The efficiency of the power engine made by Queen is not low, but the power source is charged by pedals, and enough energy can only be accumulated after pedaling for a period of time.

Although it is quite metaphysical, it is very reasonable.
After all, even Cola can be used as a power source in this world.
If Newton heard this, he would definitely jump out of his coffin.

Well, Tesla and their view may also be turned upside down.

Arceus stepped on the pedal, mainly because he was bored and had nothing to do.

Because, apart from the word boring, Arceus couldn’t think of any suitable adjectives for their sailing days.

He hasn’t seen any island for several days, and all around him, except for seawater, there was just seawater.
Even if he wants to fish in this situation, he can’t do it.

If it takes too long, he will just choose to enter hibernation.

Kaido had drunk all the wine ever since he finished the phone call with Big Mom, and has no intention of getting up after sleeping for several days.

While Queen, except when he is scouting the surroundings, was doing research on himself, i.e.
mainly modifying his mechanical arms.

King and Shayna sometimes sparred against each other, and sometimes they would look at the distant coastline aimlessly, their thoughts unknown.

“Queen, how long until we enter the Calm Belt?”

“It will take about seven more days, but we have to go to the nearby islands to resupply.
Food is running out.
Thanks to Brother Kaido who has always been sleeping, otherwise it really wouldn’t have been enough.
Also, it would be best if we can change the ship.”

The food that Queen was mentioning mainly refers to fruits, vegetables and staple foods.
There are too many fish and meat in this sea.
Although Arceus can’t fish, Queen has a way to fish.

Ever since he ate Tropius’s banana, Queen has been particularly craving fruits, and most of the fruit reserves on their ship had gone into his stomach.

Arceus barely requires food, he can rely on the plates to absorb the free energy in the atmosphere to replenish his stamina.
Eating and drinking water is more out of habit, or to satisfy some cravings.

Kaido is not from an ordinary race either, not to mention how he has been sleeping deeply all this time.

And it is not a joke that the Lunarians can survive in various environments.
Even if there is only water, they can survive for countless times much longer than normal people.

Queen is the most ordinary one on this ship, but he is a modified person.
Diseases like scurvy that ordinary people have to worry about when they go to sea have basically nothing to do with them.

For their small group, supplies are not too urgent, but who wants to be an ascetic when they can sail comfortably.

“Are there any islands nearby?”

“Of course, this is South Blue, not the Grand Line.
Maps are still useful.

While they were talking, a News Coo flew over.

“Look, a News Coo has appeared.
There is a limit to how far they can fly.
The place where News Coo’ appears must be within the range of some island.”

News Coo is also a group of hard-working workers and it has not been a long time since they emerged.
The world is always changing.
Not only the Pirates and Marines are going through a generation change, but the news industry is also booming.

In the past few years, the teenage Morgans entered the news industry, and with him came the News Coo all over the world.

Morgans, a Zoan-type ability user of Bird-Bird Fruit – Model: Albatross, was originally unknown, and he appeared in front of everyone in the human-beast form.

Though he has eaten Bird fruit, he cannot fly, and news is his favorite thing.

World Economy News Paper has grown rapidly under his hands, and one of the reasons for its growth is the News Coo.
Morgans seem to have a special ability to communicate with birds, while the race called News Coo is very intelligent.

Under Morgans’ control, these News Coo became his most important employees.

Picking up newspapers from a fixed place every morning, they fly in their respective areas with the newspapers and when they see a ship, they will go over to see if anyone needs newspapers.
A few years ago, newspapers were 40 Berries/copy, but now it is 50 Berries/copy, and it will reach 100 Berries/copy in a few decades.

News Coo has its own uniform and a special money bag, and when facing New Coo, even most pirates will obediently pay as it is an important source of information for them.

Although the news is not 100% true, it can at least give them an idea of ​​the outside world.
Otherwise, after sailing on the sea for a few months, the changes may lead to serious consequences.

As for not paying, it is not as if they can’t do it, but the consequence is that they will be completely blacklisted by News Coo, and no News Coo will ever come close to the people on that pirate ship.

Moreover, News Coo seems to have the ability to perceive the death of their companions.
If a pirate kills a News Coo, a group of News Coo will always fly above their ship.
Birds have special body mechanisms to reduce weight.

Which means these people will always face the baptism of bird excrement, and Marines who were lured by News Coo.

In order to avoid trouble, the pirates will not be stingy with these few dozen Berries.

In fact, there are not just a few pirates who pay to buy things, so as to avoid trouble.

Many pirate crews are scumbags and bastards after all.
For most pirates, it is considered kindness not to kill or rob, let alone buy things with money.

Therefore, those who dare to do business with pirates usually have a certain amount of strength to guard against the other party not paying.

Pirates will only pay honestly if they don’t want to get into trouble, such as having a Marine base nearby, a powerful bounty hunter or peers.
Such factors can change the pirates’ mind.

They make money to spend.
If they rob everything, then pirates don’t need to look for treasures.

Not to mention the allied kingdoms of the World Government, Marine bases or the kingdoms who have powerful garrisons, even if they are flying the flag of a big pirate, it would put many people at ease.
In the end, those who suffer are those ordinary people who have no strength, no background, and those who have the bad luck to be born in non-allied kingdom members.

And even if you are from an allied kingdom, you have to look at your luck.

The definition of pirates here is very wide.
People like Arceus who cooperate with Kaido will definitely be regarded as pirates.
However, their identity is not the most important thing.
It’s not as if there are no marines who don’t do evil.
He will not become a villain who burns, kills and loots just because he is cooperating with Kaido.

It is only he himself who can decide his actions.

It is impossible to reconcile the conflict between the World Government and the Lunarians.
The once glorious race of Gods is now on the verge of extinction, and they still regard him as a test object and research target.
This hatred has been formed, even if he hadn’t fused with Arceus’ body, it will be the same.

“Brother Kaido, it’s on the news, but they didn’t mention anything else.”

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