, where exactly is this place?”

Looking at the endless sea, Arceus really wanted to figure out which sea region this is.
Four seas or Grand Line, and if it is Grand Line, is it the first half or the second half.

At this time, Roger has not yet become the Pirate King, but there are still many powerful people that can be found everywhere in the sea, and the enemies encountered in different sea regions are also different, so it is necessary to pay attention.

With the strength of the people in the small boat, as long as they are not in the New World, they can basically go anywhere unhindered.

“Sorry, Lord Sacred Beast, we don’t know where this is.
We were near the Sabaody Archipelago before we were captured, but we don’t know the location of that laboratory.”

“That research institute was on the Red Line and we came directly from the Red Line.
This place is South Blue, and the direction we are heading now is towards the Calm Belt.”

Queen flew around and then landed back, and told Arceus what he wanted to know.

Grand Line and Red Line divide this world into four parts just like longitude and latitude.
On both sides of the Grand Line, there are vast Calm Belts, and below them are the lairs of giant creatures like Sea Kings, who are the greatest threat for ships in the sea.

There is only one way for ordinary pirates to enter the Grand Line, and that is to rush up the unreasonable currents of the Reverse Mountain.

For groups like them who can fly, Reverse Mountain is no longer a necessary option, and crossing Calm Belt is much more convenient for them.

This is also one of the ways to leave the Grand Line.
Reverse Mountain is a one-way path, and there are no underwater caves below like Fishman Island.
So, neither entering or leaving the Grand Line is easy.

Ordinary people can use Mariejois to reach any location in the world by land if they have money, but this requires changing ships, and pirates are not eligible for this.

For the pirates who want to leave Grand Line and return to the four seas, they must either abandon their ship, climb up the Reverse Mountain, avoid the eyes and ears of World Government and take the opportunity to return to the four seas, or cross the Calm Belt.

They are not guaranteed to die in the Calm Belt.
As long as their ship has other power source and they are lucky enough to avoid areas where Sea Kings gather, they can still return safely.

World Government and Marines let those troublesome pirates enter Grand Line, and did not set up fortresses at Reverse Mountain and Sabaody Archipelago to stop them, maybe it is also because of this.

Compared with the vast Four Seas, the area of Grand Line is much smaller.
Although there are more powerful people here, the cornerstone of the World Government and the providers of much tax revenues are civilians, and the number of civilians in Four Seas far exceeds the number in Grand Line.

It would be better if those troublemakers leave, so they can better concentrate their forces on dealing with them.

This may be one of the reasons, and ultimately, it is the problem of the World Government to make such a choice.

But what World Government wants to do has nothing to do with Arceus.
Also at this moment, he realized something.
The one who was giving directions was Queen and not Kaido.

“Kaido, what’s going on? Don’t tell me Queen knows where John is.”

Ever since Kaido said he saw the plate in Rocks Pirates’ treasure vault, he just wanted to find John quickly.

It doesn’t matter even if Kaido can’t defeat John, as long as he arrives within some distance from the plate, he can let the plate return to its original place by itself.

The lack of strength was really very inconvenient for him.
He can’t even scratch his back if he wanted to.

Moreover, the special ring around his waist is called “Thousand Arms”, which is also a part of his power.
After all, it is said in the legends that Arceus is a creature with a thousand hands.

The good news is that Thousand Arms currently doesn’t affect his movements.
While it looks solid as hell, it is actually controllable.
Like when he wants to lay down, Thousand Arms will soften and won’t cause him to get stuck.

It takes about four plates to activate the power of Thousand Arms.
This number can almost allow him to master the power of modification and flight.
Of course, it would be better if he can find Mind Plate directly.

There is a one-in-sixteenth possibility that the plate in Captain John’s treasure is the magical plate of Psychic-Type, and he has already paid the “salary” for the plate in advance.

“Of course, Queen doesn’t know.
Didn’t I say that I don’t know where he is now.
We need to recruit some people first, otherwise we have to do too many things by ourselves, and don’t worry, with that guy’s personality, he won’t stay in Four Seas.
At that time, because of an opportunity to “earn a fortune”, those guys had gathered together to form a crew, and I can be sure of two things.
One is that the legendary treasure has not been found yet, and that thing must be in Grand Line.
John that guy is greedy for money, there is no way he would let it go.

As if to prove his point, Kaido said to Queen: “Queen, get me Den Den Mushi.”

After receiving Den Den Mushi from Queen, Kaido dialed a number.

“Purururu ~ Purururu ~”

After a loud noise, Den Den Mushi’s appearance changed into another one and a female voice came out of it.

“Well, well, well~Kaido, it’s really rare for you to call me.
I haven’t heard from you in so many years, I thought you also died in God Valley.”

“Stop joking, Linlin, there is no way I would have died in that place, I just want to ask you a question.
You should know where that John ran off to, right?”

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