You can never wake up a person who is pretending to be asleep.
If the person can be woken up, then he is probably really asleep.

Kaido sat up in a daze, and then a newspaper was slapped on his face.

“John? This guy went to South Blue and attacked a Marine Base?”

Looking at the news, Kaido’s face was full of disbelief.
Based on what he knew about John, it was impossible for him to do such a thing.

“So is John in the newspaper the John you know?”

“Yes, it’s him in the photo.
Kakira Island, Queen, where is this island?”

“It’s near Calm Belt, it shouldn’t be that far from the direction we were originally going in, but why does this matter look so strange? Is this person a lunatic?”

Checking the direction against the compass, Queen changed the route, and then continued to flip through the newspaper.

Although the information in it may not necessarily be completely true, it still has some reference value.
As for why Queen is saying that the other party is a lunatic, it is because what he did is completely provoking the Marines dignity.

The news explained in detail what John has done until now.
He actually spread the news from the Marine Base and recruited pirates to form a big fleet.

It is not uncommon for someone to take the initiative to attack a Marine Base, but a person who dares to take down the Marine Base and not flee immediately, instead occupies the island and recruits subordinates must be a lunatic.

It would be understandable to him if it was Rocks who did this kind of thing.
Queen has also heard about what crazy things Rocks did, but although Captain John has been notorious over the years, his notoriety is mostly about plundering, and there is rarely any news of his confrontation with Marines.

Even Kaido, who was once on a ship with John, was puzzled.

Marines or World Government will certainly not publish the news of pirates recruiting crew members in the newspaper, but Morgans, the current president of the World Economy News Paper, has never been afraid of making things big.

News which can make headlines is what he likes.
The more something can cause a sensation, the more he wants to report it.
Although he exaggerates to attract people’s attention, and even makes up some things, no one can stop him from reporting what he wants.

A pirate dared to do such a thing.
This is a rarely seen big news story.
So, naturally, he will not let this kind of news go.
A whole page was devoted to this matter.

“Lunatic? From what I see, he is just an idiot.
Even if it is South Blue, doing such a blatantly provocative thing, does he regard Marines as just a decoration?”

Shayna reached a new conclusion about it.
Lunarians and the World Government have had hundreds of years of grievances, while Marines belong to the organization under the jurisdiction of the World Government.
She had naturally encountered the Marines when she was fleeing for her life.

The biggest force on the sea is Marines.
Even decades later, on the sea where the Four Emperors, Seven Warlords of the Sea, Revolutionary Army and many other forces will be everywhere, Marines will still be the biggest overlord.

Due to many restrictions and World Government’s policy reasons, the sea is quite chaotic.
Pirates can act like a tyrant in a small territory, but they are still no match for the behemoth which is Marines.

Which will still be the case decades later, let alone today.

Although the new generation of Marines has not yet grown up, the older generation of Marines are still fighting on the front line, not to mention the emergence of the hero Garp after the Battle of God Valley five years ago, which made the morale of the Marines unprecedentedly high.

Roger hadn’t shouted out those classic words yet, so the sea as a whole was still quite peaceful.

Although the Marines of Four Seas are not very strong, as long as there is even a single living person in the Marine Headquarters, it is impossible for them to sit idly by and ignore this kind of thing.

“You are right, only idiots would do such a thing.
Even Rocks wouldn’t have done it.
John knows what kind of strength Rocks had.
Moreover that guy knows how to seek profit and avoid trouble.
Although he is greedy, he is not stupid.
He will not do such a stupid thing.

Although Kaido often does some seemingly reckless things, it is because his strength allows him to ignore using his brain.
What’s the point of thinking so much about things that you can just rush past?
The word ‘cunning’ is not excessive to describe him.
When he was the apprentice, John was already an officer on the ship.
The pirates of Four Seas are too weak in his eyes, and even if there are good seedlings, they have not grown up yet.

John would only run over to Four Seas from the Grand Line to specially recruit subordinates if his brain was kicked by a donkey.

It may be easy to fool people who don’t know John, but to him, this news is full of loopholes.

“So this is an imposter? But are the pirates from the Four Seas so capable?”

Hearing what Kaido said, Arceus was a little disappointed, but also a little skeptical.

There are many people with similar face and face blindness in this world, and coupled with the technology gap, information is not easy to circulate in some places.
People can only judge the identity of the other party from the bounty warrant, and they may have never seen the other party in their entire life.

Wearing signature clothes from the bounty warrant and painting the pirate flag, it is not difficult to impersonate someone.

But according to Queen, in the South Blue, the Marine Base of Kakira Island is quite strong, not to mention that there are warships and coastal artillery in the base.
So, it is impossible to capture it without any strength.

“Not necessarily, and that is indeed what John looks like.
Moreover the traces left by the destruction are similar to John, but his personality is quite different.
Maybe that guy’s personality has changed in the five years.
Let’s go and have a look, then we will know everything.”

Kaido can’t be sure what happened just by reading the newspaper, so the best way is to go there and have a look.

“But then we can’t sail over there slowly.
The news in the newspaper is from yesterday, and it won’t take more than a few days to move troops from the Grand Line to here.
So, we have to find out what’s going on with this John before the Marines arrive.”

Kaido’s body began to expand and blue scales emerged to the surface of his body, and then the flame clouds under the claws picked up the ship and flew towards the direction of Kakira Island.

At the same time, above the Red Line, a team of elite Marines changed ships and headed to South Blue.

At this time, Vegapunk has just joined the World Government and he hasn’t yet implemented the technology of integrating Seastone into the bottom of the warship to mask its presence from Sea Kings.
Even if it’s a Marine fleet, if it tried to directly cross the Calm Belt, it may suffer unnecessary casualties.

Although the specifications of the warship in the Four Seas is slightly worse than those in the headquarters, it doesn’t matter as the fighting strength of the soldiers and captain is of elite level.

Changing ships from the Red Line may waste some time, but it is much more reliable.

Meanwhile, there were large and small pirate ships approaching Kakira Island.
There is no lack of smart people on the sea, but there are also many idiots.
Pirates and Marines are naturally opposing camps, and most of the time, it is pirates who flee the pursuit of Marines.

But a pirate broke into Marine’s base, which attracted many pirates.

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