“Old friend? Then you can feel the care from an old friend!”

Kaido’s entire face had almost turned dark.
He can easily get emotional and is always moody.

To Arceus, if you find the wrong one, you can look for it again.
The plates cannot get lost, and no one can destroy them.
Even if he found the wrong one, there will be no big emotional fluctuations.

But Kaido is different.
On the ship before, he dreamed that he was leading a Mythical Zoan army to launch a large-scale war.

In the end, he turned out to be a fake.
If he can’t find the real John, he wouldn’t be able to find Rocks’ treasure, and if he can’t find the treasure, he wouldn’t be able to find the whereabouts of that plate, and without that plate, his deal won’t be possible and his dream would be far away from him.

For a pirate, there is nothing worse than destroying their dreams.
Kaido picked up his club, which has always been hanging from his belt in dragon form.
From this, it can be seen that the quality of his belt is quite good.

“You are John, right? Then you will definitely be able to receive this.
Thunder Bagua!”

The strangest thing about the people of Rocks ship is they have never gotten along with each other.
If it weren’t for Rocks’ absolute crushing strength, it would be impossible for these monsters to gather together.

And the consequence of this was that the pirate crew had no cohesion at all.
So when facing a big crisis, most of them chose to run away on their own, otherwise Rocks would not have gotten defeated so easily.

Although there is not much conflict between Kaido and John, their relationship is also not very good.
This attack could be blocked by even John from five years ago.

The club, surrounded by Haki, smashed towards John’s head.
No matter how John tried to avoid it, the club was always locked on to his head.
So as a last resort, he raised his sword and swung it towards Kaido, trying to block the attack.

But at the moment when the western sword and the club came into contact, an unimaginably weird force was transmitted from the sword to his wrist.

Don’t know what the sword was made of, but it did not break from Kaido’s attack, however he lost his grip from the sword and it dropped under Kaido’s tremendous force.

“This guy can’t use a sword at all.”

“His posture when holding the sword is weird, and the disparity between the strength of his left hand is too big from that of his right hand.
He doesn’t look like a two-handed swordsman.”

Queen and King commented about John from the side.
Neither of them was a swordsman, and although Queen had two swords hanging by his side, he had more weapons in his body.
He might pull out all sorts of strange weapons when fighting.

As for King, the sword is just his weapon, he has no so-called fixed style, his sword only exists for fighting.

But in their view, John is completely a layman who doesn’t know how to use weapons.

“No, don’t you think he is a bit strange? Compared with normal people, his movements are slightly stiff.”

Queen and King were focused on the collision of weapons, while Shayna saw how uncoordinated his body was.
It was like he was not a living person, but more like a puppet.

Meanwhile, something weird happened on Kaido’s side.

After John dropped his weapon, the club hit the top of John’s head, and then it directly smashed on the ground.
But Kaido felt that something was wrong.
The thing he hit was more like a piece of wood than a human being.

When the smoke and dust dissipated, there was no blood on the ground and only fragments of unknown material, mixed with bone-like white objects, and a mask that was broken into several pieces.

“Substitute? Ability user?”

Looking at the puppet that had broken and returned to its true appearance, Kaido couldn’t understand what happened, but the lead he finally found with difficulty seemed to have been cut off.

Queen walked over and picked up the things on the ground without hesitation and observed them.

“This piece should be the humerus.
It seems to have been dried and pieced together ​​using special means, but who would have thought this thing can actually talk.”

Kaido ignored Queen’s analysis, and walked towards the base in front of him.
Although the puppet in front of him has disappeared, he could sense a special aura from the base in front of him.

At this time, those pirates who had fainted due to the influence of his Conqueror’s Haki actually stood up one by one, but their eyes were still rolled over.
They were not awake, and it looked like they were being controlled by something.

A large number of pirates were blocking the entrance of the base’ building, with no intention of letting Kaido go in.

At this time, a radio rang out from inside the base.

“Kaido! Why are you pirates in this kind of place?!”

“Huh? Why would I care about a coward like you? I’m just here to look for John.
What is your relationship with him! Let him come out, or tell me where he is.
I’m not interested in you.”

If he was simply pretending to be John, it would have been impossible for him to leave traces similar to John’s attacks here.
Moreover, his clothes are exactly the same as John, and it seems that he also has some understanding of his relationship with John.
It must have been pre-planned from long ago.

Kaido didn’t speak very loudly, but he got a response from the other party.
He seems to have used a unique method to speak.

“Hee hee hee hee, if you want to find John, wait until you can find me.
The pirates in the Four Seas are indeed a bunch of waste.
It’s better to use them this way!”

There were crowds of people around who had surrounded Kaido and the others like zombies.
Queen, King, Shayna, and even Arceus were surrounded by many pirates.

But before Arceus could take action, the pirates near him were knocked away by two figures, one red and one gray, flames and rocks forming an impenetrable line of defense.

“I’m not so weak.”

“Lord sacred beast, if just anyone can come near you, it would be a real humiliation to us.
You don’t have to do anything.
King and I will deal with them.”

At this time, a tactless voice sounded from behind.

“Hey, hey, can you two tell me before leaving! It’s very troublesome if you disappear suddenly!” Queen had transformed into a huge Tropius, and some fearless pirates who were not afraid to die had already crawled onto his leg.

The sudden departure of King and Shayna caused Queen to face more pirates at the same time.

Although they are all cannon fodder, they are still troublesome.
He hasn’t brought his heavy weapons with him and the ammunition of the weapons in his body haven’t been replenished yet, as for Tropius’s own abilities, they haven’t been developed yet.
So, he could only use his huge body to fight with brute force.

On the other side, the other party was still talking using the radio.

“Kaido, you are just an apprentice, don’t be rampant there, you are already at an absolute disadvantage in terms of troops!”

“Troops? What’s the use of having so many go-for-nothing? How can you be so naive?”

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