Queen looked at the newspaper and said.

It had the news about the laboratory being hit by a meteorite, which caused a leak in the pipeline and eventually an explosion, but it wasn’t that long.

“It seems that you two don’t have to feel worried for the time being.”

Queen took a brief look and handed the newspaper to Shayna.
At this moment, Shayna and King were both in normal state.
Since they were on a boat, they naturally didn’t have to worry about their identities being exposed.

“Drug manufacturing laboratory? These people really dare to say this.”

After reading the news, Shayna was filled with anger.

A research institute in the Red Line was razed to the ground.
Naturally, such a thing cannot be concealed, but in the news, the research institute has turned into an important place for researching drugs.

There is no mention of the Lunarians, only the distinctive features of the Lunarians was reiterated on the headlines of the front page, and that if anyone can provide information about them, they can obtain huge rewards after the news is confirmed.

“Actually, it was indeed a drug research institute, which has the world’s best Analytical facility and equipment.” Queen was only halfway through before he had to shut up under Shayna’s murderous eyes.

But what he said is also true.
The research institute had indeed developed a considerable number of highly effective drugs, because their test subjects were all people, and they directly experimented the drugs on people of various races.

As for human rights? Do non-allied kingdom members count as people? Do slaves count as people? Those people were just a consumable item in there.

There is no doubt that Lunarians are special and have extremely high resistance, but they are extremely similar to humans.
They are simply the perfect experimental subjects, and can be better used to observe drug’s reaction.

The newspaper emphasized the importance of that research institute and said it would be rebuilt in a short time.

“Let them restore it, at worst, we will destroy it again.”

Arceus’ voice was completely calm, he didn’t care about the impact of destroying it.

After Momonga transformed into an undead, his human nature became more and more indifferent, and his behavior became more and more close to that of an undead.
Arceus is similar to him, but completely different.

He is in charge of himself, but he is slightly influenced by Arceus in the way he does things, such as his extreme aversion to deceit.

At its peak, let alone destroying a few Pokémon, Arceus could even directly destroy the god of creation of a world, not to mention destroying a research institute.
If someone really touched his bottom line, he could even destroy a country.

Look for the plates, restore his strength, and then overthrow the leadership, this is what he is going to do in the future.

If the foundation of a big tree is already rotten, it is useless to cut off the dead branches and leaves.
The problem can only be solved from the root.

Or to say, change to a new tree.

“Lord Sacred Beast, you don’t have to take action, I will use the power you bestowed me to burn them all to ashes.”

Then, Shayna continued to flip through the newspaper to see what had happened during this time.
She and King had been out of touch with the world for a while.

It is worth mentioning that not only did World Government not mention the Lunarians, but even Kaido’s news was somewhat different from the truth.
It only said that he escaped from prison again and described the fact that he is an ability user.

Looking at the information in the newspaper, Arceus even regretted that the chance to make money was gone.

“Kaido’s identity as an ability user has been exposed.
Originally, I wanted to use him to get some benefits.”


“Yeah, none of you are wanted now and only Kaido has a bounty.
You could have pretended to be a bounty hunter and send Kaido to the Marine Base, and after you received the bounty, Kaido could have escaped by himself.
It was such a good opportunity! It is said that the Marine’s bounty is settled immediately, is that true?”

“If the base has enough funds, it will be settled immediately.
If it is not enough, it will be delivered after a while.
With the bounty on Boss Kaido, the branch of South Blue may not be able to pay the money.”

Most pirates have a bounty, and the profession of bounty hunter came into being due to this.
The corruption in a Branch is indeed much more serious than in the headquarters, but they generally don’t touch this part of the money.
The higher the bounty, the less likely it is.

Even lazy Marines hope that the region they are in charge of will be more stable and peaceful.
If someone can send a pirate to the Marine base, it means that they are stronger than that pirate.
It is idiotic to anger someone who can capture a powerful pirate for the sake of few Berries.

But once in a while, you can meet such an idiot.

“1.2 billion Berries.
What a pity, if we could have done it twice, we would have had enough funds.”

After hearing Arceus’ plan, Queen was moved.
1.2 billion is Kaido’s current bounty.
Berry’s current purchasing power is much higher than it would be in thirty years.
Even if it succeeded once, he wouldn’t have to ever worry about his research funds.

As one of the founding members of Beasts Pirates, Queen had made a considerable contribution at this time.

Currently everything possessed by their pirate crew is due to Queen’s great contribution.
He prepared the ship, drew up the route, and even the money spent is all his.

You can’t expect three people who escaped from the research institute and one person who just hatched from an egg to have money.
Kaido used to have some morals when he was young.
At first he ate the kingdom’s food, and Marine’s food after becoming wanted.
When he was hungry, he gave himself up to Marines, and then escaped when he was full.

That’s why Arceus thought of ​​obtaining benefits through Kaido, since he is already used to it.
In the past he used to go to the prison ship to eat a buffet, so he shouldn’t refuse if he can take food with himself this time.

But the premise is that Kaido’s identity of being an ability user wasn’t exposed, otherwise he would be locked up with a large number of Seastones, turning Kaido into a Muggle.
At that time, with Marines watching over him, I am afraid that human resources will have to be wasted to rescue him.

Although from what he can remember, Kaido was captured dozens of times, and he is still alive and well.
But who knows how he did it.
As expected, he isn’t my number one worker for nothing.

“Speaking of which, Queen, how much money do you still have?”

“Around a few million, but it doesn’t matter.
We can just rob a ship for something like this.
Also, isn’t Brother Kaido going to recruit people, they will have the ship with them.”

“No, I just want to buy something while we’re resupplying.
Kaido! Don’t sleep! Wake up!”

Arceus was chatting with Queen while reading the newspaper, but he stopped in the middle of their conversation because he saw a particular news in the newspaper.

【John Pirates has appeared in the South Blue and suddenly attacked 277th Branch of Marines.

None of the pirates in the Four Seas would blatantly attack a Marine Base, nor did they have the capability.
Moreover, it was clearly written in the newspaper that John Pirates came from the Grand Line.

He now needs Kaido to confirm whether this John is the one they are looking for.

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