Although Den Den Mushi had hung up, Den Den Mushi’s expression hadn’t completely recovered.
Looking at its eyes that have just closed, it can be seen that its expression was exactly the same as that of John on the chair.

Regarding the attire, the shell of the Den Den Mushi has a pair of mask-like patterned prop, which is the personalized accessory given to Den Den Mushi by their owner to highlight the differences between Den Den Mushi.

Den Den Mushi is generally similar to its owner in appearance, and its expression when talking imitates the person on the other end of the phone.

The attire of the Den Den Mushi on the table is different from Captain John’s attire, but they are also somewhat similar.

Picking up a bottle of wine from the table on the side, he pulled out the cork and drank directly from the bottle, his face showing a look of enjoyment.

“The base chief’s collection, these Marines really know how to live comfortably!”

As he spoke, he walked to the window and looked outside at the military drill ground in the distance that originally belonged to Marines.
However, the training Marines had been replaced by a group of disorderly pirates.

Fighting, brawling, gambling, doing all kinds of unruly things.
With different pirate crews divided into their respective groups, it looks like large-scale armed fighting will break out at any time.

“Captain John, another pirate crew has come to join us.
Now we have altogether 70 or more ships and more than 6,000 pirates.
John’s Grand Fleet has almost been assembled! Also there are 7 people with bounties of over 10 million.
When are we going to look for that legendary treasure?”

John’s expression didn’t change.
Whether it was more than 70 ships or more than 6,000 pirates, or the pirates with a bounty of more than 10 million, none of them aroused his interest.

The firepower of a pirate ship is different from that of Marine warships.
Many of more than 70 ships were just boats that can only carry dozens of people.
Compared with the warships that were previously in the base, there is a world of difference.

Their main firepower currently depends on the two captured warships and the ammunition stockpiled in Kakira Island.

These are the supplies that Marines hadn’t distributed yet and now they have all fallen into the hands of these pirates.

“Don’t worry, this is the biggest treasure in the world, enough for everyone to have a share.
The more people there are, the faster we can obtain it.”

“But Captain John, more and more people are coming and the supplies in the base are only enough for us to last for three days.”

“Then go rob it, do you need me to teach you this kind of thing?”

“Kakira Island, which is not a commercial island, has already been robbed clean.
There are no more supplies, but we have more and more people coming.”

277th branch of the Marines stationed only a thousand people, just a large warship of the headquarters and a few more troops, but this is Four Seas after all, and a thousand people stationed in a branch is too much.

There were originally enough supplies for this branch to use for two months, but with the influx of a large number of pirates and the extravagance and waste by the pirates, the food was being consumed at an extremely fast pace.

Moreover, the changes here had caused all the merchant ships to stop, and it has been a long time since they have seen fresh fruits and vegetables.
This is one of the reasons why these pirates often break out into fights to vent their emotions.

“Captain John, you’d better go and calm down everyone.
Those newcomers who haven’t seen you are all uncertain.”

These pirates who have gathered temporarily have no cohesiveness at all, and they came here entirely because of John’s fierce reputation, but they have been waiting blindly after arriving here, which caused many of them’s patience to wear away.

So, at this time, John needs to go out and appease them.

“Really troublesome! In that case, you go and tell them first, we will leave within seven days and those who don’t want to wait can leave.
I will soon be out.”

At this time, on the military drill ground that originally belonged to Marines, an armed confrontation was taking place.
No one knew what the cause was anymore as the people around were roaring, wanting to see them fight to death.

“Captain, do we still wait? That Captain John has been waiting here for too long, what is he waiting for? Waiting for the Marines to surround us?”

Not everyone is a fool.
Capturing a Marine Base will inevitably lead to Marine’s encirclement.
They thought that John would take this opportunity to recruit some troops and then rush into the Grand Line, but they didn’t expect him to still stay here.

“We have waited for so long, it’s a pity to leave now.
Moreover he is also a pirate, it is impossible for him to reach a deal with Marines.
You all saw that day he chopped off Captain’s head.
So, there is basically no possibility of reconciliation.”

In a corner where no one was around, an unremarkable pirate picked up a Den Den Mushi and made a phone call.

“John has still not taken any action.
He seemed to be waiting for something.
And there is still no way to tell whether the treasure he talked about is Rocks’ treasure.”

After saying this, he didn’t wait for the other side’s response and immediately put away Den Den Mushi and left.
He is a spy from CP7.
Because he was operating closest to this place, he was immediately dispatched by the chief of CP.

After the Rocks Pirates were destroyed, the World Government did not find Rocks’ treasures.
Even the World Government is moved by that enormous wealth, so they naturally sent someone to pay attention to the situation here.

If John acts in advance, he is responsible for passing this information to the top.
If John tries to leave by himself, he will similarly send the information so that the government can make new countermeasures.

At this time, John left his room, took the Marine’s megaphone and began to motivate the pirates below.
His words seemed to resonate with them very well.
Whenever he said something, the pirates would burst into cheers.

The scorching sun caused the temperature on the drill ground to soar, but the excitement of the pirates was not affected by the scorching sun.

Their attraction towards treasures is quite great, which is also the purpose of most pirates going out to sea.

Soon afterwards, a gust of wind blew past, and the blowing clouds cast a shadow on the drill ground, which made many pirates feel a lot more comfortable, but they didn’t notice that the cloud was quite lower and the shape of the cloud was also not right.

At this time, Arceus and his group had arrived on Kakira Island, and they were observing the situation below from Kaido’s flame cloud.

They saw John standing in the center giving a speech.

“This guy’s voice and manner of speaking are the same as John’s, but what he said is not something that John would ever say.
He is really a strange guy.”

In the sky, Kaido, who was also listening to John’s speech, made his own evaluation.

Although they were still high in the sky where the sound at this distance should not have reached, but enhanced by Observation Haki, it allowed him to hear what John said, and what John said before fell into his ears without missing any word.

Compared with Armament Haki, Observation Haki has more diversified abilities.
According to different users, Observation Haki also have different abilities, and some special people have innate unique Observation Haki.

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