erested in Captain John’s treasure, mainly because the investment and profit is not directly proportional.
She can already earn enough from her territory.

John is a member of the Rocks ship after all.
There was no weakling on that ship, and everyone who was able to board the ship has their special skills.

To deal with John, her children are not strong enough, so she has to personally take action, but she is currently busy with birthing children.

Combined with the erratic whereabouts of John, she only knew that John left New World for the first half.

If Kaido finds the other party, she can help if the reward is right, but since Kaido has rejected her, there is no need to take the initiative to join him.

“Okay, it is now confirmed that John is not in the New World but in Paradise.
That woman’s words are still trustworthy.”

Not only Marines were keeping an eye on the movements of those big pirates, other pirates were also doing it.

Some of the pirates indeed go out to sea for adventure or are forced by life, but they are only in a very small number.
And there may also be bas*tards among the Marines, but most people still prefer to believe in Marines than pirates.

Today, when there is no big rare treasure, the pirates who go out to sea do it more for wealth, i.e.
for their own interests.

Leaving after robbing is something that the lowest-level small pirates do.
Big pirates have their own fixed territory.
For the residents in the territory, they will even act as a protective umbrella.
Of course, they will collect protection fees.
They are like another type of feudal lord.

Few people do the stupid thing of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.
Rabbits also don’t eat the grass beside their nests, so they don’t rob the residents in their territory, at least the bigger and stronger pirates don’t do that.

Charlotte Linlin belongs to the cruel category among pirates.
According to the normal timeline, Totto Land will use lifespan as rent in the future, but even then, there will still be a large number of ordinary people who would be willing to live in Totto Land.

Ordinary people need protection, and Marines only protect the member nations of the World Government.
For those people outside the member nations who do not have enough strength, it is what they have to do to find a suitable protective umbrella.

They need a safe land to live, and big pirates need that land to support themselves and their subordinates.

In order to prevent others from robbing your territory, of course you must pay attention to the movements of those powerful pirates.

Currently there are countless powerhouses in the sea, and Charlotte Linlin, Golden Lion Shiki, Whitebeard, Captain John, these former members of the Rocks Pirates are undoubtedly the best among them.

The greater the reputation, the more people around the world will be familiar with their personality and hobbies.
For example, Captain John likes treasures and he has been pursuing wealth all his life.

But trouble always finds people with treasures.
At some point, rumors began to appear in the sea that Captain John possessed a lot of treasures, and more and more people began to eye the treasures in his hands.

He wasn’t invincible, there are too many people in New World who can threaten him, so after careful consideration, he decided to return to the first half of the Grand Line, which is the area called Paradise, and hide the treasures first, which is the safest.

“We will enter the Grand Line first, then recruit a group of people, and at the same time gradually inquire about John’s whereabouts.
The range you gave is too vague, so we can only search for it slowly.”

Kaido does not want to completely follow the elite route.
He wants high-end combat power, and he also wants a large number of subordinates.
He was a soldier of the Vodka Kingdom when he was young and knows that numbers are also needed in wars.

But the people in Four Seas were too weak, so he decided to go directly to Grand Line to recruit subordinates.


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