“Hey, have you heard? The Marine Base on Kakira Island was captured by pirates.”

“Sigh, I heard.
I plan to leave until it blows over.
This place is too close to Kakira Island, so I am worried about something happening.”

On the island near Kakira Island, the residents of the small town were discussing this matter.
In the Four Seas, this is big news.
A Marine Base was actually captured by pirates, which is something no one expected.

“Where will you go? Marine Base has been captured.
Right now, we are at least on land.
If you encounter those pirates at sea, you will have nowhere to run.”

“But in case they come to loot this place.
Anyways, I am going to the Federi Kingdom, which is a member country of the World Government, so it should be safer.”

This kind of incident in the originally peaceful Four Seas has spread panic among the people, and the other Marine Branches of South Blue did not choose to provide support, but chose to pull back their defenses.

Marine Branch of Kakira Island is the strongest branch in South Blue.
Just like Smoker stationed in Loguetown, the one who is guarding this place is also a Captain from the headquarters.
Marine Branch under his jurisdiction was an elite branch, but even then it was defeated and the remaining branches basically did not provide any help.

Moreover, base facilities on Kakira Island are mostly intact.
So, it is not realistic to rely on just South Blue’s Marines’ strength to take revenge.
So, without any better option, the nearby branches choose to protect themselves, which has led to the rampant pirates in South Blue recently.

This is also the reason why that person wants to hide in the Federi Kingdom.
As an allied-member country of the World Government, a large number of Marines were stationed in the country.
Moreover, their own Kingdom’s Army is also not weak and the domestic environment is not bad.

“It takes at least three days to sail from this place to the Federi Kingdom, and ships who do this have either already run away long ago, or they dare not go out to sea.
Do you want to go there by rowing your own fishing boat? Why don’t you go hide in the mountains with me.
Those pirates are only after money and they will never go deep in the mountain forests.

Sher Island, this place is some distance away from Kakira Island, and on the sea here, three ships got engaged in an artillery battle.
Two of the ships belonged to pirates, and one belonged to Marines.

Whether it is the tonnage or firepower of the ship, the Marines’ ship had an advantage.

Although the latest order that South Blue has received is that the Marines near Kakira Island are not allowed to randomly attack and pull back their defenses to wait for reinforcements from the headquarters, but not all Marines could tolerate this order.

There are corrupted leeches in the Marine.
As Marines, they do the same things as pirates, but there are also people who really follow the justice in their hearts and fight to protect the safety of the people.

Although they had received the order, some branches were still carrying out attacks against pirates.

“Lieutenant Commander! We don’t have sufficient ammunition! Our previous supplies are all stranded on Kakira Island, and we already have no more artillery shells!”

“Move closer and prepare to board their ships for battle! These damned pirates have come from nowhere.
Everyone, we can’t back down, otherwise what will the residents of the nearby islands do? Get ready, they’re coming!”


In the end, one of the two ships escaped, the other was captured and the remaining pirates on board surrendered.

“Lieutenant Commander.
It’s the Captain’s call, he wants us to return to the base immediately.
Other pirate crews have appeared near the base, but the base is short of manpower.”

Recently, the number of pirates in South Blue has increased drastically.
Some people who were hesitant before have also joined the ranks of pirates in this situation.
When the desire in the heart is aroused, the depravity of people comes out in a split second.

The surge in the number of pirates plus the orders from the headquarters has led to a shortage of manpower among Marines, and the manpower of the Marine Branch still carrying out missions has become stretched.

That’s why they did not continue to pursue the fleeing pirate ships, because that direction was Kakira Island.
This Lieutenant Commander was upright, but not stupid.
The number of pirates gathered there was not something a medium-sized warship like theirs could handle which has run out of artillery shells.

Moreover, the order from the Headquarters is to let those pirates go there, and wait for the reinforcements from the headquarters to annihilate them in one fell swoop.

While those pirates were on a rampage, a huge encirclement net was being laid by Marines.

However, the pirates didn’t know about Marine’s actions.
These pirates living in the Four Seas don’t know how terrifying the monsters in the Grand Line are.
Their actions have touched Marine’s bottom line, and even the World Government feels that they have lost face.

So the annihilation force led by a Marine Admiral has already been mobilized and is on its way.

It’s just that Marine Admirals usually carry out missions in more important places, so it will take a while for them to rush over.

While those pirates were still immersed in their carnival, more and more pirates began to gather at Kakira Island.

“Captain, are we really going to Kakira Island? We will only be cannon fodder there.”

On a pirate ship, the First Mate’s tone was somewhat hesitant.
His and the captain’s bounty altogether was only three million Berries.
He didn’t think he was qualified to participate in such a thing.

When some people are overwhelmed by greed, there are also people who are clear-headed in this world, but he can’t change the captain’s order.

“Don’t be afraid, those Marines from 277th Branch have all been defeated.
That is the legendary pirate from the Grand Line, Captain John with a bounty of 2.1 billion Berries! How can we miss this kind of opportunity! As long as we can join this guy, we can also go to the Grand Line.

The bounty issued by Marines to hunt down pirates is instead used as capital for the pirates to show off.
This kind of thing is not common in the New World.
Everyone there understands that the bounty is at most a reference, and strength is the key.

But in Four Seas and even Paradise, many pirates regard bounties as an alternative reflection of strength.

However, the bounty is drawn up based on their strength and level of danger.
Some people’s bounty has nothing to do with their strength, but their crimes are too serious, or they know too much.

As he spoke, he pulled the First Mate to his side, and said in a low voice, “Besides, even if it’s cannon fodder, it would be those idiots who don’t even have a bounty.”

“Boys! Speed ​​up, Captain John has said that he wants to share the greatest treasure in the world with us! It must be wealth that you can never spend in your lifetime.”

If Kaido was here and he heard these words, he would probably have a cramp from laughing.

One of the biggest jokes on Rocks Pirates was John willing to share his treasures.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the clues in the photo were very similar to John’s working, Kaido could have concluded that this John was a fake just based on the words “sharing treasures”.

At this time, in the room of the former base head of 277th Marine Branch, a man wearing a red coat with a western knife and a long sword hanging from his waist on both sides was sitting on a chair with his legs crossed.

In front of him was a Den Den Mushi whose receiver hadn’t closed yet, but the person on the other side seemed to have hung up while there was still a strange smile on its face.

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