Listening to the voice of everything, enhanced senses, reading mind, predicting the future; depending on the mastery of Observation Haki and one’s own strength, the things you can do may vary.

Some of these abilities have to be either developed or rely on talent.

But compared to the abilities above, Observation Haki has much more terrifying abilities.

Those types of Observation Haki can sense the psychological changes and emotional thinking of the target, experience the emotions of others, and can also transmit one’s own consciousness to the other party’s mind.

They can influence the target’s mind with their thoughts, can generate strong resonance with thoughts, and subtly change the other’s values ​​like brainwashing.

However, this type of highest level of Observation Haki is innate and cannot be improved through training.
People who possess this type of highest level of Observation Haki are even rarer than those who possess Conqueror’s Haki.

Except for Princess Otohime of Fishman Island, there is no second person who has a similar ability.

Kaido’s Observation Haki does not have so many special abilities, but he is still very proficient in the most basic enhanced senses.

“In that case, let’s find a place to land first.”

In Arceus’ opinion, although this John is suspicious and could be a fake, he may have some connection with the real John.
So, they should be able to get what they want from him, but Kaido did not choose this method.

He sees no point in wasting time with a fake.

“No, it’s too troublesome.
There is an easier way to know whether this guy is the real John.”

Saying that, Kaido opened his mouth wide and he began to gather scorching energy in his mouth.

“Blast Breath!”

He shot out scorching dragon flames, aiming at John below.

John used to be an officer on Rocks’ ship back then.
If John below is real, then his attack would not work so easily.
He must have a way to deal with it.

But if it’s fake and he can’t receive my attack, then he can only say that John deserves it.
Pretending to be someone, the price one has to pay for this is very high.

Kaido is not someone who cares about others, and even his own people can sometimes get affected by him, let alone those who have nothing to do with him.

The scorching dragon’s breath swept down, and the pirates close to John suffered an unexpected disaster, and were turned into charred residues under the blazing flames.
No one stopped Kaido.
Queen was unable to stop and also did not want to stop him.
He doesn’t care about these people’s lives at all.

King and Shayna were also indifferent, their enemies were not only the World Government when fleeing.

Marines, pirates, bounty hunters, and even ordinary people may be their enemies.
Their hearts have long become indifferent under the baptism of the world, and things that have nothing to do with Lunarians are not worthy of their emotions.

Arceus could stop Kaido, but he has no reason to do so.
He could watch indifferently because of Arceus’ influence and even his human heart has no intention of stopping Kaido.

The situation in the Marine Base is not very good.
The people of Kakira Island suffered the most from this change.
He may currently be an ally of the pirates, but it does not mean that he also wants to degenerate into this kind of scum.

“What is that!”

Kaido’s Blast Breath caught everyone’s attention.
The clouds parted, and Kaido’s huge figure appeared in the sky.
The main target of the Blast Breath just now was John, but it also took the lives of nearly a hundred people who were nearby.

The burning corpses undoubtedly caused fear to spread among the crowd.

They had just wanted to get closer to John, to see if they could get acquainted with him, but now they just want to stay far away from this hornet’s nest.

Confusion spread among the crowd, but a roar at this time calmed them down again.

“Bastard, who dares to sneak attack me!”

John was still alive.
The flames hadn’t extinguished yet, but John’s voice came from the smoke.

“That’s right, we have Captain John.
Captain John is still alive! We still have Captain John! That’s a powerful pirate with a bounty of 2.1 billion berries!”

“Captain John, show that weird dragon how powerful you are!”

In the Grand Line, Devil Fruit users are not uncommon.
So, most people who hang out in the Grand Line know the power of Devil Fruit.

But this is South Blue, and some pirates who came here may have never left the vicinity of the island where they were born, and they may have also never heard of legendary things like Devil Fruit.

Kaido’s dragon is just a monster in some people’s eyes, and their Captain John is naturally their dragon slaying hero.

Some people were still fleeing, but more people stopped and started shouting John’s name.

And John also saw the person who released that attack, Kaido, who was flying in the sky.
His eyes immediately shrank and beads of sweat kept dripping down from his forehead.

“So annoying, ants should just act like ants!” The crowd’s shouts seemed to have angered Kaido.
With him as the center, Conqueror’s Haki swept through the entire Marine Branch.

Whether it were the cannon-fodder soldiers, or the people with over ten million bounties who were mentioned by that pirate, after Kaido’s baptism of Conqueror’s Haki, they collapsed like cutting wheat.
The pirates with foaming at the mouth and eyes rolled over were nearly covering most of the drill ground.

Only those who never stopped running away were still clear-headed, but those people looked perplexed and puzzled.
They didn’t know what happened.

Arceus, on the other hand, jumped down from Kaido’s flame cloud.
His physique was not bad, so when Kaido descended while releasing his domineering aura, apart from creating a big crater on the ground, he was not affected by anything else.

“Where’s the real Captain John?”

He could smell the fear from the other person, and based on this alone, he couldn’t be the notorious John.

Although John’s high bounty is related to his behavior, he is also quite strong.
After all, he was the officer on Rocks pirate ship five years ago.

Just now Kaido’s attack was just a playful attack, but even such an attack could not be blocked by him.
This cannot be John at all.
Now he just wants to know what relationship this John has with the real John.

“What are you talking about, I am John! You are just a trifling ability user, don’t be too insolent!”

The strange talking creature, in John’s opinion, is just a Zoan-type ability user.
At this time, Kaido turned back into human and landed on the ground.

“Then, do you remember me, John?”

“Kaido! If it isn’t an old friend.
Long time no see.
But, why have you shown up like this?”

The words old friend caused Kaido’s face to turn completely gloomy.
There were indeed people on Rocks’ pirate ship who had good relationships, but his relationship with John is definitely not like that.

This also means that they found the wrong person.

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